Patriots announce 10 cuts, Tim Tebow not among them


We don’t know if Tim Tebow will make the Patriots’ cut down to 53 players. But we do know he has made the cut from 75 to 65.

The Patriots announced 10 of the 22 roster moves they need to make before Saturday’s 6 p.m. deadline to get the roster down to 53, and Tebow was not among those 10.

The cuts the Patriots announced were tight end Jake Ballard, defensive end Marcus Benard, tight end Daniel Fells, receiver Johnathan Haggerty, linebacker Mike Rivera, offensive lineman Luke Patterson, fullback Ben Bartholomew, defensive lineman Gilbert Peña, offensive lineman Matt Stankiewitch and defensive lineman Scott Vallone.

We may have to wait until Saturday night to learn whether Tebow will join those 10 men in unemployment, or join the Patriots’ 53-man roster.

54 responses to “Patriots announce 10 cuts, Tim Tebow not among them

  1. Fells gone, Ballard gone ..welcome to the roster Timmy ..oh, & you’ll be playing TE this season by the way

  2. You can’t cut the second coming of Jesus. The Jets did and are now feeling God’s wrath.

  3. So if Tim Tebow makes the 53 man Roster, does this mean that is the end of Spy Gate?

    Which would also mean a losing season for the pats…my be the pats should cut him!!!

  4. The media’s bizarre obsession with Tim Tebow continues as they claim they can’t figure out why people (them) obsess over Tim Tebow.

  5. “Robert Kraft hopes Tim Tebow makes Patriots roster”

    Translation: He’s on the team…

  6. They’ll keep him. When all the Tebowmaniacs buy that goofy no. 5 jersey of his, Kraft will make back his share of the $24M he owes to the concussion plaintiffs by Sunday morning.

  7. I am not 100% confident Ballard’s release is a sign that we will see Gronk before October. By all beat writer accounts he just was not that good since the injury.

  8. I think I would have kept Ballard or fells just in case. Gronkowski might be back sooner than later but what if he doesn’t make it thru the whole season? Then again I’m not a coach with multiple Super Bowl rings so what the hell do I know

  9. “Robert Kraft hopes Tim Tebow makes Patriots roster”

    Translation: He’s on the team…

    3rd String QB, 3rd in sales on team in Jersey sales behind Brady and Gronk

  10. Trebow made it! Yes!!!! Now him and Gronk can dance with their shirts off during SB week.

  11. The man who writes the checks said “he likes Tebow, and wants him on the team. Belic….got the message.

  12. He converted two first downs, one on a fourth and 11, as the personal punt protector last year. Teams will have to account for him and will not go all out block or return. Patrick Chung did that for us and he’s out. Matthew Slater makes twice as much as Tebow this year ($630K vs $1.2M).

    Also he can mimic Freeman and Newton in practice who we play this year.

    Like it or not, he is on the team.

  13. bradygirl12 says:
    Aug 30, 2013 3:03 PM
    I wonder if the Giants will grab Jake ballard back now that he’s available.
    Not a chance. Not to be perverted but we’re actually deep in tight ends. Out of Brandon Myers, Adrien Robinson, Larry Donnell and Bear Pascoe, you might actually pick up the one WE cut.

  14. The bottom line is: Can Tebow help the Pats win? Even if it makes the difference in one or two games, it may be well worth it. I would think their reasoning is coming around to something like that.

  15. corkspop says:
    Aug 30, 2013 2:46 PM

    Yeah. Why would you want him on the team? Only led the come-from-behind drive. Again.
    And against 3rd stringers in a pre-season game no less.

    And come regular season you would totally take Tom Brady off the field for Tim Tebow to rally a comeback………

  16. Tebow Haters = Douche Nation

    Yeah, he’s corny but if more people were like Tebow the world would be a better place.

  17. Look, Tebow is the 3rd string QB on a team that starts Tom Brady; he’s making the veteran minimum, his jersey sells well in the team shop and he’s a lightning rod of publicity. Oh, and he’ll never see the football field. If you think the Patriots are cutting ties on a cheap investment that won’t impact their performance on the field and will draw attention and revenue to the franchise, you don’t know how the NFL works.

    Tim Tebow isn’t going anywhere; he’s not getting cut and he’s not stepping on the football field. It’s also worth taking into consideration that the Patriots are opening the season against the Buffalo Bills, and likely Bills starting QB Jeff Tuel. Yeah, I think Tebow will be entrenched as the Pats third stringer for the remainder of the season.

  18. How many of you can name all the 3rd string QBs, without looking them up? I guarantee none of them has a track record like Tebow – Heisman trophy, 2 national championships. 7-4 record as an NFL starter with 5 come from behind victories, 4 in overtime, not to mention an 80 yard overtime TD pass to beat Pittsburgh in the playoffs. Haters are just haters. Learn the meaning of John 14:6 and maybe someday you can separate your hate from truth and save your awful pathetic selves.

  19. We all have seen and heard many reasons for the Pats to keep Tebow. If it was for his talent as a QB alone, there’s no way you keep him and lose a roster spot. Roster spots are at a premium, so how in their right mind does belickeck keep him on this team. His QB play is Pathetic at best. My grandmother can make quicker reads, and quicker throws then him. When watching him QB, it feels like a slow motion football game. Not sure why they might keep him and for what reason, but it’s definitely not for his QB skills.but I don’t run this team. We shall see !!!

  20. Jersey revenue get distributed throughout the NFL. His jersey sales do not go directly to the Pats.

    Im wondering if Kraft just said that so he doesn’t get any backlash from the crazy Tebow/ Gator fans if Tebow is cut. He can say, “It was Bills decision”. Not many people outside of NE like Bill anyway and Bill gives zero F’s if anyone likes him so he can look like the bad guy.

    If he makes the team its because Kraft wants him on the team or Because once again Bill is going to try to prove he is smarter than everyone else. Pats usually go with just 2 qbs right? So why would you keep him? You aren’t going totake Brady off the field in a clutch situation to put tebow out there.

    I just feel sorry for the other guys spot who Tebow might be taking if he makes te team.

  21. If the kid really wanted to be an NFL player and have a career in the NFL he would have switched positions by now. Instead, he just wants to be “Tebow”

  22. And against 3rd stringers in a pre-season game no less

    I’ve been waiting for that.

    There’s nothing the guy can do that will be good enough, they just move the goalposts.

  23. “If you think the Patriots are cutting ties on a cheap investment that won’t impact their performance on the field and will draw attention and revenue to the franchise, you don’t know how the NFL works.”

    If that is truly the case come 53 roster deadline, I have lost all respect for Kraft, Belichick and the Patriot Way, “Everybody gets treated the same, even Brady”. It’s all a lie.

    I know Woody Johnson of the JETS would stoop that low, but coming from Kraft and Belichick. That’s sad….

    So, Belichick should make a team announcement to all 53 Patriot players: You can have multiple horrible games and consistently make mistakes…. it’s ok cuz since you “love” football and think that you are improving everyday even if you aren’t on the field. Most importantly is that if you aren’t contributing on the field, you better be having a following of fans that will buy your jersey so you will be contributing to the bank of kraft.

  24. “And against 3rd stringers in a pre-season game no less”

    Yet folks cried about sanchez in w/ 3rd stringers.

    As a previous poster stated; Keep moving the goal posts.

  25. atkins63: Good point.

    I thought the NFL would make a ruling on adjustable goal posts distances….5o yards for some QBs and up to 200 yards for others and that would satisfy some fans.

  26. I still think Tebow can help the Pats.

    One thing they really need is a player who can help with community outreach.

    Mr. Kraft does have respect for Tebow, and I cant blame him—-he is a solid guy and projects a good image for the franchise.

    If in the event he doesnt make the roster, they couldnt go wrong offering him a position within the organization.

  27. Has there every been a player to get so much attention and yet could not hit a barn at fifty yards. Will it ever end.

  28. So, Jake Ballard got cut? Color me confused. Is this the same Jake Ballard, whose claiming by the Patriots while injured from the Giants resulted in so many articles and spilled ink about the bad blood between the two teams or the genius of Belichick?

  29. A place in the administration of the Pats for Tebow? Great idea, hope Kraft is thinking that way, if he is cutting him eventually. Any NFL franchise would love to have Tebow in the front office, community relations, dealing with outreaches, etc. It would sure go a long way to project a positive face for organizations that often don’t have much positive in terms of public relations going for them. I am sure we can all think of some who fit that.

  30. So many lame, tired comments on every Tebow thread and so many geniuses who think they’ve never been made before.

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