Matt Leinart knows he won’t be hanging around


Bills quarterback Matt Leinart was thrown into an impossible situation, and performed as poorly as you’d imagine.

The good news appears to be that he has no illusions about his future in Buffalo after last night’s two-interception performance.

“I was thankful to be here, and we’ll see what happens,” Leinart said, via John Kryk of Sun Media in Canada. “Obviously, you know, after that performance it can’t be anything good, I would think. But we’ll see, . . . I had a fun week here.”

The former first-rounder had to start after four days of being a Bill, since E.J. Manuel’s rehabbing his knee, and Kevin Kolb’s out with a concussion, and they didn’t want to risk Jeff Tuel in the final preseason game.

Yes, Jeff Tuel is too valuable to take a chance with. That’s where the Bills are.

So it’s hardly a surprise that Leinart was 3-of-10 passing for 11 yards, with two interceptions (a classic 0.0 rating) before being replaced by Thad Lewis in an act of kindness and mercy by Bills coach Doug Marrone.

“Obviously it’s disappointing,” Leinart said. “You have an opportunity and you go out there and you really don’t play as well as you want to. I will not sit here and make an excuse. I could have played better and I didn’t.

“Obviously I was hoping to maybe get in there in the second half and kind of redeem myself. But you can’t turn the ball over in this league and expect to win.”

Or stay employed long. But at least Leinart has the self-awareness to know it.

12 responses to “Matt Leinart knows he won’t be hanging around

  1. Gotta hand it to him for going the non Vick route and actually admitting he sucked.

  2. Poor guy, now he has to go back to his day job of sitting in hot tubs with young coeds while counting his millions. I ache for him.

  3. “Yes, Jeff Tuel is too valuable to take a chance with. That’s where the Bills are.”

    Uhh, yeah… our starting OL didn’t play, ask the Jets how that worked out putting their #1* QB out there with camp bodies.

    Tuel is the only healthy QB who knows the offense. No reason to risk injury in a joke of a preseason game anyways.

  4. If only they could have gotten more use out of Kolb before he retires. Of course, he was hoping to bilk another franchise before he retired but sometimes things just don’t work out.

  5. It’s amazing that he left the field without injury. His two SNAPS previous to this game resulted in shoulder separations. Now, go take a broadcasting job for ASU, Matt.

  6. You can’t really blame him for the horrible performance, just about every QB in that situation is basically going to fail. He had two and a half to three days to prepare to play for an Offense he has never run, with players he’s never played with. You could tell that he was having trouble gauging the speed and timing of his receivers. Not only was Leinart unable to show his capabilities, but the coaching staff didn’t really get to evaluate anything solid. It was a lose/lose situation. Now a tough decision needs to be made, do they keep Leinart or Lewis on the team, or neither? IMO, Lewis resembles Manuel more than Leinart does, but maybe Coach Marrone will see different.

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