Ted Thompson: We should have brought Vince Young in earlier

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At different points this preseason, it looked like the Packers’ backup quarterback would be Graham Harrell or Vince Young.

Neither of those men made it through to the 53-man roster, however, which means that B.J. Coleman is currently the No. 2 in Green Bay. General Manager Ted Thompson said Sunday that the team is “actively pursuing” options at every position and that any blame for Young not working out belongs on his shoulders for not making the move to bring Young into the fold earlier.

“Quite frankly, it probably wasn’t fair to Vince, we threw a lot on his plate and the fault is probably mine,” Thompson said, via Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I probably should have had him in here earlier. He was a great teammate, he seemed like a very humble good guy, you guys all talked to him, so we enjoyed his time here and like I say, if there was fault it was probably mine.”

Thompson stopped short of saying whether he thought Young would have made the team with more time in the system, although it’s a moot point now. The Packers signed Scott Tolzien to their practice squad, but Coleman looks like the guy who will be on the spot if anything should happen to Aaron Rodgers in a game. It’s a big risk, but there aren’t too many scenarios where the Packers look good if Rodgers isn’t running the offense.

15 responses to “Ted Thompson: We should have brought Vince Young in earlier

  1. the logic doesn’t make sense, if v.young had that much talent, time doesn’t mean anything. if he were good, he would still be in green bay. i thought young had done enough in preseason to win the backup job. obviously there is more to it. can’t sugarcoat the fact that he was cut.

  2. If VY was remotely good he would be on a roster. Just another flukey college “system” QB. Can we just let him start his life as a UT pity case and move on?

  3. BS, VY played the best of all the QBs. TH GB backup isn’t gonna play anyway, so he would have plenty time to pick up the offense.

    On the other hand, it was an admission they didn’t have to make. He gets credit for that.

  4. You hate to say it, but they are correct. Something happens to Rodgers, GB wouldn’t sniff .500…. Rodgers is hands down the best QB in the NFL. Without him, Packers would be drafting before my Vikings.

  5. I don’t see how this makes sense. If he was talented enough for your team, you would have kept him regardless. Thompson is either a moron or not telling the truth.

  6. Thompson’s comments don’t wash. Young could have matured into the GB offensive scheme faster than any other potential backup. He was by far the most impressive QB in pre-season. If the team was to gamble, it should have been on Harrell. Now we learn they have cut Young, Harrell, and Coleman in favor of Seneca Wallace. That will be a head-scratcher for the entire season. If you are a Packer Backer, best pray that Rodgers doesn’t hit IR for Wallace couldn’t perform in Seattle or San Fran. Its not likely he will do better in green and gold.

  7. Doesn’t these comments feed into the thought that the Packers are going to re-sign Vince Young after Week 1? My money is on Vince Young as #2 and B.J. Coleman on Practice Squad come week 2.

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