Leinart bids farewell to the Bills


Matt Leinart was right.

He knew the Turk was coming.  And the Turk apparently has arrived.  Courtesy of Leinart’s Twitter feed.

“Tough game.  Tough situation.  No excuses.  Thanks [sic] you to the Bills organization!” Leinart said, which most likely means his five-day stint with the quarterback-strapped team has ended.

So why did Leinart do it?  It was, if nothing else, a chance to generate some game film and to remain in the conversation for the needs that will arise once quarterbacks get injured during the season.

And here’s where we finally share a snarky (sort of) comment made earlier during camp by Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, regarding the fact that Leinart won the Heisman over Peterson in 2004.

“I look at that [Heisman] trophy now and knowing that Matt Leinart has it, with how his career went, I would rather him have it,” Peterson said.  “At least he has something positive to look back on and say, ‘I won the Heisman.'”

Good effort, but not quite as biting as Maurice Jones-Drew saying that half the guys drafted before him (which includes Leinart) now work at Target.

Hopefully, Leinart didn’t channel Johnny Paycheck on his way through the red-framed sliding-glass doors.

23 responses to “Leinart bids farewell to the Bills

  1. I keep feeling better and better about my team not selecting Leinart and Sanchez every time I see a story like this.

    Go Browns!

  2. Matt L. Had no chance to prove himself. The lions 3rd string shredded the bills….Get ready for a long season u bills slappy’s!!

  3. @erinkinhell

    Yeah, phew, dodged a bullet there. I mean heck, if the Browns had drafted one of those guys, they probably would have been terrible since 2006…

  4. The people at Target, and the rest of us lowly worker drones, are the ones that you’re playing for on Sunday. What a disrespectful attitude MJD has. He’s now probably my least favorite player in the league… Hernandez was released, so he doesn’t count anymore.

    I hate players that take their lives for granted and think they are above others who actually work for a living. I respect sports players for what they can do, and I don’t hold a grudge for the amount they make until they make statements like that. MJD can go away fro all I care. Take a long trip down a short plank. SPLASH!!!!

  5. I am sure leinart is really upset by what they and you have to say about him. the Heisman is for best college player not best pro prospect. how many national championships did peterson or drew win? how many national championship games did they get to? did their teams even win their conferences? and while they have done good individually how have their teams done in the pros? he may be disappointed how his career turned out I am pretty sure with the money he made he will not be working at target any time soon.

  6. Super pissed when Leinart got that trophy over All Day. The man rushed for 2000 as a Freshie

  7. detroitkillas says:
    Aug 30, 2013 12:03 PM

    Matt L. Had no chance to prove himself. The lions 3rd string shredded the bills….Get ready for a long season u bills slappy’s!!

    You meant to say the Lions 3rd string shredded the Bills 3rd string and soon to be cut players right?
    If anything, YOU should be the one preparing for the long season, especially with your starting QB -Stafford- 1 for 6 for 12 yards and an interception against Buffalo’s backups.

  8. The pivotal moment in Leinart’s career was that year he was set to be starter for the Cardinals, Warner had retired, his numbers for preseason were looking pretty good, there were no viable challengers on the roster… and he somehow still got cut during the preseason.

    I’ve always wanted the real story behind that, because it sure didn’t look like a football related move. I’d always imagined he might have been messing with the coach’s wife or daughter.

  9. Bills will be OK at quarterback with Tuel starting the first game, Manuel back soon, and Kolb or Lewis on standby. Tuel isn’t getting the credit he deserves. Doesn’t matter how he did in college now. He’s an NFL Pro and looking pretty good.

  10. That wasn’t really snarky at all especially considering the wad of nothing he has and the overwhelmingly imaginary shot the Vikings have at threatening a Super Bowl run.

  11. Jeez, Adrian Peterson, kick a man when he’s down. You’re the king of the league these days and Leinert’s been totally humiliated and you go all schoolgirl on him about the 2004 Heismann? I’m no Leinert fan and I used to have a lot of respect for you. Now, not so much. Schmuck.

  12. It seems Adrian is still a bit bitter about the Heisman voting. It’s probably time to get over it by now.

  13. I dont know about you guys but the Target employees around these parts sure dont look like Matt Leinart

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