Colts acquire Cam Johnson from 49ers


The 49ers had a surplus of linebackers, and continue to turn them into future surplus draft picks.

The Colts announced they acquired Cam Johnson from the 49ers for a conditional draft pick.

The former seventh-round pick spent most of last year on the practice squad, and gives the Colts some pass-rush potential.

The 49ers previously pawned Parys Haralson off on the Saints, as they were encouraged by the progress of rookie Corey Lemonier and the versatility of veteran Dan Skuta.

18 responses to “Colts acquire Cam Johnson from 49ers

  1. The Niners gave away Parys Haralson. If they got another lowly 6th or 7th round draft pick for Cam Johnson I’ve got to start wondering if they know what they are doing.

  2. cletusvandam says:
    Sep 2, 2013 12:36 PM
    The Niners gave away Parys Haralson.
    They’ve twice now traded players that they were about to release. Getting something instead of nothing is sure worth questioning the front office over, right?

  3. Cam Johnson himself was a “lowly” 7th rounder –who performed well in the PreseasoN. They apparently value a stock of picks that allow them to play shoots and ladders on draft day than the 5th guy at outside linebacker.

  4. WOW!. I’m surprised but then again im not a gm so we’re going to have to trust them on this one but i thought he was going to be good depth and possibly blossom to a starter and hes cheap for a few seasons. STOP it with the we gave haralson away, hes been a solid starter/backup nothing special and easily replaced for a cheaper younger draft pick, niners we’re going to release him anyway for cap purposes.

  5. cletusvandam they got 2 7th round picks for an older vet coming off a season ending injury and a player who a year ago was a 7th round pick.

    That gives them another draft pick loaded draft which includes more trade ammo to manipulate the draft to their will.

  6. @dirtyjersey9er

    He’s obviously not ready now but god forbid there and injury they can plug this guy in. I know we got an additional 2 7th rounders but come on lets be real they dont usually pan out. It happens but not often. I just dont want our niners to be getting “cute” like bill bellichick and trade just for picks, if we got talent KEEP IT. I’m a die hard niner fan but 2012 draft today is looking like a dud and this draft the niners had a boatload of picks and DID NOT MOVE UP to get quality like i hoped/thought they would. I baalke we trust though GO NINERS!

  7. He would of never cracked into the line up!! never…good luck cam nice to see u have a chance to start…. u worked hard and came back from a injury… now go get paid

  8. @ninerwilldominatelikebefore

    I agree that 2012 draft class clearly not a great draft class for the 9ers, but I’m confused as to why you’d then be upset that they traded one of those picks for a future draft pick.
    Outside of James, the 2012 draft was either misses or depth/practice squad players. If you can take a guy who had little to no chance of playing, let alone starting, and turn it into a draft pick, why would you not do it? Who knows, maybe 2014’s draft will end up more like 2011 where the 9ers found starters deep. Worst case, is it’s 2012 all over again and no harm no foul.

  9. by the way guys we actually traded this guy for seattles 4th rounder and the colts 7th…..not bad if u look at it right…lol…..thanks for cris harper…

  10. cletusvandam
    Sep 2, 2013, 9:36 AM PDT
    The Niners gave away Parys Haralson. If they got another lowly 6th or 7th round draft pick for Cam Johnson I’ve got to start wondering if they know what they are doing.
    That’s probably why you’re posting on here and not the GM of a team

  11. @kleppnasty

    I’m coming from that this guy showed promise, tomsula was bringing him along and could’ve been a contributor down the road. You never know what IF big IF but Lemonier outplays brooks and then the niners release brooks (cap) here we go we got a backup (johnson) ready to fill in. Im just thinking if you got young, cheap promising talent stash it. But i see you’re point hopefully we can turn it to something big in 14′ draft which they say is a better draft. GO NINERS!

  12. A nice problem to have….when you can trade a guy like Cam because you’re so stacked at the position. And he will, without a doubt, be a starter in Indy, or just about anywhere else for that matter….

    Good luck Cam.

  13. As much as I hate the 49’ers being a Bengals fan and all. You guys got a player in Dan Skuta. I’m sure he won’t be a starter but he’s a helluva special teamer and will do just fine in a pinch at LB in case of injury!

  14. There is no assurance that Cam will become a sure starter. If it was a sure thing, other teams would have been in competition for Cam, and the Niners would have got more.

  15. Its about supply and demand. The Niner’s had a surplus of LB’s they needed to turn over because of a lack of available space. That’s what happens when you have to much depth you have cut rate garage sales. They lost a lot of other good players via cuts already. They obviously needed to clear more roster space and the best place to start is at your strongest and deepest position.

    I am sure there is a rhyme and reason to all of this. They do seem to make a lot of moves with the future in mind. It’s just this year they ended up with more quality players in certain positions than they could turn over for their actual value. I think the problem was they didn’t really know what they had until it was too late to make value trades. Or this could be the start of the trend that unless you are a star you are not worth that much in either salary or trade anymore.

  16. cam got a 3rd round draft grade going into the draft but teams didnt pick him because of his sicle cell. he is a really talented player on a team that has one of the best units. he was traded after a great preseason to a team that he will get to play on. they made room with the trade for a big wr on a run heavy team. that they want to move to te. i think the kid is already there minus the 3 point stance that he will have to get use to on certain plays. the seahawks dont know what they are doing from time to time and wasted a pick on a talented guy that does not fit there system.

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