Jim McMahon doing better, welcomes concussion settlement

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Jim McMahon, the fun-loving quarterback of the Super Bowl XX-winning Chicago Bears, hasn’t been so fun-loving in retirement, as pain and memory loss wore him down to the point where he contemplated suicide.

But McMahon, a plaintiff in the concussion lawsuit against the NFL, said on the Dan Patrick Show on Friday that he has responded well to medical treatment and is glad a settlement has been reached — less for himself than for those who haven’t responded as well to treatment as he has.

“All these guys who are suffering along with me are going to get some relief,” McMahon said. “A lot of these guys are a lot worse off than I am.”

McMahon said he’s enjoying retirement, and he doesn’t sound like he has many regrets. But McMahon still believes that when he was playing, team doctors were more interested in helping teams win games than they were in taking care of players. And McMahon still believes that some of his former teammates have suffered because of that inadequate medical care.

“I don’t think they were looking out for our best interests, that’s for sure,” McMahon said of team doctors.

McMahon said he’s glad the settlement was reached relatively quickly, while some players who need treatment may be able to get it in time to improve their lives: “It’s good to get this done now.”

19 responses to “Jim McMahon doing better, welcomes concussion settlement

  1. I do not for a nanosecond discount the seriousness of long term damage from multiple concussions, but McMahon now sounds more sane and reasonable than he ever did in his playing days.

  2. And of course, everyone who got a concussion during a game told the trainer during the game and the coach made them continue playing. B S. A lot of them would not tell the trainer during the game they got hurt, etc. and would continue playing. A lot of these players should shoulder some of the responsibility and quit blaming everyone else for EVERYTHING.

  3. Corporations wallowing in billion dollar profits while whining about costs is getting pretty damn tiresome……

  4. filthymcnasty1 says:
    Aug 30, 2013 10:43 AM

    I wish they’d ask McMahon his opinion on this current bunch of gutless quitters in Chicago.


    I have a feeling there will be a permanent indent of Rodgers in the turf at soldier field after our D-line runs through that swiss cheese , cheese head line of yours!

  5. There was a linebacker who played for the Vikings during the ’60s and ’70s. After he retired he told everyone that during a game he was part of a collision on a play which made himself blind in one eye for a whole half. He said he didn’t tell anyone and played the rest of the game. Now if he did that, why should we think he told the trainer, etc. on the team when he got his bell rung later on, particularly when earlier he didn’t tell anyone when he suffered partial blindness? Of course, his brain turned to mush. Some of these players are saying they were “blissfully ignorant” of what was happening to them, and it was someone elses fault.

    As time goes on, I am getting less sympathetic towards them.

  6. I’ve ran into McMahon twice in the last month at the bar. Both times talked to him for about 20-30 minutes. He seemed like anyone else I’ve ever talked to at the bar: drunk and happy…

  7. What do we think the odds are that these players who got money are going to use it all on their health issues? Hmmm…

  8. Why should be pay attention to McMahon’s purported injuries when after every touchdown he slammed his head into a teammates helmet? I think he should have to pay for the guys he slammed. All of these players had 3 or more years of college and witnessed “punch-drunk” fighters. Now they claim that they did not know? Just another money grab. I hope the settlement cash comes out of the players 50% of revenues. Of course, those guys will sue claiming they did not know that tearing your knees up repeatedly would lead to impaired function down the road.

  9. Great to hear from former Green Bay Packer QB, Jim McMahon! He did a great job holding the clipboard for Brett and rode the Gravy Train for a 2nd Super Bowl Ring.

  10. Sandblastermoron says: “Great QB, he was the sole reason they beat Turd Bay 15 games in a row!!!!!”

    Sorry, but you are quite uninformed. The longest winning streak between these two teams belongs to the Packers at 10 in a row. Favre era, remember that? 1994-1998, the Packers won 10 in a row. Also, Rodgers era, you know that guy? Packers have won 6 in a row as of going into the 2013 season. Have knowledge before you spew stupidity.

  11. Screw McMahon…I bet u can document thru gameday film the amount of times he head butted fellow teammates….I bet it’s in the thousands…

  12. From some of the comments on here, I wonder if maybe the NFL ought to pay the fans for the brain damage done to them just from listening to the dumb commentary during and after the games.

  13. Ardent Bears fan, but I’d come to loath McMahon over the years because of his adolescent behavior. Then, out of the blue I met him 2-3 years ago after a round of golf in AZ and he couldn’t have been a better guy. Totally approachable, conversational, happy to talk football, posed for a pic, etc. I heard the whole interview and he sounds like he’s doing much better. Good for him.

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