Ponder hints that he may be doing more running in 2013


As the Vikings try to enhance their passing game, don’t rule out the possibility that they’ll diversify their running game.

Appearing on Friday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder touted his ability to move the football with his legs.

“I feel like I’m a pretty athletic guy,” Ponder told Erik Kuselias.  “I think I can move pretty well and run the ball pretty well and I think we’re seeing a shift to more mobile quarterbacks in the league and everyone talks about RG3 and Russell Wilson and those guys and I feel like I can move pretty well.”

That doesn’t mean the Vikings will be breaking out the read option, but with so much emphasis on running back Adrian Peterson, anything the Vikings do on offense other than hand Peterson the ball could have a good chance of succeeding.

It also doesn’t mean that, if Ponder runs the ball from time to time, it’ll automatically make him a great quarterback.  He still needs to be able to throw, which remains the biggest question about the 2013 edition of the team.

“I have high expectations for myself so I don’t really pay attention to what others say and I understand that all 32 teams, the success of that team depends on quarterback play and I’m excited for the position I’m in and can contribute to a lot of what happens on this team,” Ponder added.  “And it’s an exciting position, it’s a competitive position and I’m up for it.”

The Vikings hope he is.  And they hope he delivers.  If he does, the Vikings could get back to the playoffs — and advance.  If he doesn’t, it could be another long year in Minnesota.

24 responses to “Ponder hints that he may be doing more running in 2013

  1. If Ponder faces a good rush, he will be running. I don’t think he will face such from my Saints but from some of the premiere teams he will.

  2. I don’t even want to respond to this post it just sickens me. BUT I will, If he’s running more that means things are a mess for the Vikings. I do not have a good feeling about this season.

  3. He should have just gone out on a ridiculous limb and called himself an elite quarterback. Eli Manning and Flacco did it and they won Superbowls.

  4. I’ll say this as a Packer fan… The Vikings are stacking a LOT of talent and their arrow is pointing up no question.

    Christian Ponder is on the same level as Sanchez or Gabbert though. He’s awful and anyone that thinks otherwise is just delusional. If they were to even get play on the level of Dalton, or Bradford…. look out.

    (P.S. Can we stop this asinine trolling between packers/vikings threads? It’s starting to make both fan bases look like morons)

  5. @tutamus – “…starting to make both fan bases look like morons..”.

    Uh, tut, I think that ship left already. Generations ago. It’s never coming back. Like the cows that left the states when some hayseed left the barn doors open. They drowned a long time ago. In the Great Lakes. The ones that weren’t eaten by the wild wolves and grizzly bears roaming the open prairie. Or trampled by the buffalo herds.

  6. Christian Ponder is on the same level as Sanchez or Gabbert though. He’s awful and anyone that thinks otherwise is just delusional. If they were to even get play on the level of Dalton, or Bradford…. look out.

    If that were true, Greg G. would have went else where. In his own words: ” Everybody in Green Bay knows the Vikings are on the rise. And although they relied on AP a lot. C. Ponder had a lot to do with that win against us”.
    So I guess its the “MQB’s that are not paid to do anything with football just wanting to fluster Viking fans. So go ahead and fluster and learn while you watch. If he bothers you so much, don’t watch. But if he flusters you and you still watch…
    GREAT!!!! BAWhahahaha

  7. I like Ponder, has a person. He is well spoken, and intelligent. A classy guy. The problem is, he just isn’t starter quality right now. Whether he ever develops into that is anyones guess. I want to see him do well as a Viking QB, but I also see that this is probably his last shot as a Viking. Why is it so hard for us to develop a QB, or pick a good one who isn’t close to retirement. The last guy with a future was Culpepper before he blew out his knee.

  8. Ponder is normally an effective runner but he has to get out of the pocket faster when he is going to run. He takes sacks at least a couple times per game when he can’t decide whether to throw or not and he runs late. He gets happy feet and takes a bunch of small steps forward when he steps into the pocket. It looks like an akward dance to the line of scrimmage when instead he should be taking off and running. Maybe if he made his reads faster he could correct it.

    Even though I enjoy the rivalry and reading some of the bickering that happens on here between Viking and Packer fans, we need to either tone it down a little or have more educated arguments because we are all starting to look like trolls and idiots.

  9. I’m not a Ponder advocate by any means, but to say he’s on the same level as Sanchez or Gabbert is ignorant. His passer rating last season (81.2), while not great, was far better than the aforementioned quarterbacks as well as Matt Stafford, Andrew Luck, Mike Vick, Ryan Tannehill, and a bunch of others.

  10. Christian Ponder definitely has a lot to prove this season. Unless he shows improvement from last year (which shouldn’t be too hard), the Vikings need to go in another direction.

    I don’t mind if he is just a solid game manager, but needs to become a lot more consistent. He can’t have games where he throws for 58 yards all game.

  11. Well, if you can’t throw it, your options do get limited. How about I give you a bell. You snap the ball, hand it off to AP, and if you need help, just ring the bell above your head and we’ll come running.

    And I’m a Vikings fan.

  12. As much as I want to see Ponder become that average QB that we Vikings fans want, hearing that he may run more doesn’t help my confidence our passing game will improve at all…

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