Packers cut Vince Young


Vince Young’s quest to become the Packers’ No. 2 quarterback has fallen short.

Young confirmed on Twitter on Saturday that he has been released by Green Bay.

“Thanks to the Packers for the opportunity. Great organization, great team, wonderful fans. Good luck this season,” Young wrote.

When the Packers released backup quarterback Graham Harrell, it looked like Young had an excellent opportunity to make Green Bay’s 53-man roster. But it appears that the Packers will go with just two quarterbacks, with B.J. Coleman backing up Aaron Rodgers.

54 responses to “Packers cut Vince Young

  1. Not going to lie, that comes as a big surprise. He seemed like a lock after they released Harrell.

  2. Packer management better say their prayers and three day before the game because if Rodgers gets hurt they are done like dinner BJ Coleman wouldn’t even make it on the roster as a backup on a CFL team. If Rodgers gets injured I hope they have the phone number to Brett Favre’s farm or Bart Stars nursing home.:-)

  3. AParsons says:
    Aug 31, 2013 10:50 AM
    He looked good on the field. Could he have been a problem in the locker room?


    He looked good running a few times vs Seattle’s backkups. Friday night vs the Chiefs he couldn’t throw an accurate pass to save his career. So many overthrows and passes into the dirt with receivers running open.

  4. B.J. will be cut and resigned on the practice squad. I see Jimmy Clausen was released in Carolina. I could see the Pack picking him up or another QB who has been cut. I’m surprised they let Vince go. He didn’t look GREAT, but was still learning the playbook and had occasional flashes of looking good.

  5. So, looks like the Packers are flying without a net again this year.

    Don’t know they’ll get as lucky as last year- giving up 50+ sacks every year with take it’s toll on #12.

  6. It seems to reiterate the fact that VY isn’t too bright and likely has a tough time with the playbook and ‘smarts’ of the NFL game. Physically he has all the tools.

    Seems like a good guy, I hope something positive happens for him. Possibly AFL like Tebow, where just making plays can be enough?

  7. They have to guarentee his salary by having him on the Roster week 1. I would imagine they will resign him after week 1.

    Just a random guess.

  8. No panic, he will be back after the 53 men are set. Ted’s just protecting someone he wants to put on IR, then rolling dice Young will be there on Monday. He will be back!! BJ sucks..

  9. “The packers are DONE if Rodgers goes down.”
    – – –
    Aren’t most teams if they lose their starter?

  10. maybe Tim Tebo the start learning how to parlay who française, Montréal owns his rights in the CFL but the problem is they just signed Troy Smith. Maybe some you evangelicals out there to get Tim Rosetta Stone French perhaps he could proselytize on the sideline to all the Quebecers? 🙂

  11. I never liked VY but this is a money cut. They will try to get him back after the first game when his salary won’t be fully guaranteed.

  12. I`m very surprised. I`m hoping it wasn`t a locker room thing. When you are desperately looking for a job I would think you would be on your best behavior. For me I would feel much more comfortable having Young stepping in than Coleman.

  13. FinFan68 says:
    Aug 31, 2013 11:56 AM
    I never liked VY but this is a money cut. They will try to get him back after the first game when his salary won’t be fully guaranteed.

    Completely agree. I remember the Broncos doing the same thing last year with that QB everybody hated when he took over for Cutler. I wonder if this can land him in the Practice Squad.

  14. freakish213 says:
    Aug 31, 2013 11:38 AM
    There are a lot of young QB’s who are hitting the open market. This isn’t the worst news ever. Let’s see what they do leading up to the season.


    Yeah, how well are those QBs panning out in places with QB issues? Buffalo comes to mind.

  15. I was never a VY fan after his tirade in Tennessee that costs a good coach his job, but was rooting for him to make the team. Mostly due to two guys named Harrell and Coleman.
    Oh, well going to be a long year once Rogers gets put in the hospital by the 9ers pass rush, the Packers will enter a long era of ineptitude.

  16. I think the people saying Young will be back after Week 1 are correct. They just don’t want to guarantee his salary for the season. If I were them, though, I would pick up Rusty Smith or Tebow.

    May I say that I’m very impressed with the plan The Great Ted Thompson had this season for backup quarterback, kicker, and offensive line? “Do nothing and hope” is always a great strategy.

  17. For those saying he’ll be back with the Pack after week one, don’t bet on it. His contract was only worth $800,000.

    I can’t imagine the Packers not being perfectly fine with paying him that salary if they felt he was the guy for the #2 spot. Face it, his time in Green Bay is over.

  18. the most shocking thing to me is that there are apparently 4 vince young supporters out there who (can) read this page…

  19. I guess the brainwashing only works on Greg Jennings. Young must not have responded to the treatments.

  20. I don’t know why they would cut him, he looked fantastic in preseason. He will catch on with someone.

  21. I am mildy surprised they released Young after cutting Harrell. There’s no way they bring in Tebow and the circus which surrounds him. Besides, he stinks as a passer.
    I would love to see Matt Flynn get cut in Oakland and wind up back in GB. Flynn has had a sore arm and hasn’t done much there. But he knows the Packers system and is well liked in GB, and he can hold a clipboard with the best of them.

  22. Now this was a surprise cut. He looked good, he looked fresh, better than Graham for sure.

    So who are they going to bring in now?

  23. Coleman?!? No!! They’ve gotta sign someone else.
    Magician, kindly go away. “Do nothing and hope” my kielbasa. Packers drafted two OLinemen. One will be starting and the other had a good chance before breaking his leg. They brought in competition for Crosby. Trevechhio performed pretty well and could be back before the season ends. They had an undrafted QB many people thought could be good in a couple of years; he suffered a knee injury. Is Thompson supposed to be able to predict which players will have injuries? Is a team with Rodgers supposed to ignore DL, and RB to grab a mediocre QB in the draft? They only get so many picks you know.
    “Do nothing and hope” might better be applied to a team with a mediocre player at the most important position which does nothing but to bring in another mediocre QB, wouldn’t you say?

  24. After week one I see quite a few teams that should be vying for his services. Why Green Bay cut him is beyond me, he looked really good on the field.

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