Cowboys acquire Caesar Rayford from Colts


Maybe the Cowboys have been hitting the “secret sauce,” in recent days, because they’re suddenly trade-happy.

According to Todd Archer of ESPNDallas, the Cowboys have sent a conditional pick in 2015 to the Colts in exchange for defensive end Caesar Rayford.

He’s the second player they’ve brought in, after acquiting linebacker Edgar Jones from the Chiefs and sending defensive lineman Sean Lissemore to the Chargers and tight end Dante Rosario to the Bears.

The Colts were trying the 6-foot-7 Rayford as an outside linebacker, but his physical stature alone makes him a better fit in a 4-3 defense. The 27-year-old was previously in the CFL and the Arena League, with no NFL experience.

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  1. As a colts fan, I cant understand why we would send away the top pass rusher from the pre-season when that is our weakest area. Its not like he was expensive and he earned his roster spot, I felt. Cowboys fans, you definitely got a hidden gem in this one.

  2. The Colts traded an undrafred 27 year old out of the Arena League for a draft pick. That’s a win for the Colts. Rayford looked awkward out on the field at times and only made nice plays against backups.

  3. @blueintheface12

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I hope to God this trade doesn’t come back and bite us in the @$$ down the road. I almost would rate this trade just as dumb as the Redskins/Rams trade for IRGKnee.

  4. This guy must have developed a lot over the last 5 years. At the University of Washington, his biggest contribution (on some bad, bad teams) was blocking a couple field goals. Good luck, Caesar! Hope the hard work pays off….

  5. cowpiesnotcowboys says: Sep 3, 2013 4:27 PM

    Should step right in to start for the Cowboys.

    Over who? Ware or Spencer?

    I understand the possibility of supplanting Spencer if he gets injured or doesn’t e-sign long-term, but otherwise I think Rayford stays as a backup for the first year.

    This may also by the Cowboys some time on rushing Spencer back from his current injury.

    I look forward to seeing what Rayford brings to the team.

  6. I am bummed! He was a breath of fresh air during the preseason. I hope we learn how conditional the “conditional’ pick is.

  7. As a Colts fan… its a disappointing Grigs got rid of the guy, especially after that great pre-season this guy had. He was one of the highlights of the team.

    That being said…

    Grigs “made a dollar out of 15 cent”. He took a guy NFL teams probably did not even know existed, and parlayed it into a conditional draft pick. He literally got something for nothing. The better Rayford does, the better the draft pick….

    Let’s put our thinking caps on… What is the REAL upside (or ceiling) of a 27 year-old undrafted CFL/Arena League player. You think it’s high? Name me 5 pro-bowl undrafted linebackers…. Hell, name me 3! I’ll wait… I will even spot you James Harrison and London Fletcher…. Rayford anywhere close to those guys?

    Grigson is a wheeler and dealer, so this really comes as no surprise. It’s a conditional pick involving Jerry (Jerrah) Jones. The trade will have SOME compensation, so even if Dallas cuts Rayford, Indy would likely get the Cowboys recently aquired 7th rounder from KC. If Rayford reaches the ‘floor’ of the contract, this could possibly trigger a 5th or 4th.

    Something for nothing is ALWAYS GOOD….

  8. Sam Mills
    Jessie Tuggle
    Antonio Pierce
    Bart Scott
    But there are a ton of great defensive players throughout history that were undrafted but whatever makes you feel better about a draft pick the cowboys would waste anyway

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