Gleason didn’t sue NFL, could get up to $5 million in settlement

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As the dust begins to settle on the settlement of the NFL’s concussion litigation, some intriguing twists will emerge.

For example, former Saints defensive back Steve Gleason, who has spent the past few years valiantly battling ALS, is eligible for a seven-figure payment — even though he didn’t sue the NFL.

Because the settlement expands the pool of 4,500-plus plaintiffs into a class that encompasses all retired players and creates a system for ensuring that only men with severe cognitive impairment will be compensated, Gleason automatically is eligible.

Under the formula that has been created, he can get up to $5 million from the $675 million compensation fund.

On one hand, Gleason may not want the money, given that he didn’t sue.  On the other hand, that money (which most likely will be paid out tax free) can go a long way toward securing a fruitful future for Gleason and his family.  More importantly, Gleason will become legally entitled to compensation under the settlement.

The fact that Gleason can get up to $5 million despite never suing underscores the tensions that undoubtedly will emerge as the lawyers try to persuade those who sued — and who stand to get far less, if anything — to accept the deal.  Some of the men who undertook the risk of filing will resent the idea that those who chose not to sue will receive seven-figure payouts.

It will be delicate for currently healthy men who sued to complain about money going to those who have ALS.  But it’s one of the complications that will have to be dealt with as the settlement begins its journey through what could be a bumpy approval process.

10 responses to “Gleason didn’t sue NFL, could get up to $5 million in settlement

  1. I’m sure you’ll see that concussions can cause a multitude of health problems when retired players start lining up for free cash.

  2. The guy who should be forking out all of this “settlement” money is the guy who held the gun to everyone’s head when they signed their contracts – this entire thing is completely insane. Money Grab!

  3. Gleason is a sad situation, bit is he entitled to money designated for injured players, if he can’t prove that football caused his disability? I’m not knocking Gleason, I’m questioning the merits of the settlement.

  4. Yes, the point was definitely to get financial help for those who need it. It definitely was not a cash grab. So of course when players that need the help more get more money, why would anyone be upset.

  5. Anyone who can criticize Steve Gleason is an idiot. He may take the money and put it in his foundation to try and find a cure or even a treatment for ALS.
    The man is , if nothing else, a true warrior. Hasn’t been much news from the Gleason camp in a while. I’m sure this horrible disease is in its final assault on him. God bless and NO WHITE FLAGS!
    And,YES, he is entitled to the money, moron.

  6. I’m sure that no member of the class that sued will oppose Mr. Gleason getting paid , since he is probably worse off from a physical standpoint than anyone in the class. The PR to that former player alone would make it not worth his while. Gleason may have felt that he knew everything the NFL knew about what might happen if he played football, so he might not have sued on principle. Only a lawyer would argue that he doesn’t belong in the class that should collect though.

  7. Mikey continues to solicit clients via his continued criticism of the settlement. A similar comment was not approved earlier, so I doubt this one will be either. Truth hurts.

  8. NOT ONE….of these points mentioned the fact that the NFL chose NOT to disclose to the players about the facts behind concussions. They knew more time was needed in between concussions. Repeated concussions are far worse than they envisioned. Instead of coming out with the findings and disclosing them to the players what did the NFL do? Hid it. Did everything to say it was safe. Put players (life’s) at risk, and now we’ve seen what CAN happen without help or support.

    Lies upon lies by the NFL are what caused this. If you played, which 99% of you DIDNT, you’d be asking for help & answers too.

    You wanna spend a day with my wife and ask her if something’s up? Want to watch me walk into a room having no idea why I’m there? 100 times a day. Lay in bed night after night because of insomnia? Will you visit my pharmacy to pick up the plethora of meds I take so I’ll be around when my kids grow up??

    Go learn a little before you go spouting off on anyone in this terrible situation. Especially a guy like Steve who’s fighting for his damn life!

    Funny thing is…when we played on the field you cheered for us win OR lose… where are you now when we need your support?

    rob kelly
    New Orleans Saints (1997-2001)
    New England Patriots (2002) IR

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