The Bills have multiple reasons to claim Tebow on waivers


Though it feels like he’s been around forever, Tim Tebow still hasn’t spent four years in the NFL.  Which means that he will be exposed to the waivers system after being cut by the Patriots.

Which means that any team can make a claim for his contract.

His contract is favorable.  For 2013, he gets the minimum for a player with three years of experience:  $630,000.  Next year, he’s due to receive the minimum again, at $730,000.  Plus a whopping $25,000 workout bonus.

So who would want a guy who was available for more than a month in free agency?

How about the Bills.

Buffalo currently has two quarterbacks on the roster.  Both are rookies.  One of them is injured.  The other wasn’t drafted.

Then there’s the fact that the Bills host in seven days the team with which Tebow has spent all of training camp and the preseason.  Despite his erratic skills, he’s in position to help the Bills prepare for the Pats, on both sides of the ball.

The question for the Bills isn’t whether Tebow is a great quarterback.  It’s whether he’s good enough to add to a depth chart that currently consists of two guys with no regular-season experience — and a possible Week One starter who was 4-22 in college.

If the Bills are considering the question of claiming Tebow, they have one guy on the coaching staff who knows him well:  Defensive coordinator Mike Pettine.

In June, Pettine said he believes Tebow still has the ability to be a starter in the NFL.

“I coached against him with the Jets when he was at Denver, and he beat us on a two-minute drive,” Pettine told Tim Graham of the Buffalo News. “And then I went against him in practice.

“He’s a unique athlete, not the most orthodox NFL quarterback, but he finds a way to get it done.  Those guys that are changeup types are the ones that give you some trouble.”

If nothing else, it would add some intrigue to Week One if the Bills opt to add Tebow as they prepare to play the team that just fired him.

53 responses to “The Bills have multiple reasons to claim Tebow on waivers

  1. No.

    Just no.

    Can we just let the poor kid’s dream die already so he can move on with his life? He’s not an NFL quarterback. Period. He can try to learn another position or he can move onto what’s probably a very profitable venture elsewhere.

  2. If teams want a quarterback for depth, I suggest they go out and find a REAL quarterback. Charley Batch’s name comes to mind.
    This business of pushing and promoting Tebow as a “quarterback” is a complete waste of time. Tebow is a special teams player. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  3. I hope they pick him up, he deserves a chance. I think if ESPN and NFL Network give the all Tebow all the time a break everything would be alright.
    Tebow actually seems to be a great locker room guy

  4. Let me just say… No please No!! We have a young QB I would rather have him in there with no controversy. New head coach heavy roster turnover. All this would do is delay the growth of the team and EJs maturation process.
    Tim is an awesome person but I don’t want him as my QB.

  5. “Despite his erratic skills, he’s in position to help the Bills prepare for the Pats, on both sides of the ball.”

    Right, because Tebow can effectively simulate the play of Tom Brady.

    Or were you suggesting he could help prepare them against Stevan Ridley?

  6. Who the hell cares? Can the media be done with him now? He is not a NFL player. At all, no position works for him in his mind other than QB because he is selfish. Its all about Tim Tebow. Go away.

  7. Man I don’t get this obsession with Tebow. Never met him so I can’t say nice guy like everyone else does, but he CAN’T PLAY!!! Isn’t that enough to move on?

  8. 1) Can the Bills survive Tebowmania? Answer: No.
    2) Do you remember how well Tebow resulted against BB? Answer: Twice routed.

    If the Bills have any sense, they pick someone else, Vince Young, up.

  9. Oh Please, Buffalo, don’t go the circus route that the Jets are doing. Brady Quinn and other are available that actually can throw a ball. Tebow will ruin your season.
    Apparently their heralded rookie is much worse injured then they want to admit.

  10. Here we go again. The media acting as an employment agency for Tim Tebow, not anyone else who got yesterday, just Tim Tebow. WHY? He’s arguably at the bottom of the cut list as far as performance goes, but we all know this has nothing to do with football. It’s about his faith and ratings!

  11. alchemistcirca1979 says: Sep 1, 2013 12:02 PM
    I hope they pick him up, he deserves a chance

    Really… he’s had his chances already and blew them. Time to move on to opening the Church of the Delusional.

  12. The Bill’s coach will be fired after this season. Tebow will be fresh meat for the Jet’s defense. Eat him up time for the Jets defense. The Bills owner believes Tebow will save the team, ha.

  13. The Bills have multiple reasons to claim Tebow on waivers
    And I can think of a million reasons why the Bills shouldn’t.

  14. Errrr……yeah……tebow can help the bills as he obviously has the mental latitude to understand what Brady will do so much more than the bills coaches

    Maybe in prayer as the bills get lambasted and hope for it to be painless

    The playbook they gave tebow had 2 plays in it

  15. Why do people say Tebow deserves a chance. The Pats gave him a chance — he couldn’t cut it, so he was cut. How many promising young players with dreams as big as Tebow’s and talent far beyond his have never been given the chance to play in the NFL?

    Tebow needs to move on. We all have dreams … sometimes they don’t work out. Move on. He’s got a great future as a motivational speaker or high school coach.

  16. The NFL is a business, a business of winning, Some franchise should find a way to get him in their locker room, I care if he throws like a 6 yr old, as long as he wins games. A winner that wins games should be on a team that is interested in winning games. IJS.

  17. The NFL is a business, a business of winning, Some franchise should find a way to get him in their locker room, I do not care if he throws like a 6 yr old, as long as he wins games. A winner that wins games should be on a team that is interested in winning games. IJS.

  18. jjbadd385 says:
    Sep 1, 2013 12:05 PM
    Go for it Bills… Im a Bronco fan that still believes Tebow can win…he has proven it many times…
    Trade you Tebow for Manning then??

  19. i10east says:
    Sep 1, 2013 4:13 PM
    Tebow would save the Bills from moving to Toronto.
    Was that a positive or a negative??

  20. Wow! The haters are as bad or worse than the jesus freaks. The crime this guy did is he is a jesus freak that wanted all the publicity and that came back to haunt him. In denver he was too popular to the point Elway came out of retirement to make sure he didn’t take his throne as king of denver. Who says this guy can’t play in the nfl as a qb either knows nothing about football or lying out their ass. Facts, the dude has already proven he can win in the nfl as a qb while he was still learning the game with no support from coaching and management. i don’t want to hear that crap they changed the offense for him. Elway and coaching played to lose with the lame game plan. their motto was suck for luck. I watched the games they only let him play his game and throw the ball the last few minutes of those games in denver. he won inspite of them, not the other way around. Jets were just a bad decision going where the coach is having some weird love affair with the Sanchez and his wife. Jealousy in the league became a major issue for him as his own teammates and the rest of the league didn’t like all the attention he was getting. It became fashionable for idiots that didn’t know a football from a fusball jumping on the hate wagon as if they were stephan a smith. these clones have no clue about anything. They’re following what they hear from espn analysts that were all admitting they were wrong about him 2 yrs ago. Elway killed the dude’s career. he hasn’t played since. If he wanted to play football, he should have gone about his business. Belicheck controlled his future in new england not god, if he would have realized that maybe he would still have a job there. i don’t think god has time for stuff like this. I’m pretty sure his career is dead.

  21. Why would the bills not take Tebow? We need a QB with the situation we are in. Lets look at the facts. He can run the wild cat well, unlike our emergency 4th string QB Brad Smith who ran it badly, and is now out injured. Kolb is out, Leinart was cut, EJ is a rookie and is still hurting, Tuel is also a a inexperienced rookie. We all know Tim can run the ball very well, and he could also play tight end. And now he will come very cheap, right up the bills alley. He is a good guy that wont get into trouble and he is a hard worker. Locker room distraction is crap. He will also give the bills the national media attention they want and need, and he will help sell out games, something that is needed to prevent blackouts during the cold winter months in one of the bigger stadiums and yet smaller markets in the NFL. Its a win win for everyone. What do you say Mike? Call your bills buddies and make it happen before its to late.

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