Pats announce cuts, place Adrian Wilson on IR


The Patriots have announced their final cuts, several of which already had been reported.  (Check the 53-man roster tracker for the full list.)

While the names that previously hadn’t made their way to the public eye contain no surprises, the Pats have included an eyebrow-raiser in their latest press release:  Veteran safety Adrian Wilson has been placed on injured reserve.

Other moves that hadn’t previously been disclosed were the release of offensive lineman Chris McDonald, linebacker Jeff Tarpinian, and defensive back Stephon Morris.

A 12-year veteran who had spent his entire career in Arizona, Wilson appeared on the depth chart as a second-string safety.  He reportedly had been battling a hamstring injury.  He nevertheless played in the team’s second, third, and fourth preseason games.

It doesn’t mean Wilson will get his entire $1 million base salary.  He could be released with an injury settlement — or without one, if/when the Pats conclude he’s healthy.  A grievance then could follow.

It also doesn’t mean Wilson is sufficiently injured to be placed on injured reserve.  But it wouldn’t be the first time a player who wasn’t injured enough to be on I.R. received that designation.

16 responses to “Pats announce cuts, place Adrian Wilson on IR

  1. What? I had no idea Adrian Wilson was even hurt. This sounds fishy.

    Wilson is one of the most underrated players in the NFL. If you looks at how much he has accomplished in his career, he’s right up there with Brian Dawkins. Shame he’s been overshadowed playing in the Ed Reed/Troy Polamalu era.

  2. FIVE undrafted free agents make the Pats 53 man roster. That’s some insane scouting…

    (Vellano, Kline, Thompkins, Allen, Sudfeld).

    And all their 2013 draft picks make it too.

  3. This guy is done. The Cards knew it. Once again Bill went for the deal not the player. There were good safeties available at that time but cost a few $$. Too bad because they need help at that position.

  4. “FIVE undrafted free agents make the Pats 53 man roster. That’s some insane scouting…”

    Maybe it’s testimony to poor drafting and a roster without a lot of talent behind the starters . . . .

  5. FIVE undrafted free agents make the Pats 53 man roster. That’s some insane scouting…

    (Vellano, Kline, Thompkins, Allen, Sudfeld).
    Or just a bad roster.

  6. I am a big A-Dub & Cardinals fan. You can’t compare Wilson to Reed as they play two different positions. And Polmalu is not even in the same league as Wilson.

    Look up how many safeties, let alone players, in he history of the NFL that 25+ Sacks & Interceptions.

    With that being said, it was obvious that Wilson had lost a few steps over the last couple of seasons. And that his body wearing down on him.

    I hope Wilson hangs them up & is brought back home to the Cardinals family in some capacity.

  7. the anniversary for no wins without cheating grows….and will continue to grow, as pretty boy and the hoodie begin their inevitable long, slow decline.

  8. Maybe Wilson is hurt, he was definitely too slow, or maybe the Pats are doing the veteran a favor by putting him on injured reserve which allows him to accrue another retirement season; although I do not know if an NFL player with 13 seasons in the league gets any more retirement benefits than a player with 12 seasons.

  9. New England fan, but can’t understand why these cheapskates can’t get a top cb and safety…could have won 2 more bowls

  10. @jimjets
    Hey dude, if and when the Pats start a decline, it’s still waaaayyy. Better then not ever being there. They have had a decade of success with championships galore. Where are the (N)ot (Y)ets ??

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