Jake Long ready to roll after a light camp workload


The Rams signed Jake Long for the impact he could make (or prevent) in the fall.

So they weren’t going to push him this summer.

The Rams admitted keeping their prize left tackle signing on a pitch count during training camp, which he appreciated.

“I’m feeling great,” Long said, via Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I feel healthy. It’s the healthiest I’ve felt going into a season in probably three years.”

That’s good news for the Rams, specifically quarterback Sam Bradford, who hasn’t had this kind of protection in the past. Long’s been a top-shelf player, but injuries have slowed him, and keeping him healthy was a priority. That kept him from going fully two days in a row during camp.

“I’m not having him have every single rep along the way,” offensive line coach Paul Boudreau said. “He knows how to run ‘power.’ Why does he need to run ‘power’ again?

“So I get him in there in situations where it’s a blitz period and there’s communication that has to be done — verbal and non-verbal. Making calls.”

They did the same thing with center Scott Wells and right guard Harvey Dahl, forcing them to develop a chemistry on their own. But Long is enough of an upgrade that it’s worth letting that develop in ways other than beating him up in practice.

5 responses to “Jake Long ready to roll after a light camp workload

  1. Paul Boudreau did a fantastic job last year with a ragtag, injured offensive line. Now with Jake Long in the fold and the cascading benefits of that (e.g. Saffold playing RT), the Rams’ OL might even be good-to-very-good, instead of horrendous, as it was in 2011 and prior.

  2. Don’t get your hopes to high on Jake as he will not last the entire season. Nothing against Jake but he started great in Miami but turned into just an average tackle at best for the last 3 years. Speed rushers will crush him.

  3. @mrtwister1 you just be twistin’ up some good stuff over there!! Jake Long was offered the type of money that he signed for AND turned down(from Miami) because speed rushers don’t “crush” him. So, try another angle. Give us something better than that.

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