Tynes’ wife takes more shots at Buccaneers

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Hell hath no fury like the wife of a guy with MRSA who hath a Twitter account.

Amanda Tynes, the wife of former Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes, has once again taken to social media to express her displeasure with the Buccaneers for their handling of her husband.

[tweet https://twitter.com/AmandaTynes9/status/373806408333922305]

Earlier today, the Bucs decided to place Tynes on the non-football injury list rather than IR, to keep from admitting it was their fault he contracted a dangerous infection at work. They’re going to pay him, which seems the least they could do.

Granted, front offices are busy today, and it’s a cold, hard world. But there’s nothing happening here that has them so busy they can’t pick up the phone.

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  1. She is starting to remind me of Kay Corleone or the female version of Mike Vanderjagt. She needs to shut her mouth. Yes, that was very rude by the Bucs, but she needs to shut her mouth before she runs her husband out of a job. If there is one position in the NFL that is the easiest to replace it is the kicker, and if they decide that having a kicker with a big mouthed wife is too much they might just get another kicker.

    I’m just saying.

  2. Dear Mrs. Drama Queen,

    Our deepest apologies for the unfortunate events that have happened to your husband. It was by no means our fault but we are going to pay you anyways. Please act a bit more mature and keep your personal matters private.

  3. Can not blame the women she is used to her man playing for a class team and now he is at the bottom rung of team.

    Also she is just saying what he would say if he could get away with it.
    Good news is the NFL has not found away to stop the wife from talking.

    Amanda bring your man back up here to the NY area and he will get better and you will be happy living in a real city.

    He will always be a giant no matter what jersey he puts on

  4. And I’m sure Mr. Amanda Tynes (the kicker) would like to thank his wife for making sure no other team will ever pick him up because he has an idiot wife.

    There’s no proof the Bucs gave him MRSA… there may be proof, however, that Tynes gave OG Carl Nicks MRSA.

    In all honesty, I think the Bucs should do the right thing, cut Tynes and owe him nothing, then Mrs. Lawrence Tynes will really have something to complain about. Her husband is getting a paid a king’s ransom to NOT work for the season… and she’s complaining?

  5. If he really caught Mersa at the facility, I don’t blame her having something to say. It’s a horrible thing to get rid of, and dangerous too.
    What a classless organization not to pick up the phone and speak in person.

  6. I would sue them because he did pick it up at their facility along with a couple of other guys. By the way the only reason they paid him was to avoid a lawsuit.

  7. People die from that stuff or they start cuttin’ off limbs right and left. If he did they’d be payin’ a lot more than his salary……

  8. MRSA isn’t a joke honestly and the way the Bucs are handling this is pathetic. MRSA strains can kill and looking into this its said that he had to get it surgically scrapped of the bone in his toe. If this went unnoticed it could be a lot more serious than a picture of him looking highly uncomfortable on the couch, ending up in ICU serious.

    So while I agree with the other comment on taht I really don’t care for news about the tweets from players wives/girlfriends she has the right to be outraged by the way the Bucs are handing it. As if he was in the hospital or died even, they’d have to worry about A LOT more attention on them than pft articles and angry wife tweets. Also paying a lot more money!

  9. The Bucs did the right thing by paying Tynes’ salary. Then, they implemented the decision in a cold, impersonal manner that diminishes the positive effects of that very decision.

    My impression is that the Bucs’ attorneys were involved because of the priority being given to not doing anything that implies Tynes’ infection is their responsibility.

    Of course that position is absurd. If the Bucs are not responsible for the sanitary conditions at their own facility, I would like to know who they think is responsible.

    I wish more organizations were willing to step up, and both do and say the right things when they should, instead of hiding behind legal advice. Since the Bucs have taken this approach, I don’t begrudge Tynes’ wife for speaking up. His health is in serious jeopardy, and his employer is tap-dancing about their role in that.

    There is much more at stake here than Tynes’ NFL career.

  10. They have already made it perfectly clear they’re going to try to sue to the Bucs over this — so why would they want to talk on the phone with them. I’m sure a team of lawyers probably even had to approve the email that was sent.

  11. I can’t imagine living with that loud mouth whiner. Perhaps he looked so uncomfortable in that picture is because he is stuck in a house day and night with Amanda.

  12. He caught the MRSA from the surgery in a hospital not the training facility. They still should have called him to let him know. Could have done a conference call with your attorney on if you’re worried about a lawsuit.

  13. Really people, I bet if it was you in her shoes you would be doing the same thing. She is standing up to for her family. The Bucs organization is known for heartless moves in the past. Even the NFL has made them start doing some charity work to change perception. So you go Amanda and stand up for what you believe in and ignore all these jealous wana bes whose lives suck so bad they have to slam you.

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