Jags releasing Kyle Love, many others


The Jaguars are going to need nametags this week, and perhaps a revolving door.

After making seven (!) waiver claims, the Jaguars are going to have to cut seven more guys.

The first that we know of at the moment is defensive tackle Kyle Love, according to Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union.

Love was claimed off waivers from the Patriots after being diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes, a condition the Jaguars seemed happy to sign off on.

We’ll keep you posted as the day goes on about the rest of Love’s former teammates, as the Jaguars continue to churn the roster.

UPDATE: The following players were added to the practice squad: defensive back Marcus Burley, defensive end Ryan Davis, receiver Jeremy Ebert, offensive lineman Drew Nowak, receiver Tobais Palmer, quarterback Matt Scott and defensive back Steven Terrell.

10 responses to “Jags releasing Kyle Love, many others

  1. Patriots fans, Jags fans, all fans should wish Kyle Love the best. But it cannot be easy to play football at any level, let alone NFL level, with Type-2 diabetes. Are there any d-linemen or o-linemen who have done that successfully? I imagine it would be even more difficult for players who typically need unusual bulk for their positions.

  2. As a Patriots fan, I have nothing but respect for Kyle Love and I’m sure Jags fans can say the same thing in the time he was on the team…I hope he finds a way to keep his diabetes in check and continue his NFL career and I wish him nothing but the best

  3. C’mon florio where’s the article ripping the jags for such a heartless move? Clearly if he couldn’t find work in fla then obviously the move was unreleated to his disease.

  4. Jags ownership, management, and starting quarterback, are what the Pats had 12 years ago, or whatever it was. Before they became old, senile, grumpy, and corrupted by success.

  5. why would you rip a team that gave him a chance after finding out he had the disease the patriots found out and cut him as soon as they found out big difference wow patriot fans are ignorant

  6. Actually the pats didn’t cut him immediately after they found out. They gave him the option of taking a year off so he could learn how to manage his disease and then resume football activities OR be cut and try to hook up with another team. HE CHOOSE to be cut. Get your facts straight before you start ripping pats fans. And FYI it is probably impossible to maintain that size and stay healthy living with type 2 diabetes, not to mention the fact his skills the prior season had diminished to the point he wasn’t a starter anymore. The pats did everything they could to allow him to stay healthy and have a shot at playing with them again, looks like the jags just straight cut him. Scoreboard pats fan.

  7. Man, how bad is Jacksonville that almost 20 percent of their team is waiver wire castoffs from other teams!?

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