Antoine Winfield retires


Antoine Winfield, the Pro Bowl cornerback who was expected to add to an already deep Seattle secondary this season, has instead decided to call it a career.

The 36-year-old Winfield informed the Seahawks today that he plans to retire, according to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports.

Winfield may have come to that decision after realizing he wasn’t going to make the Seahawks’ 53-man roster: He was reportedly not expected to make it to the regular season, as the Seahawks decided they wanted to go younger and deeper with their depth in the secondary.

Still, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Winfield made a difference during his time with the team.

“Wishing Antoine Winfield the best in his decision to retire. He’s a consummate pro and a great team player. We were lucky to have him,” Carroll wrote on Twitter.

The retirement marks the end of a 14-year NFL career in which Winfield played for the Bills and Vikings and was named to three Pro Bowls.

28 responses to “Antoine Winfield retires

  1. Winfield seems to have reached the point in his career that he only wants to play for a team that he believes has a legitimate shot at a championship. He still has gas in the tank.

  2. 5 solid years with Buffalo, then he fell off the NFL map.

    You will not be forgotten, Antoine.

  3. “herlies says:
    Aug 31, 2013 5:58 PM
    5 solid years with Buffalo, then he fell off the NFL map.

    You will not be forgotten, Antoine.”

    I am not sure if this user is a bit but LOL if you actually think that.

  4. @herlies

    Apparently you fell off the map of watching NFL games after Winfield left Buffalo. All three of his Pro Bowls nods came during his time in Minnesota, and he graded out as the highest ranked overall cornerback by PFF last season with a 25.5+ grade. During his time in Minnesota, there was no cornerback better in run support, and he was solid against the pass as well.

  5. I’ll never forget how he’d seem to ninja his way through and around guards/fullback-types at full-speed, knifing through for absolutely unbelievable tackles. That, and the joyous-to-watch tackling form in the open field!

  6. Hopefully this is one of those temporary retirements and some team out there (and there are a lot of them) that needs CB help shells out some cash for him. Winfield would be a solid addition to any team not named the Seahawks, who have a pro bowl roster full of CB right now.

    So once he’s done being down in the dumps over not making it with the Seahawks, get right back on that horse when some team comes calling. He still has NFL ability left in that tank that can put some team over.

  7. He has had a very good 15 year career and it had to end sometime. Glad he is going out on top and healthy.

  8. Very sad to see him hanging up the cleats if indeed the retirement is permanent… If not, I seriously hope the Vikings remain in contact and attempt to bring him back.

    Nevertheless, the guy was, bar none, one of the most underrated DBs in the NFL and had a stellar career in both Buffalo and Minnesota.

    Best of luck, Winfield.

  9. The same was said about Favre retiring rather than playing for the Packers before he finally got his wish and played for the Minnesota Vikings. Dont forget that Packer Nation.

  10. Normally I’d look to the Jags to pick him up but I know he only wants to play for a contender. He’s at that point where the ring means much more than the paycheck. Now should someone come calling that is on the verge of making a run, I bet he un-retires.

  11. Frazier28/7 says:
    Aug 31, 2013 8:12 PM
    The same was said about Favre retiring rather than playing for the Packers before he finally got his wish and played for the Minnesota Vikings. Dont forget that Packer Nation.

    So, can I assume that you think Winfield will end up back in Minnesota and bring as many rings to the Vikings as Favre did. Fair enough!

  12. First, much respect to a defensive back who many said was to small to be productive in run defense out of college. Between Buffalo and Minnesota, guy always did his job, and was never a diva.
    Finally, what does it say about the secondary and overall defense of my Seattle Seahawks that we were gonna tell a pro bowl caliber cornerback, thanks but no thanks? Ooh, ya its real baby, we coming for you San Fran. We coming Atlanta, we coming Green Bay, and we coming to anyone who tries to get in our way.

  13. A few questions: Does Antoine feel like coming home? Does he think that the Browns are close enough to contending? Has Joe Banner saved enough nickels to lure him?

  14. You know, it is so sad that every time I go to read an article about the Vikings, the comments are about 8 to 1 Packer fans. No we don’t have any S.B. rings, but you know what, at least we seem to have better things to do than spend all day with our fat, greasy fingers, trying to punch those tiny keys we can’t read because our fat belly’s are keeping us to far from the keyboard, like all you Packer fans that have so much time on your hands. Jesus, get a life! I’ve been to Green Bay, there is absolutely nothing else to do I guess in that dirty dump of a town, but eat your Bratwurst, raise that glass, and dream of the night you wish you could spend with Aaron Rodgers.

  15. Please G-Men, lets at least ring Winfield’s phone!! With Brown out 4-6 weeks we can definitely use him as a nickel/dime package guy! He definitely still has something left to offer. There are A LOT of starting CB’s in the league that wouldn’t be able to make Seattle’s super stacked 53!!!!!

  16. I think he found out the hawks were trying to trade him and he wanted to be able to choose the team he finishes his career with, rather than be stuck with whatever team coughed up a late round pick, so he “retired” the same way Favre did with the Jets. I hope he is back in purple this week. However if he is seriously retiring, at least he gets to hang up the cleats while he’s still healthy. Either way he’ll be signing a contract with the Vikes, just a matter of whether its a one-day or one-year deal.

  17. filthymcnasty1 says: Aug 31, 2013 5:59 PM

    “He could always go back to the hapless and tasteless Vikings, but who could blame him for retiring instead.”

    Original as always sir. Do you just have “the hapless and tasteless Vikings” constantly Control +C’d? It seems to be the only thing you know how to say. There are so many interesting words in the English language that you could utilize to insult the Vikings. Why not try some new adjectives for once? Or even a different language? Or just don’t post…

  18. beerndrums says: Sep 1, 2013 4:08 AM

    “He’d rather retire than sign with the Vikings.I don’t blame him the way he was let go”

    You mean after being respectfully let go by the Vikings before camp, after he declined to take a pay cut to stay, and then given the opportunity to pick the team he would like to play for? Yeah that was pretty “rude” of the Vikings.

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