Report: Seahawks fourth-rounder Chris Harper heading to 49ers


The Seahawks haven’t officially announced the members of their practice squad yet, but they’ve reportedly already lost one to the roster of their biggest NFC West rival.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the 49ers have signed wide receiver Chris Harper off of the Seahawks’ practice squad. Harper was a fourth-round pick this year, making him one of the highest draft picks to get cut as teams set their 53-man rosters albeit one that has now found his way back to one before the start of the regular season.

Harper caught 58 passes for 857 yards at Kansas State in 2012, numbers that were likely deflated a bit by the fact that the Wildcats were a run-first team with Collin Klein under center. All that run blocking should help Harper with the 49ers, who like to run the ball and generally like players who play with the physical style that Harper employed in his collegiate days.

Since he was signed off of a practice squad, Harper will be guaranteed three weeks of salary from the Niners even if he doesn’t stick around that long. The 49ers kept five receivers on cutdown day, although there will need to be a roster move to make room for Harper.

22 responses to “Report: Seahawks fourth-rounder Chris Harper heading to 49ers

  1. BOOM! The geese becomes the gander! NINERS steal one from the lowly sea-itiots and now we see who laughs week 1 baby!! Niners will domanate like always!!! #8moreringsniners

  2. Not surprising. Their own fourth-round rookie pick may be starting this week, and they are still thin at the position.

    The above photograph, by the way, was taken about one second after he dropped a wide-open pass….and I mean WIDE FREAKING OPEN….against the Raiders last Thursday. With the way Stephen Williams played this preseason, there was no way Seattle could have kept Harper instead.

  3. Thank u seattle!!!!!!!! we really appreciate the 4th rounder….he said he just could not stand the colors of the seahawks….and he wanted a chance to win a superbowl…lol

  4. Leave it to a Niners fan to misspell the word Idiot…it must be a thin line between a Seahawks “Practice Squad member” and Niner’s starter, besides the only thing he managed to catch was a plane ticket out of town.

  5. Everyone posting on here about how bad Harper is never saw him play at KSU, this kid will be a star because he does one thing none of the receivers on Seattle do, the kid BLOCKS well. You have to look at his full body of work, maybe he was nervous, who knows, Seattle will regret this lol let the hating on me begin now

  6. Oh yeah, that’s what you need from your WR’s, blocking. So what if they can’t run or catch anything?

    Harper is at least a year away from being an NFL player. He was at best our 6th WR, which means he will start as the #1 for the Zero-Niners.

    Desperate move by a fading, old team.

  7. Good pickup, fartyniners. He might be able to catch those 90 mph fastballs from your qb. He couldn’t catch anything for the Seahawks. Go Hawks!

  8. osiris33 are you slow or something? a “fading old team”? Only one QB was in the league before 2011. Only one of their RBs were in the league before 2010. Only three of their WRs were in the league before 2010(this is including Crabtree and Manningham). Only one of their TEs were in the league prior to 2012. 4 of 9 total O-Lineman were in the league prior to 2010. 3 of 9 D-Lineman were in the league prior to 2010. Only 3 of 10 Linebackers were in the league prior to 2011. Ok 9 out of 13 DBs were in the league prior to 2010 you got us there. Oh and special teamers but Kickers and Punters last in the league forever pretty much and the longsnapper is a rookie.

    So how is that “winning offseason” going? Your WR you spent a 1st round pick and a lot of money on is on the PUP list, the DE you picked up that even Detroit didn’t care for keeping is injured, your star DE is being rushed back because of it to play 2 straight games against mobile QBs, and you picked Harper before the better WR(Patton) and now cut Harper and let him go to your biggest rival. Let’s not forget you idiots cut Michael Robinson. Should I keep going?

  9. We can only trust that they believe Harper is a better option than Hawkins was…..let’s hope.

  10. He’s slow and can’t catch, and accomplished absolutely nothing since being drafted. He was thoroughly outplayed by Jermaine Kearse and Stephen Williams, who made big play after big play and seized their opportunity. The only thing of note Harper did was drop a wide open TD pass in the end zone on a blown coverage, and a couple of more drops that would have converted 3rd downs.

    Signing him only proves that the 49ers are desperate for Seattle’s scraps, because this scrub who couldn’t even beat out 2 UDFAs for a roster spot is worth keeping around in San Francisco. Them again, Fraudbaugh drafted AJ Jenkins and knows nothing about WRs, so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised.

  11. If the Farty-Whiners believe they’re clever because they snatch up our rejected 4th-round pick, then they ought to yoink our 1st-rounder Aaron Curry out of retirement and proclaim themselves geniuses.

    Looking forward to watching Harper drop loads of bullet-passes fired his way by the saliva-glazed guns of their Gonzo-looking QB. GO HAWKS!!

  12. @DIRTYJERSEY- We can’t miss something we never had in Harvin. That said, it’s gonna be funny when he returns for our playoff run, and all you tools have no game tape on him, HAHA! If I were you I would be more worried about Crabtree, but you bay boys never won any points for being smart, LOL.

    Detroit didn’t want Avril, and his 9.5 sacks, huh? I guess that’s why they offered him a 3 year/$30M contract, and he turned it down to take less from us. Maybe you should check your facts before you open your mouth dude. You won’t look like a clown that way.

    Neither one have played in a real NFL game yet, and you claim Patton is the better reciever, HAHA! I guess that’s why you fruitcakes pounced on Harper as soon as he was available. Then again, you losers thought Jenkins was gonna be a stud, ROLMFAO! BTW, we cut Mike Rob due to his bloated $2.5M full-back salary, and the cap. Word is he will be back at a reduced rate, so looks like the Hawks won that one.

  13. @NINERSDOM… I mean NINERSSUB- How does the goose become the gander? Last time I checked you not only signed Harper, but Lockette, and Martin after we cut them. How did those other two work out for you??? Oh I forgot, Ricardo, and Kap were living together, and you fruits like that out there on the Golden Coast, right? HAHAHA!

    They are probably just trying to get info about our playbook, etc. out of him so they don’t get embarrassed on National TV week 2 like they did last time 42-13. Couple that with the fact your so-called GREAT team barely won the division against us by a .5 game, and it makes you look lik a moron trying to claim the 49ers are so dominate, and superior to the Hawks. Good luck with those 8 more rings. Your last one was like a quarter century ago.

  14. This kid had reach written all over him in the 4th round. He was a luxury developmental player who quickly proved in a wide open competition that he wasn’t ready to play in the NFL yet. He may well develop into a solid #3 receiver one day. But that day is not today. Save the gloating 9er fans because I really doubt he’s on your roster by week 6.

  15. Unlike the Hawks, the Niners have the foresight to be creative with this guy’s skill-set. Walker was also a big WR turned tweener TE (or H-back) in their system. The Hawks mistake was cutting a very valuable pick –4th round — in a year not many of their picks are panning out — it’s starting to look like the 2012 niners’ draft — without trying him in roles other than traditional WR.

  16. Obviously this kid has talent or Pete/John wouldn’t have drafted this kid in the 4th round. That being said – the Hawks are stacked at WR and Jermaine Kearse flat out played his way into the Seahawks WR rotation.

    The 9er’s are obviously still searching for a better WR rotation – maybe Harper provides depth they need. If I was a 9er’s fan though – I wouldn’t hope that this guy would be the savior at WR – he’s a 5th or 6th rotation guy at best.

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