Lamar Miller doesn’t know how much he’ll be getting the ball


Lamar Miller has won the starting tailback job in Miami.  But that doesn’t mean he’ll be the full-time workhorse.  Then again, it doesn’t mean he won’t be.

Either way, Miller currently doesn’t know how much he’ll be getting the ball.

“They haven’t told us anything yet so I’m not sure yet,” Miller told Erik Kuselias of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN regarding the team’s plan for carving up the touches.

“That’s the Coach’s decision,” Miller added.  “I’m just trying to do everything to help this team win and when I get the opportunity to put the ball in my hands, I’m just trying to make plays for the offense and for this team.”

Last year, Coach Joe Philbin’s decision included inviting NFL Films to camp, for Hard Knocks.  Miller is glad that Philbin decided not to do it again.

“With Hard Knocks, the little things that you do, they’re taping it and making sure they’re on you,” Miller said.  “Without Hard Knocks it’s just like a regular basis.  So, I like it without the cameras.”

There will be more cameras and other attention on Miller and the Dolphins if he can develop into a great running back, and if the Dolphins can develop into a great team.  The process begins on Sunday at Cleveland.

11 responses to “Lamar Miller doesn’t know how much he’ll be getting the ball

  1. I would imagine that his performance would have something to do with it 🙂 I hope they don’t use a “pitch count” type of mentality. Sparano loved to strategize based on each player’s snap count and touches. That’s dumb and leads to stupid play calls based on numbers that do not matter. If the guy is winded, give him a rest. If he is on a roll, ride the train. Philbin is a smart guy but I hope he doesn’t stick to a hard-line numbers game.

    Miller is one of those boom or bust kinda guys so the more he runs the better his chances of breaking a long one are. (1, 0, 9, 1, 2, 12, 0, 7, -2, 0, 1, 40…) How he would endure in the 4th qtr as a feature back getting 20+ carries is not known but he has a ton of potential for some exciting plays.

  2. Hope this kid pans out and turns into a playmaker! Everyone in the NFL is sick of the Patriots!!!

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