Stevie Johnson’s Pats smack includes a guy who no longer plays for them


Bills receiver Stevie Johnson expects a big game against the Patriots.  Assuming there’s someone who can throw him the ball.

“I don’t think they got nobody that can stop me,” Johnson said Monday, via Tim Graham of the Buffalo News.  “For real.”

Johnson nevertheless extended a compliment to the Patriots secondary.

“They’re athletic,” Johnson said.  “I give a lot of credit to the New England Patriots. I haven’t played against Aqib Talib yet. I’ve checked him out on tape, long, athletic, try to play with vision.  They play as one unit.”

And then came the money line, regarding a guy who’s no longer part of the unit.

“I got a lot of respect for [Patrick] Chung,” Johnson said. “I know him personally.”

Stevie apparently doesn’t know Chung too personally.  Chung now plays for the Eagles.

So tune in for Week Three, when Johnson proclaims that no one on the Jets can cover him — not even Darrelle Revis.

29 responses to “Stevie Johnson’s Pats smack includes a guy who no longer plays for them

  1. Whatever keeps some attention on the Bills. Whether it’s EJ or Tebow… We all hope Stevie Johnson is lighting up the patriots week 1.

    Well, all of us besides boston anyway.

  2. Dumbest player in the league? Dumbest player in the league.

    Besides, Chung was horrible in New England – he wouldn’t even be a starter this year.

  3. He can’t talk because the bills are terrible and will probably lose sun(I’m a bills fan). But he can talk because of his ability to get open I.e. his success vs revis. I hope he tears that secondary a new one.

  4. To be fair, the Patriots churn through their litany of busts quickly.

    That’s because we’ve had more draft picks than most teams in the last few years, and the rest of our draft picks are good players.

    i.e. Gronk, Spikes, Mayo, McCourty, Chandler Jones, Hightower, Nate Solder, Vollmer, Stevan Ridley, just to start.

    I know it raises your self-esteem to think the Pats suck at drafting, but the truth is they’re better at it than most of the NFL.

  5. To be fair, the Patriots churn through their litany of busts quickly.

    Yet somehow conquer the division every year.

  6. Anytime a statement from a grown man is followed by , “For Real” (at least he skipped the Yo!) you know the person isn’t the smartest person.

  7. Stevie Johnson will probably get by the pats secondary quite easily, then slow down and get back to the huddle once the ball is thrown into the stands by one of their nobody qb’s. what a joke.

  8. I’m a Pats fan and love Stevie anyway. He mostly complements our guys here. If this is “slamming” a team, this league is now weaker than we’ve feared.

  9. The Pats have their share of busts, maybe too many. They are also in the top three in the NFL every year in Pro Bowl selections. EVERY YEAR. Maybe they’re doing something right and it’s not all about Belichick and Brady.

    For SJohnson, who’s an outstanding player, to have a big game they’re gonna have to hand it off to him. If Buffalo scores more than 6 pts I’ll be stunned. Manuel may turn out to be a great pick, Marrone a great coach. Maybe they’re finally going in the right direction in Buffalo. Not this yr though.

  10. “I don’t think they got nobody that can stop me,”

    So he thinks that they have everyone that can stop him.

  11. He’s great at getting open, but who’s gonna throw him the ball? Spiller & F.Johnson will probably get 35 carries between them in the Pats game.

  12. Learn to speak english first then maybe we can understand his stupid remarks. I hope the Patriots knock the crap out of him.

  13. this guy just essentially guarnteed that BB will gameplan for him and hold him to 2-3 catches for maybe 40 yards no TDS all while blowing the bills out 40 something to 1o(maybe)..

    id recommend BB lets this guy roam free we all know he cant catch wide open passes.. this guy has done 0 in the NFL and still talks like he has loll

  14. “I don’t think they got nobody who can stop me for real,” Johnson said about the laws of physics when talking about smashing atoms on the practice field with his honorary degree in Galactic Astronomy.

  15. Very poor sentence structure. But in any case he is a good wide reciever with talent. However he doesn’t blow up games like he wants to believe. Don’t let preseason tell you about how a team is going to play. Don’t take New Englands defense lightly. They will give up yards but they tighten up when they get in their groove and they start making teams fight for yards, and even gets them off the field quickly. They love to force turn overs as well. Should be a great season opener for both teams.

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