Jason Worilds will start for Steelers


The Steelers drafted outside linebacker Jarvis Jones in the first round of April’s draft, but he didn’t get the nod for a starting job in the season opener against the Titans.

Coach Mike Tomlin announced at his Tuesday press conference that Jason Worilds will be making the start against Tennessee. Worilds has made 10 previous starts for the Steelers, who drafted him in the second round of the 2010 draft, and he has 10 sacks over that period.

Worilds mostly worked in behind LaMarr Woodley and the now-departed James Harrison for his first three years, which will likely be Jones’ role to start the season. Tomlin said that Jones would play on Sunday without specifying a role, although it’s likely to be one that takes advantage of the pass rushing skills that made him a first-round pick in the first place.

If Worilds plays well enough to hold off Jones for the entire season, he’ll enter free agency on a high note. If Jones plays well enough to justify the pick used to acquire him, even in a limited role, Worilds will likely be cashing in somewhere else.

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  1. Jason Worilds is quick of the ball and packs a punch with every hit.
    What would be great help to Worilds and Jones is if Woodley is back to his old self and requires double teams.

  2. Apparently the writer missed the part saying Jones will play. And he ain’t subbing for Woodley. Worilds has had his chances in the past. He’s serviceable, but nothing special. Rookies never start in the LeBeau system.

  3. I thought Jarvis’s only knock was injury history or something. Is he not 100% or is Worilds just flat out a better player?

    If Worilds is better then either the Jones pick was a bad one or the Worilds signing was a great one.

  4. Thank you @gettingpwned. Jones is listed on the official depth chart as a co-starter and Tomlin said he will be getting plenty of work. It was actually the closest thing we’ve heard all offseason to Jones will be starting ROLB.

    Either way, he seems more NFL ready than Dion Jordan, Kiki Mingo and Ziggy Ansah.

    As for the Ravens, where is Elam buried on the depth chart again?

  5. theytukrjobs says:

    I thought Jarvis’s only knock was injury history or something. Is he not 100% or is Worilds just flat out a better player?


    Besides the fact that hes been out the last 2 weeks with a chest bruise he has looked better than Worilds in every sense of the game. A rookie player hasn’t started in Dick LeBeaus defense since Kendrell Bell in 2001 but theres no way they can keep Jarvis off the field for long this season.

  6. Jones had two forced fumbles, an int in preseason. If he is still hurt ok i can see that, but if he isn’t what is Tomlin thinking. If the Steelers don’t make the playoffs Tomlin should be fired.

  7. No big deal here. Coaches trust vets more and Jones must still be learning the defense. I saw a report somewhere that stated almost all Steeler defenders wait to start as they learn a complicated defense. LeBeau makes it complicated. Jones will be good to go by midseason.

  8. jtbsteeler – Upshaw made big plays as a rookie in the Super Bowl. He also made big plays as a rookie throughout the playoff run. No way is Worilds better than Upshaw…I’ll grant you Sergio though.

  9. On a serious note, I think the steelers should really be worried about th corners! They can’t cover jack!!( fast receivers) n I see a lot of pass interference dis season.

  10. Interesting. But as a Ravens fan I know not to count the steelers out. One of the best rivalries in pro sports.

    I hate you steeler nation. But I respect you

  11. Getting older and slower? Worilds is 25 years old. The youngest team in the league, St. Louis, has an average age of 24.98. They are the only team with an average age under 25.

  12. As much hate as they’re getting for this move, it kind of makes sense! It’s worked very well for many of their players in the past and had much success because of it. Why change something that works for you?

  13. Last years Ravens team should put to rest that you need even decent CB’s to win a SB. The Raven defense was horrible last season and its top-17 again.

    Don’t worry about our CB. The Steelers were fine until Ben got hurt. #1 Pass defense two years in a row. Worry about your own corners.

  14. I’m sure all you astute Steelers fans know that no rookie has ever started Week 1 on defense under the tutelage of Dick LeBeau.
    Secondly, the average age of a team’s roster means nothing. What matters is the average age of a team’s starting lineup.

  15. This is just temporary for the first few weeks of the season to get JJ Accustom to playing in the NFL. “Dawg bones jones” will then take over and wreak havoc on opponents qbs.

  16. bobzilla1001 says:
    Sep 3, 2013 2:29 PM
    I’m sure all you astute Steelers fans know that no rookie has ever started Week 1 on defense under the tutelage of Dick LeBeau.
    Secondly, the average age of a team’s roster means nothing. What matters is the average age of a team’s starting lineup.

    Kendrell Bell started all 16 games in 2001 as a rookie LB and won AFC Defensive Rookie of the Year…………but LeBeau was on his temporary sabbatical from the Steelers that year.
    Having said that………the Steelers currently have one of the youngest starting offenses in the NFL for Week One. Heath Miller will only bring that number up slightly.

  17. #1 Pass defense two years in a row.

    True. But it helps that we get a huge dose of RUN from every opponent when we fall behind.

    Not excited about this secondary or recent draft choices…


  18. “Secondly, the average age of a team’s roster means nothing. What matters is the average age of a team’s starting lineup.”
    Really? Depth doesn’t matter in the NFL? Surprised they even need to roster 53 then. Bobzilla, wiser than all of us, as usual.

  19. Ravens CBs weren’t horrible. Just not good enough. When Webb got hurt out pass defense went out the window. Very underrated and one of the better corners when healthy. Cary Williams always started 10 yards downfield and except for a few BIG interceptions that hurt us. Jimmy smith NEEDS to step up but I think we know what we’re getting with him unfortunately. How Corey Graham stepped up the way he did is beyond me. We’ll see how he plays this year.

    As for the steelers. Their corners are not as good as the ravens. Never underestimate dick Lebeau’s defense though. Man is obviously a genius. This is coming from a die hard ravens fan btw

  20. The Steeler defense really has to step it up this year.

    Even though the Steelers had the #1 defense in the entire NFL last year Roethlisberger could not get them into the playoffs. Yet weirdly Roethlisberger escapes any blame for his usual bottom feeding in points scored offensive effort.

    The conventional wisdom of both fans and experts seems to be that the #1 defense wasn’t really that good and that the defense has to score 14-21 points themselves for the Steelers to have a shot at a winning record.

  21. bobzilla1001 says:

    Secondly, the average age of a team’s roster means nothing. What matters is the average age of a team’s starting lineup.


    The average age of the starting line up IS very important, but you are not factoring in the depth scenario. Like last year, Casey Hampton was the starter at NT. His back up was Steve McLendon, who became his replacement. When the replacement is young, and already on the team, learning the complex LeBeau system so when they take over, the team doesn’t miss a step, it isn’t that big of a deal. Brett Keisel (34) is old. But, when you have former 1st round pick Cam Heyward (24) as his back up, learning from him and LeBeau system, that makes a difference. Same as Larry Foote (33), who has Spence (23 – HOPEFULLY will recover 100%), Vince Williams (23) and Kion Wilson (26) ready to take over.

    It is one thing if the team is “old” without having any capable backups on their team. Yes, we do have players like Ike Taylor, and Ryan Clark who are old and an obvious replacement isn’t already on the roster. Don’t be shocked next year, when the Steelers do something they do about once a decade, sign a good, solid starter in Free Agency.

    I know a lot of Steelers fans will say we “never sign free agents”. Look at James Farrior. Look at Ryan Clark. Pittsburgh will address one of these two areas (Taylor and Clark are the only real age issues on our D) in free agency next year. Watch.

  22. yes jb….a great defense isnt needed to be successful in the players(see steelers, pittsburgh) however you do need an offense, something the steelers have been lacking. and to compare worilds to elam…hasnt worilds been on the team for a few years? enjoy missing the playoffs again jb

  23. “True. But it helps that we get a huge dose of RUN from every opponent when we fall behind.”

    They were #2 against the run, so…. You’re talking out of your….

  24. William Gay has a roster spot. Let me repeat that….Gay has a roster spot. WTH does he have on Tomlin? I was watching when Malone was throwing to Boso, and can’t recall seeing a more terrible player. The league should investigate.

  25. Haven’t watched the Carolina game yet. (Just can’t bring myself to put on the recording … sigh.) But really expected Jones to win this spot. I’m not going to second-guess Dick LeBeau, but still have to think this is temporary.

  26. The average age of an entire team is irrelevant. Special-teamers comprise the majority of an entire team’s roster. And there aren’t many 34-year-olds playing on special teams. Pretty simple. Not complicated.

  27. “Jason is the best linebacker in the Worilds.”

    Damn shame he’s an only child!

    In all seriousness though, good luck this season.
    See you Monday night, Sept. 16th! Bengals D-Line
    is going to teeing off on that offensive line. I’m sure
    Harrison is going to be “slightly” pumped up for that
    game too!

  28. @citizenstrange, Ben escapes blame because without him there would be no offense. The ravens gave a 1 he’ll if a running game, the steelers do not. Part if the blame belongs to the line but its the RB’s job to find holes, 3.anything is not acceptable YPC. Ben(and the 2 old men)had the steeler passing YPG, but when your leading rusher only had 500-something yards its going to be hard to score.
    Scoobs you will probably be the first raven fan to point out Ben’s pick 6’s, he has made more plays in the clutch then he has blown. This offense lives and dies with Ben, ravens has 1 of the best tandems behind Flacco which will in turn take pressure off him.
    Harbaugh is a hell of a coach, perfect for for the AFCN, Tomlin is not the typical guy you would expect in Pittsburgh, but he has a great winning %.
    People blame Todd Haley for the offensive struggles, but he improved on the numbers Ariens had produced. Everyone had they panties in a bunch about Ariens leaving, but the offense will be fine if the line steps it up the RB’s earn their money.

  29. You mean the Bengals might not go a full quarter of a century without one single play off win? VEE ZHALL ZEE.

  30. bringing up dilfer is great for 2 reasons. first, football has changed since dilfer led the ravens to their superbowl. the game is much more geared to being an offensive game…and the steelers lately under ben have struggled offensively. second, in the 2 ravens superbowls, flacco and dilfer outplayed ben in his 3 superbowls
    and to jm….yes, ben has led many comebacks and made many great plays over the years. no denying that. but he is getting older and making more mistakes against opponents a good team should beat.
    season starts in 2 days. on a non argumentative note, obviously we are all football fans or we wouldnt be here. i wish you all a fun season and while i wont be rooting for certain teams, i wish all of your players good health for the season.

  31. jmblosser:
    Last season, Dwyer gained 623 yards and averaged 4 yards per carry on 156 rushes. And Dwyer wasn’t even the team’s best RB. Tomlin’s massive ego stood in the way of him allowing Mendenhall to carry the load.
    You remember Mendenhall? All he did was carry the Steelers’ offense throughout the 2010 postseason. He also single-handily carried the offense to a 16-14 win last season against the lowly Eagles in one of his rare starts.
    Seems funny that Tomlin would rid the team of Mendenhall, whose resume is far superior to that of Felix Jones.
    As for Roethlisberger: He’s a quarterback who doesn’t have great seasons, nor does he even have many great games; but he’s a quarterback who does on occasion have some great moments.
    On a team that’s had great defenses (from 2004 to and including 2010), that’s usually been just good enough.
    People blame Haley because Roethlisberger has convinced all of his Big Ben Worshipers that Haley’s the one who should be blamed. That’s called “deflecting the blame,” which Roethlisberger has gotten down to a science.

  32. Dilfer outplayed Ben during his first SB, who was only a second year player, but Ben outplayed Dilfer by big margins in his second and third go around in the SB.
    Flacco didn’t outplay Ben by a big margin like you want to make. Ben showed up in the clutch in his second SB, had his team primed to beat GB until the RB fumbled.
    Give credit to Flacco all you want, blame Ben all you want, steelers had a better pass attack then the ravens last year. 5 more TDs with only 3 more INTs. 1 less sack and 2% better completion rating. The problem of the steelers was running, 1500 yards, less the 100 ypg as a team with a pitiful 3.7 ypc.
    Everyone wants to call the team old and slow, but they’ve been getting younger then catch hell about dropping old players. This defense will be top 5 again, shut the $120 million man down again, shut down the running game again. Offense will be iffy, but Heath will be back, Briwn and Sanders will step up, and our passing game will once again be above the Ravens.

  33. @bobzilla1001:

    Tomlin’s ego didn’t prevent him from putting a majority of the load on Mendenhall and eventually letting him go, Mendy’s knee did. He came back too early from his ACL surgery and was largely ineffective at the beginning of the season due to swelling and setbacks. The problem obviously lingered because he is currently “probable” for the season opener with swelling in his knee. Three fumbles in 60 touches wasn’t helping his cause, either. Let’s also not forget about the work ethic. When he was told he wasn’t going to be on the active roster for the San Diego game, he couldn’t even be bothered to show up.

    I agree that Rothlesberger isn’t the end-all-be-all of NFL quarterbacks. He is above average, but not at the level of a Brees, Manning, Brady or Rogers. What he does bring to the table is a really nice deep ball and the unique ability to take contact and stay upright. He might not always make the easy plays but he does make the occasional spectacular play and, when healthy, makes more good plays than bad. The blame on the lack of offensive production being placed on Haley makes at least a little sense, as his rigid system wasn’t allowing Ben to do what he does that makes him special. It would be like a new offensive coordinator coming into the Redskins and expecting Robert Griffin to run an offense the same way as Andrew Luck. You need to be flexible enough to alter your system to fit your personel and Haley has a reputation for not being flexible. You can not, however place all of the blame on Haley. He isn’t out on the field picking up the blitz. He isn’t decisively hitting the hole and getting up field. He isn’t securing the ball high and tight. He isn’t throwing touchdowns to his own guys rather than the defense. The problem has been neither were the Steelers. Execution of the system is just as important as the system and both were lacking last year, resulting in a 26th ranked offense.

  34. but jm…even with all that the steelers were home largely due to ben giving games away. and when it mattered flacco was lights out. please show me how ben was close to flacco in any of his super bowls. you cite ben’s stats and in the same breath dismiss joe’s.

  35. He sucked against the hawks, but didn’t make big mistakes. A chimp could’ve outplayed him. Against the cards he had 1 TD and 264 yards, something like 20-27, he showed up in the clutch. Against GB he was around 260 yards 2 TDs and 2 INTs, forget his comp/att ratio. Flacco was 280-ish 3/0. He was driving when the RB fumbled and ended the game.

    As far as Ben as the main reason they sat at home, not close to the truth. The defense gave up late leads in2 of 3 first away games. Special teams gave up a punt return that allowed the ravens to win. 8 TOs against the Browns in a game he was hurt(from poor blocking from the line).

  36. so on the one hand the steelers have the best defense in the history of the known universe but its their fault the steelers lose, not ben’s even though ben threw a few pick 6s. if bobzilla sees what you wrote you are gonna be in big trouble

  37. The defense sucked late against the titans and raiders(along with questionable calls in the raider game). Against the broncos they had a decent game, Ben did throw a pick 6 but they still had a lot if field to cover. The only pick 6 that cost them a game. The defense also sucked air against dallas and by that game Taylor was out injured and u think CB #’s 3&4 were out too. The season as a whole, the defense was top notched, shut the ravens down twice.

  38. steelerben:
    A nice deep ball?
    That’s a good one.
    The one thing Roethlisberger does not do well is throw “a nice deep ball.” He constantly underthrows his receivers.
    Secondly, it wouldn’t matter if Don Coryell were the OC. Roethlisberger is going to do whatever he wants. He’s been doing whatever he wants since Bill Cowher left. That’s not about to change.
    Also, I think it’s time people stop romanticizing Roethlisberger’s many “miracle comebacks.” As much fun as it is to overrate Big Ben, try to keep in mind that his “comebacks” have NEVER been from 20 points down. Overcoming 2 or 3-point deficits hardly warrants immediate HOF enshrinement.
    Finally, the Steelers are 6-3 the past three seasons without Roethlisberger. Funny how well the line plays when SuperBen isn’t playing.

  39. Worilds is a difficult situaton. It’s his 4th year yet the Steelers still don’t know what they have in him for sure. If he has a great season then he more than likely walks away to the highest bidder. It’s basically 4 years of a wasted pick only to lose him after he finally develops.

  40. scoobies05 says:
    Sep 4, 2013 11:53 AM
    so on the one hand the steelers have the best defense in the history of the known universe but its their fault the steelers lose, not ben’s even though ben threw a few pick 6s. if bobzilla sees what you wrote you are gonna be in big trouble

    1 0 too funny scoobie s as I spit my soda all over my screen. You are making a god out of a grumpy old man who watches games by himself because he thinks he is all that and a bag of chips. I think his opinion at times is spot on but he needs to give it a rest. Steeler Ben is laughing at you as a bothersome raven troll.

  41. bobzilla1001: It is a stretch to say that he consistently under throws his receivers on deep balls. 17% of his career completions are 20 yards or more. I’m not saying he’s perfect, but how many of those underthrows were from a clean pocket?

    Blaming everything on Roethlisberger is an over simplification that is just as wrong as blaming everything on Haley, Tomline, the offensive line, or the lack of turnovers generated by the defense.

    Since Terry Bradshaw, this is the list of Steeler’s starting quarterbacks:

    Mark Malone – 690 of 1374 (50.2%) 54TD 68INT
    David Woodley – 179 of 339 (52.8%) 14TD 21INT
    Scott Campbell – 51 of 115 (44.3%) 5TD 7INT
    Bubby Brister – 776 of 1477 (52.5%) 51TD 57INT
    Steve Bono – 44 of 109 (40.4%) 6TD 4INT
    Todd Blackledge – 60 of 139 (43.2%) 3TD 6INT
    Neil O’Donnell – 1069 of 1871 (57.1%) 68TD 39INT
    Mike Tomczak – 546 of 973 (56.1%) 37TD 43INT
    Jim Miller – 45 of 81 (55.6%) 2TD 5INT
    Kordell Stewart – 1190 of 2107 (56.5%) 70TD 72INT
    Kent Graham – 66 of 148 (44.6%) 1TD 1INT
    Tommy Maddox – 603 of 1036 (58.2%) 42TD 40INT
    Ben Roethlisberger – 2374 of 3762 (63.1%) 191TD 108INT
    Charlie Batch – 165 of 278 (59.4%) 12TD 12INT
    Dennis Dixon – 35 of 59 (59.3%) 1TD 2INT
    Byron Leftwich – 51 of 96 (53.1%) 2TD 1INT

    He’s clearly the best QB since the Bradshaw era, even discounting the two rings.

    The Steelers have several real problems, but I hardly count #7 at the top of the list.

  42. All this list does is prove the steelers haven’t had an elite QB since Bradshaw. We will discount the rings because the D had more to do with that than Ben. Of a list of mediocre qb’s, ben is the most efficient, that doesn’t make him a great qb.

  43. Could you imagine how many rings the yinzers would be talking about if they actually had a franchise qb? Brady carried his team to the SB with the 32nd ranked D. The “elite” big ben can’t get the steelers to the playoffs with the #1 D. What does this tell yinz? I don’t wanna hear about the o-line cause ben holds the ball too long and makes them look worse than they are.

  44. After 9 seasons in the NFL Ben Roethlisberger has the following career ranks:

    37th in total passing yards
    9th in career passer rating
    6th in career yards per passing attempt
    12th in career completion percentage
    14th in career game-winning drives (4th among active player)
    15th in 4th quarter comebacks (4th among active players)

  45. After 9 seasons in the NFL, Ben Roethlisberger has thrown 191 career TD passes, which computes to 22 per season.
    You can throw out the yards, the attempts, the completions, the fourth-quarter drives and fourth-quarter comebacks from 3-point deficits. What matters are TOUCHDOWNS.
    Stop comparing him to Steelers QBs of the past and start comparing him to QBs of TODAY.
    The past two seasons, Drew Brees has thrown 89 TD passes. Aaron Rodgers has thrown 84, and Tom Brady has thrown 73. Even Eli Manning (55) and Phil Rivers (53) have thrown more TD passes the past two seasons than Roethlisberger (47).
    It bothers me that Roethlisberger is closer to Mark Sanchez (39) the past two seasons than to the top-tier QBs.
    The Steelers have a pathetic offense, and it starts with the guy making the most money.

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