Seneca Wallace: 49ers used me to get Colt McCoy to take a pay cut


Former 49ers quarterback Seneca Wallace says the only reason San Francisco signed him this preseason was to squeeze fellow backup quarterback Colt McCoy to get a pay cut.

“I’ve been around this game long enough where I can see what’s going on,” Wallace told the Des Moines Register, “and I realized right away the reason they brought me here was to get Colt to take a pay cut.”

Wallace, who left the 49ers amid reports that he was retiring, said that in reality he just didn’t think San Francisco was the right place for him.

“I have not retired,” Wallace said. “I have just removed myself from the San Francisco situation because it wasn’t a perfect fit for me.”

Wallace says he has no hard feelings for the 49ers, but he doesn’t want to go somewhere if he doesn’t think the team really wants him. As a 33-year-old who hasn’t played since 2011, 1t’s entirely possible that no NFL team does want Wallace, and that he is retired from the NFL whether he wants to be or not.

29 responses to “Seneca Wallace: 49ers used me to get Colt McCoy to take a pay cut

  1. Clearly the 49ers broke into Seneca Wallace’s house, kidnapped him right as he was about to score 70 points in Madden and forced him to try to return to the NFL. They even gave him a uniform and forced him to play in a preseason game.

    Thankfully the day of a game Seneca decided to take his ball and go home.

    That’s a guy I want to lead my team in the two minute drill.

  2. sounds like something the 9ers would do. if the ‘Hawks trade away Quinn, I say we pick up Wallace as 3rd String! Go ‘Hawks!!

  3. Sure… nice job Seneca… no doubt many teams will be chomping at the bit to bring in… an obviously embittered man who has no problem trashing the place on his way out… and throwing disgruntling mud all over everyone else in your wake.

    There’s a HUGE market for guys who thrive on embarrassing their organization and team mates.
    It’s called the retirement market… Ask TO.

    But, enjoy your non-retirement…

  4. They could have at least tipped him a percentage of what they saved on Colt.

    And tell him what’s up. “Hey dude, just walk around, chunk the football and act like you’re getting the backup job. Colt will fold like a cheap tent.”

  5. I’m not an insider on the 49ers situation, so I can’t comment on that. But Wallace saying this kind of sounds like bitter grapes to me. Maybe the reality is you saw the handwriting on the wall that you no longer really have a place in the NFL and are just slinging “it” on the way out.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but just the vibe I am getting form this.

  6. I’m sure an outside shot at the Bills week 1 starting job had nothing to do with it. (his salary would be guaranteed for the year in that case)

  7. He’s not wrong. Seneca has been a thorn in the side of McCoy since Holmgren brought him over to the Browns. Not a team player, diva, over-rated, and now over the hill. Might want to check with “The Big Show” for the currently open pool boy position.

  8. How hard life must be when an employer pays you thousands, but doesn’t really want you around!

  9. @stlducks
    thats not business when you intentionally use a man to rob another man. Business is about even trade. everyone walks away happy and that trade is repeated because EVERYONE WALKS AWAY HAPPY. THATS BUSINESS! Wallace’s contract was a fraud because the 49ers had NO intention’s of paying it. Just because the 49ers GM had on a suit that day dont mean he came to work to do business.

  10. Right Seneca Wallace!!!

    Its called leverage. You should have tried it some times if ever had a chance. Again then if you were not even good enough to unseat McCoy in Cleveland, there is no chance you were good enough unseat him in San Francisco 2 years later. The fact that every team you were on sucked has to tell something about you.

    Good teams put a value on players and stick with that value. They bring in new competition to push the people they currently have so that they play harder and play for less. That’s what good teams do.

    Best of luck to you finding a team that would sign you for the great potential you provide and great opportunity you give to lead them a championship. I am not sure even NY Jets are that dumb.

  11. Wallace, McCoy…let’s face it, Kaep goes down early in the year, these guys become participants in the Clowney derby…..or win a lot of games 13-10.

  12. The 9ers were rumored to be shopping McCoy all week, so if he took a pay cut to stay with the team, that doesn’t seem to involve Wallace. It seems more likely that Harbaugh sensed his negative attitude, which is very much on display to other GMs thanks to his comments.

  13. I think he could of had a good career if he wasn’t on the Browns.

    “thevikes99 says:
    Aug 31, 2013 10:02 AM
    Sounds like another bitter Mcnabb story”

    You can’t even compare Wallace to McNabb, it’s not going to happen. Two different you even watch the sport?

  14. Sour grapes! He still couldn’t beat out McCoy in San Fran, just like he couldn’t beat him in of all places….Cleveland.

  15. What a bunch of jerks, giving Wallace a chance to show off his talents in preseason for other teams if not just for the Niners. The 49ers have some nerve giving opportunities like that!

  16. Wallace wasn’t signed directly to force McCoy to take a paycut. Wallace was signed, and McCoy had to take a paycut, because McCoy wasn’t performing any better than Scot Tolzien (recently released) and was being outperformed by B.J. Daniels (a 7th round pick who was practicing as a skill position/special teams guy until Tolzien and McCoy failed to impress).

    At that point, there’s no reason for McCoy to be making more than Tolzien, and bringing in a veteran to heat up the competition is the kind of thing good coaches/teams do (it’s understandable if Wallace isn’t used to that from his previous teams). It obviously had the intended effect on McCoy, who played much better in games 3 and 4; if Wallace can’t compete, that’s on him.

    My guess is, especially with that attitude, Wallace never plays another regular season snap. But then again, if he’s too lazy to play in a preseason game to try to show he still belongs, maybe being a 3rd string clipboard holder is his highest aspiration.

  17. With how well the 49er 3rd-4th stringers were looking against the Chargers 3rd-4th stringers Wallace should have stayed around for the last game and showed off his skill set. He might have made himself a more desirable option over the Vince Youngs and Tim Tebows that are now available. It is almost like he just wanted to beat out Colt McCoy for once in his life and found out that was not going to happen, so he walked.

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