Giants put Andre Brown on short-term injured reserve

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Giants running back Andre Brown will miss the first eight games of the season.

Brown, who broke his leg in the preseason, is being placed on short-term injured reserve, a league source tells PFT. That means he has to miss the first eight weeks but can return after that.

The Giants’ bye is in Week Nine, so the earliest Brown could play is Week 10 against the Raiders, on November 10.

After bouncing around the league for a few years without lasting anywhere for long, Brown emerged as an important part of the Giants’ offense last year. The Giants hope he’ll be an important part of the offense again this year, but only in the second half of the season.

25 responses to “Giants put Andre Brown on short-term injured reserve

  1. I guess we know why Andre Brown isn’t a doctor. According to him he was going to be back in a few days.

  2. Wonder if that was really the best move, unless he really couldn’t come back sooner. I’d figure they might want to hold onto the spot if someone else had an injury with a longer recovery timeline.

  3. Glad to hear it, because by the time he gets back, Wilson will have fumbled away the season.

    Go Blue…

  4. Why is his injury getting so much attention??

    It’s…Andre Brown.

    With all the media attention you’d think he was a perennial 1,200 yd per season RB.

  5. With all due respect there are worse QBs who won a super bowl an eli. However, eli rounds out the top 5 of all time super bowl winning worst qbs. I mean the giants offense only put up 19 points against one of the worst defenses in the league in SB 46 (obviously the safety doesn’t count).

  6. So who ever lost those 2 SBs vs the Giants have a worse QB, since his offense scored even less points. By your logic.

  7. And the patriots put up less points against an equally bad defense. I believe both the giants and pats were two of the worst 3 defenses that year.

    So if the Patriots would of won, would Brady be considered one of the worst superbowl winning qbs?

    All of his actual Superbowl wins were won by a FG, not by Brady lighting up his opponents.

  8. In reality Eli Manning of course will be one of the top remembered QBs in SB history, even 50 years from now, for his dazzling pass plays and dramatic victories. Some like Brady simply could not make it happen when they needed to make it happen.

  9. nygiants4rings says:

    Brady simply could not make it happen when they needed to make it happen.


    Uh, no, Brady ‘made it happen’ against both the Rams and Panthers, and but for a spectacular Tyree catch and a Welker drop did ‘make it happen’ against the Giants.

  10. TheMorningStar says:
    Sep 3, 2013 5:19 PM
    nygiants4rings says:

    Uh, no, Brady ‘made it happen’ against both the Rams and Panthers, and but for a spectacular Tyree catch and a Welker drop did ‘make it happen’ against the Giants.

    The Patriots had the ball for one final drive at the end of each of Super Bowl XLII and Super Bowl XLVI. On both occasions, Brady was unable to lead a game winning scoring drive.

    On the other hand, right before both Super Bowl ending failed drives led by Brady, Manning led his team on game winning touchdown drives.

  11. Brady also “made it happen” against the Eagles.

    If you want to play the “more rings means better” argument, Brady has 3 rings, Eli has 2.
    Brady is better.

    Brady was also named Super Bowl MVP twice and NFL MVP twice. The only other player to have been so honored was Joe Montana.
    Eli has never been named NFL MVP.
    Brady is better.

    “More rings means better” also means that Joe Theismann, Doug Williams (Super Bowl MVP) and Mark Rypien (Super Bowl MVP) are all better than Dan Marino.

    Anybody believe that?

    Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  12. Man I love it. The haters are out in force today. A mundane backup RB injury story has morphed into an Eli hate-fest. Your palpable jealousy seethes through my computer screen. While you’re all wondering whether your QB’s knee has healed, or whether he can pick up a new fancy schmancy college system, or whether he’ll be another in a long line of draft busts, or whether he won’t poop his pants when the lights shine bright, (you all know who you are!), us Giants’ fans can all bank on Mr. Magnificent giving us a REAL, not perceived, hope of delivering us with yet another illustrious Lombardi.


  13. Why did the Giants not show up to the Patriots first 3 Super Bowls?

    The Pats managed what no other declining dynasty could so many years after winning 3 SBs, come within 40 seconds of winning two different SBs.

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