ProFootballTalk: Is Dennis Allen lacking authority?

After a leak of information revealed that the Oakland Raiders will start Terrelle Pryor over Matt Flynn at quarterback in Week One, Shaun King, Ross Tucker and Erik Kuselias discuss what that says about Dennis Allen and the Raiders’ upcoming season.


8 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Is Dennis Allen lacking authority?

  1. Terrelle Pryor is the starter and that’s the bottom line cause Mark Davis said so!

    Move over Allen and Spudz, you’re days are numbered!

  2. I don’t get it, why did Reggie hire this guy and why did Dennis Allen take this job? Everyone knew even me as A raider fan knew that anybody who took this job as head coach of the Raiders was getting set up for failure (due to hcap, roster etc issues) Im more than sure even Reggie Mckenzie knew that, so my other question is, why didn’t he just let hue jackson coach the team (whom the players lrespected) during the current rebuilding process and then next year when we have all of our draft picks and great cap space then go ahead and hire a respected coach, someone like a bill cowher, john gruden.

  3. It says that neither of them can evaluate talent. you let go a qb that threw for 4000 yard for a qb with a bum arm draft a qb with a 4th round pick that you end up cutting.So seems to me that Al davis is still keeping this team going and hes dead smh.

  4. In any organization that requires house cleaning, you hire a president to take care of that. However, that “house-cleaning” president is not necessarily the long-term builder/motivator.

    M.Davis will fire RM/Allen if this team doesn’t improve by 4-6 wins. Why would he want RM/Allen to handle $60-70mil in cap space next year?

    TP is the only hand RM/Allen can play, to there chagrin!

    RM may get a flyer regardless, but Allen is gone! I’m still believing the spring report by PFW that Gruden is at play here. P.King says Gruden is done at ESPN after this year, M.Davis certainly had a long conversation with Gruden when he returned to light the AD flame.

    Gruden may want to power, believe M.Davis will oblige.

  5. Bring back hue you can say what you want but any man who can make jason campbell a winning qb has much respect from me. When Hue was there all we needed was a DC. It would be nice to see Hue return.

  6. Ther are coaches out there that can win with this team despite the offensive line’s problems. I’m not saying Hue but others. Dennis Allen is probably coaching for his job this season because if the team continues to come out flat and get beat before half time, who fault do you think that falls on?

  7. DA needs to start listening to the fan base and his coaches or he will be gone. there is over 100 years experience on that coaching staff and there should not be a problem. The problem is there is very little high caliber players on the team. The coaches are trying to make lemon juice from lemons and Rm has delivered a few of those. It is what it is. We cant get any worse and if we do then we will only get better from there because the only way to go is up!

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