Michael Robinson tweets goodbye to Seattle

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Michael Robinson apparently won’t be making the Seattle Seahawks’ 53-man roster.

Robinson, a fullback who has been with the Seahawks the last three seasons and played in all 16 games with six starts last year, wrote a goodbye message to Seattle on Twitter on Friday, just under 24 hours before the 6 p.m. Eastern Saturday deadline for teams to get down to 53 players.

[tweet https://twitter.com/RealMikeRob/status/373604898496983040%5D

The 30-year-old Robinson signed with the Seahawks in 2010 and was a Pro Bowler in 2011. He played his first four seasons with the 49ers and will now become a free agent at a time when he still has something to contribute, but when few NFL teams are looking for fullbacks.

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  1. Michael, thanks for your tenure on the Seahawks. You were a favorite amongst us Seahawks fans. Best of luck to you in whatever you do, man. I hope Q13 or 710 KIRO picks you up as a Seahawks reporter if you don’t get picked up by another team…you would be really good at that.

  2. As a Niner fan it really painful when he was cut by Niners and picked up by Seattle. He was a special teams ace and a great guy.

    Wish him nothing but good luck. Please please don’t sign with another NFC West team!!!

  3. High character guy, great fullback just a dieing position and he makes too much, he has a lot on miles left him, hopefully another nfcw team doesn’t pick him up, sucks he’s a fan favorite especially the real rob report.

    Best of luck, have to make the tough decisions.

  4. bobzilla1001 says:
    Aug 30, 2013 9:01 PM


    We second that.

  5. Remember he was a QB in college?? Pretty good one to..Forced out of the position to play different spots on the field..sounds like the opposite of what teams are doing for Tebow smh

  6. M-Rob wasn’t cut because the Seahawks don’t use fullbacks, he was cut because he had the 3rd highest salary at his position, and there were a couple of rookie options who were impressing at a fraction of the cost. Doesn’t help that he missed most of the preseason with a severe viral illness. Seattle wishes him well, he was a charismatic presence and good player.

  7. Gonna miss the Real Rob Report. I get the business end of it, but doesn’t mean I have to like it. Farewell Michael. Here’s hoping you catch on with another (please not NFC West) team. Maybe Gus Bradley could use an ace in Jacksonville! You will be missed.

  8. Don’t forget he was a beast QB at Penn State, switched to rb in sf, and then fb in seattle. A good career for a great athlete

  9. Hate to see MikeRob go. Great guy. I think we’ll miss his leadership in the locker room. Us fans will definitely miss you, man!

    Thank you for a great three years. Wish you could’ve been here ’til the end of your career. Would’ve loved to’ve seen you end it as a Hawk.

    All the best for you in wherever you go, MikeRob!

  10. typical PSU BUST is more what he is!!! How can anyone say this guy was ever good?? I don’t care if he was on your team that does NOT make him a good player!!! Wake the F up already!! My team has had a TON of busts and anyone who ever had this guy had a BUST on their hands lets face it!!!! Whats the IQ level on this board? 68?

  11. Not often a college QB becomes a pro bowl FB. i was always a fan of Robinson, but even i never thought hed last as long as he did at a different position. was fun to see him make it

  12. He is too good to be unemployed for long. He is special on special teams and a dominate lead blocker. Plus, he can catch it coming out of the backfield. Who needs a lead blocker with plenty left in the tank?

  13. geeoh2k13 says:
    Aug 30, 2013 8:52 PM
    The Cardinals could sure use him.. Pretty sure we don’t have a Fullback on the roster since they traded away Sherman.

    Because they don’t want a fullback. As eluded to in the article.

  14. Nooooo! Sob! This cut hurts. Mike Rob is a real fan favorite and his hilarious views into the Seahawks locker room via the “Real Rob Report” have been so fun for the 12th Man to enjoy. Great player and hope he is picked up quickly (by a non-NFC West team) to continue his great playing career.

  15. It’s hard to watch the good ones leave, Mike Rob, Leon Washington, etc, especially their contributions to getting the Hawks to where they are. Good luck and god bless.

  16. You’re a class act, a good football player, and a favorite of both the fans and your own teammates. You will be missed. Since you were a Pro Bowler just 2 years ago, I think you will get picked up. Best of luck to you.

  17. He was seriously ill with a virus. I guess he couldn’t get himself right for the season, and with the rookies pushing him, it was impossible. Too bad, a real locker room leader

  18. The Ravens apparently plan to keep 2 fullbacks on the 53 man. I can see why everybody else is dumping fullbacks. Its not like the Ravens won the Super Bowl or anything….

  19. Hmm, class act, good character guy who plays a position MN still values and their starting Pro Bowl FB is out for 3 weeks…I wonder where he may end up.

  20. whoisrdymlz says: Aug 31, 2013 7:32 AM

    Is this a cap move or has this guy just run out of tread?

    Part of it is cap, part of it is he’s had this viral illness that has hung around for the last couple of weeks, and part of it is Spencer Ware simply tore it up all camp long and played himself into a roster spot.

    Just hope the kid can block half as good as MRob.

  21. blackfoot:
    I wasn’t making a Super Bowl prediction. I was only saying that the Steelers need a fullback.
    I saw a stat the only day that Adrian Peterson averaged 7 yards per carry last season with a fullback, but averaged only three yards per carry without one.
    If an offense is going to commit to the run, it better have a fullback…

  22. bobzilla1001

    there is some merit to that statement, but not a whole lot. The Seahawks used a fullback on 31% of their snaps, and not all of those were runs. When Robinson was in the ‘Hawks had a rushing DVOA of about 4.5, which was good for 5th in the leauge, when Robinson wasn’t in the Seahawks had a rushing DVOA of 11.4, more than twice as good.

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