Dickerson braces for another assault on his record

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If it wasn’t for Adrian Peterson, Eric Dickerson could relax.  Today’s NFL has become obsessed with the passing game.  Throw in the trend toward multiple tailbacks, and no one else would come within 500 yards of Dickerson’s single-season record of 2,105 yards.

But Peterson has a goal nearly 500 yards above the 29-year-old record held by the most famous NFL player to wear No. 29.  Dickerson continues to hope Peterson does well — to a point.

“I just want to wish him good luck, tell him I hope he has a great season. At the end I’m going to say, ‘But don’t break my record,'” Dickerson tells Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times.  “I hope he has 2,104 yards.”

Dickerson knows it won’t be easy for Peterson to have another 2,000-yard season.

“He’s going to see a lot of eight- and nine-man fronts,” Dickerson said. “Because they’re going to dare [quarterback Christian] Ponder to throw the football.  They’re going to stack the line of scrimmage.  If I’m a defensive coordinator, my thing would be, ‘OK, I want you to hit him all the way to the ground. Punish him.’ That’s what they do.

“The kind of runner Adrian is, he won’t back down from that.  But that’s how you try to get to a back, frustrate him with the fronts, and just constantly hit him, hit him, hit him.”

Putting eight or nine guys in the box only takes a modern NFL defense so far.  With so many teams passing the ball, defenses spend more time defending the pass.  When they’re not defending the pass, they’re focusing on the read-option.

Thus, for the same reason Dickerson doesn’t have to worry about anyone not named Adrian Peterson, Dickerson has even more reason to worry about Peterson.  Defenses won’t be as equipped as they’ve been in the past to defend a great running back — which could be one of the reasons Peterson had more than 1,300 yards in the final eight games of 2012.

If Peterson finds a way to beat the record, here’s hoping Nike finds a good way to commemorate the achievement.  At a minimum, here’s hoping gets Dickerson something better than what Adidas got Dickerson.

“You know what they gave me?” Dickerson told Farmer.  “Take a wild guess. How about a carrot cake with candles?  That was embarrassing. The linemen, they were all standing around and were like, ‘A cake? A cake? Man, there’s no keys in that cake?’ I’m like, ‘Man, I’m allergic to nuts. I can’t eat this cake.'”

Memo to Nike:  Don’t order Adrian a giant shrimp cocktail.

Memo to opposing defenses: Maybe the only way to stop this specific Superman is to rub your gloves and jerseys with his undersea answer to Kryptonite.

41 responses to “Dickerson braces for another assault on his record

  1. Luckily for Adrian he faces the Packers D twice a year so there goes a quarter of the yards he needs to break the record.

  2. The reason Adrian did so well last year was because he was able to break so many long runs. That’s because the defense stacked the line to stop him, and once he got past the initial line of defense there was nobody left to stop him. This year, I think the passing game will be much improved so defenses won’t be able to stack the line. That means fewer long runs and no record. The offense as a whole should be more successful, though.

  3. When I watch AP I see so much of Dickerson’s running style. Upright and running with unbelievable strength and the ability to kick it into a higher gear once they break through the line.

    And ED shouldn’t complain too much about just getting a cake since he did get a car once from a college he never even attended.

  4. Considering that Eric Dickerson had 33 more rushes than Peterson, Peterson still had the better year. Eric Dickerson should be happy Peterson is going to break his record, it’s the first time someone’s mentioned his name in the last 20 years.

  5. Besides the fact that I have AP on my fantasy team he’s a an amazing player and amazing human being so I wish him the best. We’re watching greatness before our very eyes so enjoy everyone!

  6. Eric, AD has been running against 8 & 9 in the box for awhile now. The first 3 games they babied AD last year for good reason. I am not saying he will break the record but I am not saying he won’t either. He has a shot at it no doubt.

  7. Tokyobuttblaster – And why packer fan would he not have a chance this year? He is better than the men you listed. Nevermind, I would rather not listen to your strange thinking on the subject.

  8. It sucks that the two most important objectives I have as a Vikings fan may have to clash. If the Vikings figure out a way to do both, though, I would be ecstatic.

    1. Figure out if Christian Ponder is actually an NFL QB so Vikings fans, players, local media, and the front office can all be in agreement on whether he can be the long term answer. Time for the training wheels to come off, if he crashes and burns, let him crash and burn. Throw the ball down the field and give him more authority at the line of scrimmage. We need to know what he can do. If he can’t do it, quit babying him as he’s clearly not the answer.
    2. Adrian breaks the rushing record. I think he can do it easily if we run our offense similar to last year. Same oline, same blockers, same OC, more opportunity the first half of the season, and a better knee. Sounds like room for improvement to me.

  9. Let the hapless, tasteless Vikings and their fans continue their trivial pursuit of individual records while the Packers keep racking up the W’s – like they have twice a year against the Vikings for the past 3 seasons.

    Let them dominate silly stat sheets, as long as the Packers keep dominating the scoreboard.

  10. Just like Aaron Rodgers can dominate the stat sheet for QB’s as he’s done the last few years. Just as long as his team keeps getting dominated in the division round of the playoffs, as the packers have been for the last few years.

    We really pity the hapless, tasteless Packer fans in Minnesota. That’s why we let so many of them work and live here, must be pathetic when the only thing to do is follow the Packers and obsess over the Vikings. Real pathetic. No wonder Favre couldn’t wait to get out of there.

  11. Why is peterson so selfish? Does he not get that if he has another year like last year, it’s because his team is terrible? Somebody might want to remind him that its a team sport. Cuz, her certainly seems to have forgotten that.

  12. 1. The Vikings are going to “try” and have a passing game. That will take away from Petersons total carries.

    2. The Vikings will be playing a tougher schedule and will be behind in games forcing them to pass (less carries).

    3. Teams gearing up to stop the read option (running game) will also factor into stopping Peterson from reaching his goal.

    4. He’s missing his lead back for the first 3 games.

    5. If the pre-season is any indication, the O-line is not that good or at a minimum in sync yet (watch 1’s vs. 1’s @ San Fran week 3).

  13. The last time a 2000 yard back got anywhere close was …?


    The last time a guy was back to back rushing champ?

    This guy is all about his own hype train.

    True champions, and true MVPs are all about winning Super Bowls.

  14. tokyosandblaster says: Sep 3, 2013 9:58 AM

    “His record may indeed be broken. CJ Spiller, Jamaal Charles, Arian Foster� they all have a chance.

    Adrian Peterson does not.”

    You cannot really mean this can you? CJ Spiller and Jamaal Charles are both great backs but neither have any business being compared to Peterson. Foster is a step up from Spiller and Charles in my book, but he’s still no Adrian Peterson. And Foster can’t seem to stay healthy. Saying Peterson has no shot at the record is just silly.

  15. filthymcnasty1 says: Sep 3, 2013 12:45 PM

    “Let the hapless, tasteless Vikings”

    I’m going to post a list of adjectives for you filthy… I think everyone understands (as you tell us in every post) that you feel the Vikings are unfortunate and don’t taste like anything.

  16. Individual stats and other football minutia are the diversions that Viking fans occupy their time with while they wait, and wait and wait some more for the stamp of legitimacy that comes with winning a Lombardi Trophy.

    Till then, they are just 3rd class NFL citizens.

  17. The eternal optimists……Viking fans…..cannot fathom the concept of lightning never striking the same place twice. Favre toyed with their feelings by making them believe he could have “his best year ever!!!,” two years in a row. We all saw how that worked out.

    Did you ever notice how a pen writes most smoothly just before it runs out of ink? Or a light bulb glowing brightest just before it burns out? Or a car purring better than ever the moment before it runs out if gas?

    That was Favre. And that will be Peterson.

  18. 3 goals for the vikes…get to the playoffs(hardest one, am I right lovers and haters?), a.p. beats eric”the record stays with daddy” Dickerson & sweep the packers!

  19. stellarperformance says: Sep 3, 2013 11:15 PM

    “The eternal optimists……Viking fans…..cannot fathom the concept of lightning never striking the same place twice. Favre toyed with their feelings by making them believe he could have “his best year ever!!!,” two years in a row. We all saw how that worked out.

    Did you ever notice how a pen writes most smoothly just before it runs out of ink? Or a light bulb glowing brightest just before it burns out? Or a car purring better than ever the moment before it runs out if gas?

    That was Favre. And that will be Peterson.”

    Isn’t that what fans do? Believe in their team? And did you really use those analogies to describe Peterson’s career? You sound like a Disney movie. Well written and all that but even though I personally don’t believe AP will break 2,000 again, I highly doubt his career is about to “run out of ink”, “burn out”, or “run out of gas” this season. Favre was 41-42 when we expected magic again. Peterson is 28. Yes QBs often last longer than RBs but the Favre/Peterson comparison is flimsy at best.

  20. What a shame AP has to play on such a BAD football team.
    And now starting a rookie at Fullback.
    If the Vikes can get to 8 and 8 on the season , it ll be a good year for the purple team .
    They ve never won a Super Bowl in Minn.
    And they are not going to do it again.
    and they ll be in L A next season.
    Bank on it !

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