Romo finds “something special” in his throwing motion


Every day, it seems that someone from the Cowboys is saying something to increase expectations for the 2013 season.

Last week, executive V.P. Stephen Jones said the team had the “secret sauce” to succeed.  Now, quarterback Tony Romo declares that he has found “something special” in his throwing motion.

“I don’t want to get into all the details of it,” Romo recently told  “But I really think it can be a positive change.”

The “change” apparently is subtle, involving arm angles and release points.

“I really am excited about it,” Romo said. “It’s going to be a great thing.”

That’s fine, but what about the issue of “muscle memory” that always is raised whenever someone like Tim Tebow tries to change his throwing motion?  It’s one thing to consciously throw the ball a different way when there’s a chance to engage in actual thought.  It’s quite another to do it instinctively when trying to find an open receiver while worrying about who blitzed and who didn’t and whether someone is picking up whoever did blitz while also wondering whether the left tackle was able to keep the defensive end from getting a free release for a blind-side hit while anticipating whether the defensive back will get enough of a jump on the ball to intercept it.

Either way, the Cowboys are talking like a team that plans to be a lot better than 8-8.  If they fail, a lot more talking will need to be done to explain what happened.

The Cowboys get to show off all things “secret” and/or “special” on Sunday night, against the Giants.

42 responses to “Romo finds “something special” in his throwing motion

  1. The rest of the league is in awe of these revelations from the Cowgirls. Apparently, all that is needed to become a world champion is to eat at McDonald’s and have your QB tweak his throwing motion…….


  2. The Dallas Cowboys are like that one guy on every golf course. “Now that I’ve got this new $500 driver, my game is really going to be good.”

  3. I dont understand the hate on Romo. Like him or not, hes a good QB, you cant deny it. And at least hes a leader on his team and is committed to his team, unlike guys like Colin Kaepernick.

  4. He’ll revert to throwing off his back foot and … to the other team.

    A lifetime of poor practice habits can’t be changed after 10 years in the NFL.

  5. This guy is as delusional as his owner. Now he just needs som facial plastic surgery!!! This team is a joke. I hope JJ LAST FOR YEARS AS THE GM

  6. No one associated with that franchise, knows how to shut up and let the play do the talking.
    He’ll choke again as always.

  7. thebadguyswon says: Sep 2, 2013 4:35 PM

    The media has feasted on Romo long enough. Find something interesting. That horse is dead.
    They will find something else and they always do. But as long as big mouth keeps opening his trap and saying stupid junk the media will print it.

  8. As much as many of you want to label Romo has a horrbad QB. He went undrafted, worked tirelessly to stay on the team and got the start and has done as good or better than most any 1st round QB drafted the same year or after as he has in everything that matters, but playoffs / Superbowl and that is where the team aspect matters the most and his teams have always let him down.

    The man goes out, year after year and out plays players that were just handed their contracts right out of college, before they ever played a down in an NFL game. He is the everyman that made it and folks hate him? I just do not get that. You may hate the Cowboys, but this guy is unworthy of the vile contempt most spew about him.

  9. @lionsdraftguy

    get off your knees already man! face it KAP is better than crybaby, sit on the field with head down after YET another pick romo and the garbage that you guys have over their in detroit. Must be tough being a lions fan hahaha

  10. Im a cowboys fan who has loved the team as long as I can remember. But if football team fanhood was decided at an older age, and decided by rational analysis and sound logical processing of the detais surrounding a team, I would hate the Cowboys. Maybe Im alone, but I feel there are a lot of other Cowboys fans out there that wish they would just shut up and play football. Its no mystery why they’re everyones favorite team to hate. Stop speaking, if your “special” then go out there and prove it with your play. For clarification reference some of the Pats teams from the early to mid 2000s.

  11. lionsdraftguy: I’m not a Dallas fan OR a 49er fan, but uh um Colin Kaepernick? didn’t he and his team play in last years Super Bowl? When’s the last time Dallas was in one??? LOL

  12. SB bound this year…we stay healthy and we are contending no question about it. This team is stacked with talent and monte kiffin and coaches have all been there in the SB with Callahan our offensive coordinator.

    strong leadership plus ton of talent equals SB.


  13. The Cowboys are going to make some people mad this year. They won’t be Dallas fans either. They are a playoff team. If the MLB and safeties have good instincts/communication in Kiffin’s defense they could be the last team standing in Feb.

  14. Man all you cowboy fans are idiots when are you gonna come to grips that Romo is the Danny White of his time when I ask you.!!!!!!!!! For you sorry cowboy fans who don’t know who Danny White is Google it Losers.!!!!!!! Ha Ha and LMAO.!!!

  15. the difference between Romo and Tebow is that Romo has talent. and this is comi g from a Cowboys hater.

    Romo’s problem isn’t his arm. It’s his brain.

  16. Adolescents, trolls and football know-nothings (who get all their info from boards like this and ESPN)–if you know anything about foootball, you can clearly see a difference in Romo’s release and how the ball comes out of his hand. So he changed his throwing motion–maybe even for the better–hey kids, I think I hear you mommies calling you, your microwave mac and cheese is all ready for you

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