Browns to kick the tires on kickers Tuesday


The Browns lost one potential kicker when the Bills signed Dan Carpenter on Monday.

Carpenter had actually landed in Cleveland for a tryout with the Browns, but merely picked up his bags and headed to Buffalo after getting the call from the Bills.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the Browns could have signed Carpenter sight unseen, but that they chose to take a look at Giorgio Tavecchio and Billy Cundiff rather than become the fourth team to employ Carpenter in the last few weeks. Tavecchio lost out to Mason Crosby in Green Bay in the Packers’ kicking competition this summer and has never kicked in a regular season game. Cundiff was cut by the Jets, who then signed Carpenter before ultimately sticking with Nick Folk.

Per Cabot, the team has not scheduled a tryout with Havard Rugland. Rugland, also known as Kickalicious, lost out to David Akers in Detroit despite kicking well this summer. The Browns don’t have a kicker at the moment after cutting both Shayne Graham and Brandon Bogotay in August.

14 responses to “Browns to kick the tires on kickers Tuesday

  1. The Browns front office…Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi, are a joke.

    They kicked Phil Dawson out the door and act like there is nothing to adding a kicker.

    Phil Dawson won football games for the Browns over his many years as their kicker.

    …the kicker Banner and Lombardi bring in could end up costing the Browns some wins.

    I sure hope Mr Flying Jimmy is happy with our front office.

    The Browns are in need of some front office leadership with experience on the “football side”…

    …enough of the “bean counter” and his “yes man” !

  2. When you say it like that it is sort of clown like, but on the optimistic side: no waiver-signees are starting. All of the starters are either (mostly) returning contributors or free agent signings. They may start two rookies whom they drafted.

    Things could be worse in Cleveland. Tapping the waiver wire for back-ups and practice squad members isn’t such a horrible thing.

  3. To be fair, both Shayne Graham and Brandon Bogotay were cut due to injuries. Therefore, both the primary and backup plans fell through. Can’t really fault Banner for this. However, you can fault him for letting Phil Dawson leave and go to SF.

    If whoever they sign stinks it up and one of those to gets healthy, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Browns bring either of them back.

  4. Can Braylon ‘Hands of Stone’ Edwards kick?

    Maybe his feet are constructed like his head and hands.

    That would give the Browns a player with ‘elite’ skills.

  5. sguy2130 says:

    “If whoever they sign stinks it up and one of those to gets healthy, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Browns bring either of them back.”

    Not signing a kicker allows the Browns to keep one more position player on the 53-man roster for evaluation…not a poor use of resources, from my perspective.

    If you’re playing ol’ Shurmer’s dink and dunk low-scoring offense, those kicker’s points become crucial. Not so much, with Norval’s system, I think.

  6. Kickalicious had a tryout way back when…front office said last week there’s no chance h’ell be brought in.
    Now having said that…heard a rumor they might bring him in for weeks when the pregame/halftime entertainment doesn’t have the weiner dog races

  7. Kluwe is a punter. The Browns have punters.

    Phil’s loss is looming large just now. But I don’t think signing him was the option that a lot of fans think it was.

    Let’s see who they sign and how he does. Too bad Bogatay and Graham didn’t work out, but better to bring in someone healthy.

  8. Apparently the Browns are run by fantasy football owners. Don’t bother with a kicker until the end, and they are all pretty much interchangable.

  9. Have a feeling Giorgio would be good. He’s got that PK goofiness but in a good way. Might not be susceptible to pressure much. I know GB has him on speed dial in case Crosby gets brainlock again.

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