Eagles draft bust Danny Watkins heads to Dolphins

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If the Miami Heat become the Miami Fire, there will at least be someone on hand to handle it.

According to Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, former Eagles-first rounder Danny Watkins has agreed to a one-year deal with the Dolphins.

Agent Joe Panos denied that a deal was done last night, but Watkins’s deal was apparently done by Eric Metz. Those two parted ways over a year ago, but shared representation of several players, including Watkins.

Watkins could provide some guard depth for the Dolphins, and given his background and interest in being a fireman, he could also help the local bucket brigade in his spare time.

The Dolphins brought back last year’s starting guards, so Watkins will have time to re-establish himself. Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman suggested that the pressure of being a first-round pick might have been too much for Watkins, so that’s now gone.

20 responses to “Eagles draft bust Danny Watkins heads to Dolphins

  1. Watkins isn’t very good and has no passion for the game. He has been paid a lot of money to hang out in firehouses while failing to learn his football assignments. Being a backup and never getting on the field is a perfect job for him.

  2. Fare thee well, our firefighter friend.

    May you find your burning desire to keep your career aflame as the sirens call for you to climb that ladder of success.

    You hoser!

  3. Watkins showed nothing during his two years in Philly. Maybe a change of scenery will help Watkins but he has a long way to go even to be a dependable backup.

  4. NOthing to see here. Guy sucks, but maybe a change of scenery will do him good. Have to have reservations about anybody who cant handle pressure, if in fact he couldnt handle the pressure of being a #1 pick.

    lets play devils advocate: say he hated Philly and didnt want to play there but wanted to play in a warm place like Miami, so he flames out (you would hope a pro wouldnt do that ) so he can get cut… Exactly the reason why they shouldnt be able to collect full contract. you get cut, you are getting fired. If i go fired, i would stop getting paid on the spot.

  5. yet another EPIC failure out of Andy..

    How many 1st and second year draft choices of his are already out of the league??
    he had a stretch where every draft pick later than 3rd was getting cut.. you can’t have a 3rd or 4th rounder not even make the team… PATHETIC.

    the Watkins/Jarrett draft was the worst draft i have ever seen.
    I can’t even call Watkins a bust. Everyone but Andy knew it was a terrible selection..

    it will take 3 years for his drafting to sink Kansas City… they have no shot..
    and it’s a shame.. those fans deserve better.

  6. GOSH GOLLIE am i furious at Andy,,, I sat there and thought about every terrible selections he has made…

    lets roll off the top of my head.
    Pinkston, Freddi Mitchel, Tony Hunt, Trevor Laws, Billy McMullen, Sean Considine, Jaquon Jarret, Macho Harris, Ricky Sapp, Victor Abiamiri, Jerome McDougal, Gocong, Matt McCoy, Ryan Moats, Reggie Brown..

    More than anything, it was more about who he DIDN’T draft that was mind blowing..

    Brandon Graham -vs- JPP / Earl Thomas
    Mitchel -vs- Wayne
    Bunkley -vs- Hiloti “manbearpig” Gnata….
    i mean come one homie..

  7. I remember when Andy tried selling Danny to the Philly fans… he said he hasn’t played football very long so his body hasn’t been beaten up, he just played Hocky and Rugby instead of football!!! We all knew then it was a horrible pick and it was another glaring sign that Andy Reid has list his touch. He will be fighting fires in BC by the end of the season.

  8. OK, settle down Philly Fans. I agree with you that it sucks to waste a high Pick and lose him. Let’s even agree to call him a Bust. However, here are the facts: Watkins is rated the 39th best Guard by PFF. He was a Starter for 90% of the last 2 years. He is coming to Miami for slightly over League Minimum for 1 year as a BACKUP. He is either reborn or at the very least provides depth and competition to our Starters who are decent but very thin (Samuda really sucked). As a Phins Fan I see this as not a good signing, but a great one. Any Fan with knowledge of the NFL will also see this as a move with literally no down-side.

  9. For once, this is actually a solid move by Fireland. Outside of Pouncey, this is a below-average offensive line. With good coaching (and I use that term loosely around Philbin), he may develop into a solid player. Can’t hurt to give him a try.

  10. Wannstance, you forget about dude named Incognito who made pro bowl last year? And about about Clabo who was graded as a top 15 tackle by PFF. I get it we have a shaky RG and LT but give credit where credits due

  11. @granadosm;

    Incognito is solid at times but I don’t see him as anything special. His reputation as a brawler, I believe, gave him the name recognition to get him Pro-Bowl votes. The fact that a solid organization like the Falcons let Clabo walk is not a good sign. He hasn’t shown me anything special in preseason, but maybe he’ll get better with time.

  12. Falcons got rid of Clabo because of pure numbers.
    1. They had 3 Pro Bowl caliber OL – Baker and Blalock got paid last year & couldn’t afford a 3rd high priced OL, especially a RT.

    2. Plus the Falcons subcribe to the “150 Theory” – that the combined age of the OL should NOT be above 150. This year with Clabo at 31 they would have been 149 at the start of the season – now with 2 moves its back down to 129.

    Miami is at 136.
    Clabo (31) Jerry (27) Pouncey (24) Incognito (30) Martin (24)

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