Patriots to release Daniel Fells, Jake Ballard


The Patriots still have questions at the tight end position, but they decided Daniel Fells wasn’t the answer.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Patriots have released the veteran tight end.

They signed him to a three-year, $5.25 million deal last year, but he caught just four passes last year.

The fact he was on the field in the second half with Tim Tebow last night should have been a sign, but they’re apparently comfortable enough with their other options until Rob Gronkowski returns.

UPDATE 12:58 p.m. ET: According to Ben Volin of the Boston Globe, they’re releasing tight end Jake Ballard as well.

That leaves Gronkowski, undrafted rookie Zach Sudfeld and Michael Hoomanawanui at the position, which mean Gronkowski’s either closer to health than anyone realizes, or they have plans for Tebow we don’t know about.

25 responses to “Patriots to release Daniel Fells, Jake Ballard

  1. “or they have plans for Tebow we dont’ know about.”

    Will this thought of putting Tebow at TE get dropped anytime soon? He didn’t line up there ever so why would they just throw him at that position at the start of the season?

  2. 1. Not a Pats fan, but I just found my new favorite football player
    2. The Pats shoulda given out free “Hoomanawanui” jerseys to every fan that turned in an Aaron Hernandez jersey.

  3. Tebow as TE? Crazier things have happened….

    (see: Patrick Peterson on offense in AZ)

  4. Great news, that prob means Gronk is not on the PUP list, but the active roster. He’ll miss the 1rst two walkovers against the Bills and the Jets and come back after that. They need him.

    Ballard was blocking well, but he still can’t run. hopefully he just needs a liitle more time and will play for someone else this yr. He wasn’t happy when they put him in the game late last night. A wothwhile gamble though

  5. Enough of Tebow at TE. He’s fortunate if he makes the 53 man roster. Probably will come down to him, A. Wilson, or maybe like Jake Becquette making the 53rd spot. Or even Leon Washington. Starting TE week 1 will likely be Hooman. They trust him a lot. Sudfeld will play too. They’ll go with two TEs, especially until Gronk is healthy. I think their best 3 WR set will be Edelman and Thompkins outside, Amendola in the slot. But would not be surprised if Boyce beats out Edelman for the other outside spot. I actually think Dobson is the furthest behind, but eventually might be the best of the bunch. Boyce can flat out FLY.

  6. Word is the Packers are trying to trade away a tight end today. Perhaps the pack can swap a tight end for Tebow.
    With the injury circus in Green Bay, Tebow would make people stop thinking about negative things.
    I know why all the injuries, its because they have a team loaded with un-drafteds and late late round picks no one else wanted who are smallish and injury prone.

  7. Tebow could play TE. Remember Daniel Graham? The guy dropped more passes than my baby sister but he was tough to bring down. Once they worked on his hands, he became a real threat and ended up a factor in the SB against the Eagles.

  8. So, no Welker, Lloyd, Gronk, Hernandez, Shiancoe, Fells, or Ballard. Granted, Gronk is coming back and Brady has thrown to no names before, but it is hard to see this team going nearly as far as it has gone in previous years.

  9. Fells just never had it. Feel sorry for Ballard but he just never recovered from his knee injury. He admitted as much himself. Tough few days ahead for a lot of guys.

  10. Does this mean we can finally close the argument on Ballard being an elite tight end because he had a good season catching passes from Eli Manning?

  11. Another instance of everyone calling Belichek a genius when he “stole” Ballard from the Giants. And another instance when the “genius” pissed down his leg


  12. C’mon guys. Stop it with the Tim Tebow at Tight End or Fullback stuff. Ask yourself these questions. Can you even imagine Tebow blocking Vinnie Wilfork, Aldon Smith, Haloti Nata? Or any NFL Defensive Lineman? Linebacker? Blitzing corners or safties? He would get Tom Brady literally mauled! Which is one way he could theoretically win the job I guess. Just stop it! Ain’t happening. He’ll make the team as 3rd string QB. Period. Because he sucks all of the negative stories that would be about Aaron Hernandez. He’ll be gone in 2014 after Hernandez is forgotten.

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