Jed York jabs at the Ray Lewis conspiracy theory


Former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis thinks someone killed the lights after halftime at the Super Bowl because his team was running away with the game.

49ers owner Jed York has responded, essentially saying to Lewis and anyone else who would suspect foul play, “Ya got me.”

It’s a great response from an owner who gets it, despite the fact that he was in diapers when the 49ers won Super Bowl XVI.

Then again, maybe the tongue-in-cheek confession is aimed at throwing Ray off the scent.

26 responses to “Jed York jabs at the Ray Lewis conspiracy theory

  1. Sounds like Ray has a vested beef in the concussion lawsuit! He needs to find a new job or close his twit contract, it can only be trouble.

  2. Yeah, I’m sure the NFL wanted to lose millions of viewers that got bored and changed the channel after watching a dark stadium. Ray Lewis is a moron.

    Love the reply from York. Good sense of humor.

  3. How about the NFL conspiracy to have the refs
    not call multiple intereference penalties on the Ravens?

  4. I mean lets be honest, before the lights went out it was looking like it could be the worse blowout in Super Bowl history.
    Have no clue what happened, and Boone ever will……

  5. The majority of the people that watched the game we’re saying that. Ray is basically reiterating what a GOOD MAJORITY of people were saying that moment it happened?

    How would I know? Cause when it happened I went to the one place where people in mass would be talking about it..


  6. Can’t argue with Ray Ray. If the lights didn’t go out the Ravens would of won that game by 40. Still love the play calling when you’ve got first and goal from the five. Thanks Jimmy boy or was it Roman. Who cares 🙂

  7. And to think ESPN wants to pay Ray millions for for this insightful and obviously professional rhetoric.

    Thank you ESPN for giving us yet another reason NOT to watch your programming when Ray Lewis is on…

  8. Apparently Ray Lewis not only a murderer but also quite stupid.

    But then again you can hardly call him stupid when he was smart enough to get away with murder. Can we?

  9. You know, if you’re being accused of causing a power outage at the Super Bowl, maybe your best course of action would be to tread lightly.

  10. You see all the Ravens fans sticking up for Lewis right now.

    I can’t wait until Ray Ray has some negative things to say about Flacco, or the defense, and watch how quickly they all jump on him.

  11. The Ravens were so hot in the Super Bowl they blew a transformer.
    Nothing but a power outage could stop the Ravens that night.

    And quit all your whining 49ers fans. You’re lucky you had a chance to catch your breath and get back in it.

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