Raiders to waive Tyler Wilson


And now there are three.

The Raiders, who carried four quarterbacks past the 53-man roster deadline of Saturday at 6:00 p.m. ET, have decided to get rid of one of them.

Specifically, they’ve gotten rid of Tyler Wilson.

Wilson, a fourth-round draft pick from Arkansas, fell behind undrafted fourth-stringer Matt McGloin of Penn State.  The Raiders possibly will sign Wilson to the practice squad if he clears waivers.

With the premium placed on the quarterback position, Wilson probably won’t clear waivers.

For now, he exits Oakland with a signing bonus of $450,900.  Anyone who claims him will have to pay the minimum salaries for 2013 through 2016, if they keep him that long.

On one hand, it’s gutsy that the Raiders were willing to admit they were wrong about Wilson.  On the other hand, a team that is mired in a rebuilding mess can’t afford to waste any draft picks.  Especially not fourth-rounders.

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  1. This “Team” is unreal… they have been rebuilding for yearsssss… They have a bum for a RB that they shoulda traded for draft picks. It seems like many moons ago that i was watching the OLD Raiders team actually winning.. With Rich Gannon, Rob Woodson, Tim Brown… etc

  2. not too sure the new crew is going to prove great with personnel management/drafting…….but hopefully they will at least be decent…….One thing for sure–cant get any worse than the last decade.

  3. Wow. Barring another QB entering into this mess (which is entirely possible), this puts pretty high odds on Matt McGloin starting a NFL game this season. Bill O’Brien deserves a special coaching achievement award if that happens.

  4. This season will be a mess. And you know what? I’m diggin’ it, since after all that mortgaging the future, after another year of salary cap purgatory the Raiders ought to finally be fine in that regard, possessing all of their important draft picks for a change and hopefully at least a nucleus of players on which to build. Granted, that nucleus sure could be bigger if McK wouldn’t have whiffed as often lately, but I’m fine with the approach. And I’m looking forward to JC in silver and black…

  5. The raiders have sold their soul to the devil and the devil is collecting. For so many years their fans dressed and acted like heathens so they get what they deserve.

  6. @ninerswilldominatelikebefore, to compare the bills with the Jets and Raiders doesn’t go a long way in showing you know anything about the NFL. Their records won’t be even close at the end of the year. They may not beat the Patriots, but they will finish above the Jets and Dolphins that is for sure.

  7. Tyler Wilson will look awesome in mop up duty for the Packers and in a few years, he will be a free second rounder for them when they trade him to a bad team.

    It’s hard for me to imagine why Wilson isn’t their #1 QB, let alone on their roster. What could McGloin have shown?

  8. Running Tally of picks used on or traded for QB’s by the Raiders in the last 3 years.

    3rd in 2011 for Terrelle Pryor
    4th in 2012 for Jason Campbell
    1st in 2012+2nd in 2013 for Carson Palmer
    Palmer+7th in 2013 for 6th in 2013+ conditional 2014
    5th in 2014+conditional in 2015 for Matt Flynn
    4th in 2013 for Tyler Wilson

    So for those keeping score. 8 draft picks were spent, while acquiring 2 low rounders for ZERO starting QB’s.

    Honorable mention: #1 overall in 2007 for Purple Drank.

  9. This confirms my theory. I honestly think that Mcgloin may be the best qb on the team. So imo, the Raiders are embarrassed they wasted a fourth round pick on Wilson. Now man up and start Mcgloin.

  10. Yes, it sucks they used a 4th rounder on this kid, but who could have predicted that they would have signed McGloin after the draft and he out played the 4th rounder. I’m mad about losing that pick, but i would be more angry if they were stubborn about it and kept Wilson and cut McGloin.

  11. Wilson will land somewhere. The kid is ready-made for the NFL. I saw him get slaughtered in the pocket at Arkansas & he managed to rack up some nice stats & wins….UNTIL John L. Smith was left in charge.

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