Blaine Gabbert on thumb: It’s uncomfortable, but I can’t think about it


Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert returned to practice on Monday for the first time since being diagnosed with a hairline fracture in his right thumb.

Coach Gus Bradley said that Gabbert was progressing as planned, but cautioned that the team would have to see how his thumb dealt with the return to work before making any calls about who would start against the Chiefs on Sunday. Gabbert, who did not participate in 11-on-11 drills during Monday’s practice, said afterward that there was some discomfort in his thumb, but that he was determined to fight through it.

“It’s uncomfortable but at the same time, it’s just something you can’t worry about,” Gabbert said, via Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times Union. “It’s about pain tolerance and having confidence in your throws and knowing that you can get the ball to spots that you need because not everything will be clean and crisp in the game. You have to make good throws and put throws into some tight windows so I’m just trying to progress to that level right now.”

It’s no bit surprise that Gabbert’s willing to play with pain if it means being in the lineup on Sunday. Chad Henne may not be the second coming of Otto Graham, but neither is Gabbert and giving Henne a chance to perform in the job would only increase the chances that Gabbert won’t wind up with it once he is fully recovered. The decision about the starter is expected on Wednesday.

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  1. With Gabbert and Henne there is only one certainty: The Jaugaurs are drafting a QB in the first round of next year’s draft.

  2. thegreatgabbert says:
    Otto Graham was 25 years old before he made his first start in the NFL. Gabbert will be a five year vet at the same age.
    Sure, except Otto Graham didn’t suck.

  3. mtheparrothead says:Sep 3, 2013 12:24 PM@greatgabbert,that’s neat and all but the article is referencing henne not Gabbert.God I hate that were fans of the same team.

    You are incorrect.

    “But neither is Gabbert”

  4. I want Gabbert to do well so badly, but his poor play and even poorer presence in the Jax community will have him suiting up elsewhere in 2014.

  5. Blaine’s index finger still works fine. He extends it to all you yappy little poodles in salute. Now you can go back to biting the scaly patches on your back where all the hair has fallen out.

  6. I am a Jaguars fan, and have since the beginning in ’93. I know, they didnt play until ’95, but I lived in Jacksonville and have a promotional jersey with the first logo they had to change to keep from being sued by the Jaguar automobile company. I was even present in Denver for the Mile High Miracle in ’96. That being said, if Gabbert can only dink and dunk in the regular season and shows no progression, HE IS DONE in my book! No, it wasnt fair to be thrown to the wolves his rookie season. No, it hasnt helped with 4 head coaches and 3 different offenses in 3 years. He has had flashes, but this year he needs to show progression. I never want to see anyone personaly fail, but if he cant get it done this year, look to draft a QB. We are in a total rebuild, but we have a better O-line than last year, and Shorts III and Blackmon are very capable recievers. If he doesn’t improve, we dont Clown for Clowney, we Dredge for Bridgewater!

  7. Gabbert has shown progression from his first year to last year, with MJD healthy we should see an improved Jaguars team and that should help Gabbert. I think he can be a good QB in this league, not elite but a good one.

  8. Man it’s really popular (and apparently worth precious time) to just dump on Gabbert from every direction.

    I’m pulling for this guy – I’d love for him to put it together. Yeah he’s struggled, for a variety of reasons. But, at the end of the day – the guy has tools. I’m not saying he’ll do it – I’d just love to see it.

    There wouldn’t be enough crow to share because millions would be consuming huge quantities.

    And for the Jag fan above that is moaning about his presence in the Jacksonville Community – WTH?? Let him figure out his professional life – would be much better for him to piece together a solid career as a QB at this stage than anything else.

  9. of course all of these experts would have been the same morons dumping on aikman after his rookie year, and aikman was 24 at the end of that year. Most people who dump in gabbert have never seen him play, they just listen to people on TV and mimic them to try to sound smart. gabbert has actually shown improvement, and of he can stay healthy and get a few players around him he could continue to improve. Look at aikman after the same amount of starts and you have the same qb

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