Report: Dr. Andrews is concerned about how Redskins will use Griffin

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The handling of RG3 has morphed into an exercise in CYA.

Earlier this week, the Redskins leaked to Adam Schefter of ESPN that quarterback Robert Griffin III will start the Week One Monday night game against the Eagles — even though Dr. James Andrews had not yet given Griffin final clearance to play.

Then, after Griffin proclaimed via Twitter on Thursday night that Dr. Andrews has cleared Griffin to play, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said that Dr. Andrews still has “a couple of concerns.”  But Shanahan would shed no light on the specific concerns.

Since then, Trey Wingo of ESPN (who is more host than reporter) reported that “sources” have told him Andrews is less concerned about Griffin’s knee and “much more on how the team plans to use him.”

Schefter, who had the original report that Griffin will start, has retweeted the Wingo report.  Chris Russell of ESPN 980 has tweeted that Dr. Andrews has sent the following text message to Russell:  “[Griffin] is in their hands.  They will take good care of him.”

That’s not necessarily a contradiction of Wingo’s report.  It could mean that Shanahan has addressed Dr. Andrews’ concerns to his satisfaction.  Or it could be Dr. Andrews’ way of sliding away from the impression that he has overstepped his boundaries by clearing a player to play with an asterisk regarding how the coaching staff chooses to deploy him.

Regardless, it’s not the first time this year that Dr. Andrews has demonstrated far less skill with the media than he has with a scalpel.  In January, only days before Griffin’s knee imploded during a playoff loss to the Seahawks, Dr. Andrews told USA Today that Griffin re-entered a game against the Ravens without clearance.

“He didn’t even let us look at him,” Andrews said.  “He came off the field, walked through the sidelines, circled back through the players, and took off back to the field.  It wasn’t our opinion.

“We didn’t even get to touch him or talk to him.  Scared the hell out of me.”

Shanahan disputed the contention, explaining that Andrews specifically cleared Griffin to play.

So what’s going on here?  Although Griffin is healthy, there’s no guarantee he’ll stay healthy.  And the criticism that was heaped on the Redskins for not getting Griffin off the green dirt of FedEx Field during the playoff game will be intensified dramatically if the knee gives out again.

Andrews knows it, and Andrews apparently is trying to distance himself from what he fears could happen again to Griffin.

44 responses to “Report: Dr. Andrews is concerned about how Redskins will use Griffin

  1. Why do you think Shanahan drafted Kirk Cousins too? He’ll get his 4 years out of RGIII before ruining him, and he’ll still have groomed a young QB.

  2. Has any player ever gone from being so likable to so unlikable in such a short amount of time? I mean, other than guys who have committed heinous crimes, of course.

  3. As a classy Giants’ fan, I do not want it to happen. However, this is completely shaping up to him blowing out his ACL again before half time. Please Snyder…I’m not just saying this because I’m a fan of your rival, the kid is your ENTIRE franchise. Put your foot down, take the decision out of Shanahan’s hands, and IR the kid for half a season. Shanahan doesn’t care about your team in 5 years. He cares about surviving this year which is why he’s playing Griffin week 1 no matter what.

  4. Here we go again… Im a die hard skins fan and I sure hope we take care of RG3 and he takes care of himself unlike he did in the final few games of last season! But anyway HTTR!

  5. From Superhuman to Questionable?

    Redskins fans – you are delusional if you don’t see the writing on the wall here.

    Your Savior will be a different QB. We hope you enjoyed your 2012/2013 NFC East title

  6. I hate to say it but he won’t last 6 weeks on that knee. Where’s “logicalvoice” to reassure that he’ll b ok and win the superbowl on one knee? I like RGIII , and hope I’m wrong ,but anyone who has been following this crazy back and forth shenanigans , knows that he won’t last. It’s really unfortunate because had he gotten drafted by a real first class organization , this wouldn’t even be happening. It has turned into a circus.

  7. redskins organization don’t know what to do with this talent, they’ve so starved for decades that now with a potential cornerstone they can’t wait and are so desperate they are going to ruin this kids career….do they play saints this year, if so uh-oh.

  8. Andrews thinks the club should give him some help loading and unloading the team luggage from the bus and the airplane. His knee isn’t as strong as it was, and he is getting older. Not a rookie anymore, as my Grandad used to say.

  9. lest anyone think that my comment above is self serving….we play the Skins twice in December. Holding him out for half a season to come back healthier for the stretch run does not serve my team whatsoever. Although the comical Skins trolls that pollute this site make it hard to root for the kid, I like watching Griffin play and he seems to be a good kid.

  10. Why are people in doubt over RG3? AP did it… RG3 is just the same type of world class athlete who had surgery almost 9 months ago… How is it that AP can run for 2000 yards, but because RG3 is a QB, everyone is scared for him… MAN UP, he will be fine!

  11. Whatever the case may be with RG3’s knee.

    Dr. Andrews needs to practice Doctor-Patient confidentiality.

  12. If the ‘Skins replace the “green dirt” with a high quality football field, then RG3 will be fine (when plying at home. His knee is strong when his foot is beneath it. However, that doesn’t matter when defenses pin their ears back and bear down on the QB. RG3 will need his speed to escape that. I think he will have it. But it all depends on the quality of the field.

  13. I hate to break it to you RG3 fans, but he isn’t from the same mold as Adrian Peterson. They are two different body types.

    You can just feel this is a rushed process, and the doctors actions prove it. Good luck with that.

  14. But if RG3 is injured again, how will he keep his face in front of the camera, every minute of every day, as he’s been trying so hard to do since entering the league?

  15. Griffin is a complete gong-show. Unbelievable that the world is stopping for this guy.

    Just keep feeding the ego, people.

  16. Is it me or does this website and the media in general, try to make a bigger deal of this story than it really is? Of course, the doc is concerned with how the Skins use RGIII. Even if RGIII had never been hurt, there needs to be caution and concern taken when using this style of offense. This is the media trying to make something of nothing.

  17. Odds are that RGIII never sees his second contract. Operation: Patience is more like Operation:Run down the hill and play in one of those games instead of walking down and playing in them all.

    With the franchise tag, I forsee Washington just tagging him after his 4th year with no intention of giving him the long term deal because of the injury risk that he took for the team. It is sad, but I see it in his future. It is truly sad because he is obviously a talented player as both a passer and a runner.

  18. AP and Griffin are TOTALLY different athletes. Dont mistake comparing the 2

    “Why are people in doubt over RG3? AP did it… RG3 is just the same type of world class athlete who had surgery almost 9 months ago… How is it that AP can run for 2000 yards, but because RG3 is a QB, everyone is scared for him… MAN UP, he will be fine!”

  19. Typical of this classless organization. They will ruin this kid & cast him aside. Shanahan is the most classless coach in the biggest classless organization in the NFL. Named after a racial slur, the owners refuses to see it. Hires coaches that are either has beens or college wonders. Poor Robert Griffin will be sorry he ever came in contact with Snyder & Shanahan.

    Redskins = classless 2nd rate franchise

  20. Dr. Andrews is arguably one of the best surgeons the professional sports world has ever known but Shannahan and RGIII are apparantly smarter than him. SMH

  21. whoisrdymlz says:
    Aug 30, 2013 1:47 PM
    Has any player ever gone from being so likable to so unlikable in such a short amount of time? I mean, other than guys who have committed heinous crimes, of course.

    I still like him. I Understand not liking him when you look on your teams schedule and see the Redskins game is coming up soon. You should be scared. He is 100% healthy or Andrews does not clear him, period. HTTR

  22. As a Viking Fan, and fan of the Game! There are several concerns.
    1- Comparing AD’s knee surgery & recovering to RG3 is ludicrous! They are different people, different training regimens & completely different t Body Types! AD is a Mesomorph, and RG3 is an ectomorph. = smaller , narrower joints. How his body’s ability to heal could be better? Could be worse? But comparing is silly!
    2- The Vikings have Eric Sugarman, he is IMO, and a plethora of others, the best Sports rehabilitation trainer in the game! He has changed many careers with his training staff! This makes a world of difference!
    3- This Kid is a Supreme Athlete, with a skill set we have not seen before! The Multi- Millions of dollars the team, league, and the like will lose to have him on the shelf, is clouding solid judgement! Some have mentioned Shannahan, not caring for his health long term. I think there is truth to the what can you do for me today mentality!
    They drafted brilliantly and selected Cousins. It would be a smart decision to shelf RG3 for the first few games @ least. Get him some contact in practice. Makes no sense to rush him back!
    I remember when AD came back last year, it took 4-5 games before the nerves went away! Would be a tragedy for him to reinjure himself! This kid is awesome and great for the league! Best wishes to his health!

  23. Give him the combination of steroids, HGH and Deer Antler spray that AP was using and he’ll be fine.

  24. I just want this talented kid to be ready to play us on Monday night… I want Griffin111 healthy and ready, if not 100% ready don’t start the kid…because Healthy or Not my Eagles are going to put that foot… hahahahaha Y’ALL Deadskins already know WHERE… hard and without mercy… get ready for the BEATDOWN…Vick got it for y’all.

  25. Meh, play – don’t play. It doesn’t matter. The Redskins will beat the Eagles to open the season.

  26. If Griffin isn’t ready to play pro football the doctor shouldn’t clear him to play. When Adrian Peterson came back from a torn ACL and MCL, I don’t recall any fans saying, okay Vikings you can put him in the game, but for heaven’s sake don’t let him run the ball. I think all Shanahan will do is encourage Griffin to throw the ball away, get out of bounds and to correctly slide.

  27. Btw, to all the body type gurus, RGIII is heavier than Peterson. Jeremy Maclin has a torn ACL, guess he might as well retire.

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