Cowboys trade Dante Rosario to Bears


The Cowboys took to the practice field this morning, but not before trading another spare part for another future draft pick.

According to the team’s official website, they sent tight end Dante Rosario to the Bears in exchange for a 2014 seventh-round pick.

They still have four tight ends on the roster, and now have a little extra draft currency. Yesterday, they sent defensive tackle Sean Lissemore to the Chargers for a 2015 seventh-rounder.

Rosario’s a solid pass-catcher, who can work as an H-back, and adds value as a special teamer.

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  1. I cant remember if it was last year or the season before but this guy came on for the Chargers cos Gates was out and had an absolute monster game like maybe 2-3 TDs but never heard anything about him since, shud be a decent back up to Martellus Bennett

  2. Chi01town, we got a pick for Carimi, so this just evens out. Plus, it is worth taking a chance for 7th rounder. I like how aggressive Emery has been.

  3. I noticed Dallas had 5 TEs which seemed like too many now it makes more sense dealing away Rosario. Rosario was a decent receiver but they already had that covered with Hanna and rookie Escobar. His special teams play was just OK at best.

  4. Career stats as of 2013:

    Receptions 99
    Receiving Yards 1,106
    Receiving TDs 8

    TE’s are important in Trestman’s scheme…can’t have too many.

  5. I feel like this is another refreshing move with Onubun, Kyle Adams, and now this trade for Rosario. I obviously can’t prove this, but I just feel like if it were Smith and Angelo, they would have kept Onubun over Adams because of him flashing ability, or maybe kept both and cut someone else. Instead, they sign Onubun to the practice squad so they can develop him, keep the dependable Adams, but don’t stop there. They needed another good pass-catching tight end, so instead of try to make Onubun work and hope for the best, they took charge and filled the need with a nice option.

    It feels like a much more organized and thoughtful approach.

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