Report: Robert Meachem on the verge of return to Saints

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Robert Meachem joined a lengthy list when the former Saints wide receiver turned his production on a high-powered offense into a big contract with another team as a free agent.

Meachem was a total flop with the Chargers, catching 14 passes for 207 yards and two touchdowns during the 2012 season. Those numbers were bad enough that the Chargers ate $5 million in guaranteed money in order to remove Meachem from the roster when they made the cut to 53 players.

Now it looks like Meachem is headed back to the site of his success. Bill Williamson of reports that Meachem is “on verge” of signing with the Saints as a free agent.

The loss of Joe Morgan for the season opened a spot in the Saints receiving corps for a player who can threaten defenses deep, something Meachem did well enough to score 20 times in his last three seasons with the team. There were few signs of that player in San Diego last season or this summer, but the past success makes it easy to understand why the Saints are making a low-risk bet that a change of scenery was the exact opposite of what the receiver needed.

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  1. Any Saints fans care to fill me in on whether Nick Toon made the 53 man roster? Or how he looks?

  2. System player who Sean Payton will exact his best from. Bust in San Diego, but a 30 catch, 500 yard, 6 TD guy in New Orleans.

  3. Toon is indeed on the 53 man roster and has looked very good this preseason.

    Meachum returning to the Saints could be beneficial for both parties.

  4. I don’t care what ‘system’ he’s in, he’s just not got it anymore.

    He seems like a good guy, but go and watch the preseason games. He had 143 snaps across four games and couldn’t get separation from 2nd and 3rd string DBs.

  5. There was all that talk about how Andy Tanner finally made the 53-man roster after being cut and resigned so many times. I hope this doesn’t mean he will be cut again.

    Meachem seems like a nice guy, but I don’t think that the Saints need him unless someone gets hurt.

  6. More power to him. Wanted to see him succeed in SD but just couldn’t get in rhythm in Norv’s system and now in Wisenhunt’s system. Good luck to Meachem.

  7. I can dig it!!! Meach is back!!! Sean Payton’s system is the truth… Y’all heard it from A man that sits behind the Saints bench every Sunday. Geaux black and gold…

  8. Unless Brees is running up to Meachem and placing the ball in his hands I don’t see him doing much better. Meachem had some bad drops on perfectly catchable balls last year. Just look at the drop he had for an easy drop vs Cleveland that cost them the game.

  9. If Meachem does rejoin the Saints, are the Chargers still on the hook for the $5 million? Or do the Saints have to pay part/all of it?

  10. Unless Brees is running up to Meachem and placing the ball in his hands I don’t see him doing much better. Meachem had some bad drops on perfectly catchable balls last year. Just look at the drop he had for an easy drop vs Cleveland that cost them the game.


    Maybe just maybe it’s possible Brees is a much better QB and throws a much more catchable pass.

    I have a feeling the QB Talk section at the Chargers message board is going to be a lot of fun this season.

  11. RE: marchininhouston comment: Beg to differ Brees and Sproles put up very good numbers while in San Diego< and continued to improve in New Orleans…

  12. I don’t know how many catches he had with SD, but going to SD he never even had 50 catches in NO. this is a guy who got 1st round money(back end of first but still) under the previous pay scale, then turned mediocre pay into a huge contract that ended up being bought out after a year.

    highest paid mediocre receiver in recent memory. well, Laurent robinson says hello, but he wasn’t paid for as long of a period as meachem as been. to think that KC was between Bowe and him. wow.

  13. We don’t know what the coaching situation was in San Diego. Players haven’t exactly played up to expectations there.

    Sorry SD.

  14. You can compare notes if it were even close, but it wasn’t. He was (is) a shadow of his former self. He simply has nothing left to give, because if he had something in the tank, he would have at least made some level of impact while with the Chargers.

  15. Can’t hurt to try him out. Like I said on another post the Chargers didn’t want Brees either and look how that turned out…….we will see…we will see.
    Welcome home Mr. Meachem

  16. Nothing against Robert Meachem, he played well in The Big Easy but honestly I really like the WR’s we have in Toon and Stills! They are some young talented players and I think they could use all the time they can get with Brees! As for Meachem i’d def. welcome him back with open arms! I think he was a great #3 WR and just didn’t fit in with the Chargers! Brees already has a good connection with him so I can see why we would take him back and def. at a hell of a price! Either way I’m so amped to see our offense on the field this year! We’re breaking records no doubt! WHO DAT WHO DAT! Black and Gold all day! DO WORK SON!

  17. And nothing against any of our WR’s but it doesn’t hurt t have Brees throwing the ball to them! #MAKING WR’S LOOK GOOD SINCE 2002! know he came in the league in 01′ but only had 1 TD that year! ; )

  18. @sdsockers What part of Chargers eating $5 million in guaranteed money for Meachem don’t u get? I think he’s had a productive 2012 already. He’s made big money without as much as a 50 yd game or scoring a TD. Nice. Another stellar move made by the deposed AJ dumba$$. He wouldn’t pay to keep great players but he opened up the vault for mediocre free agents. No doubt a “hail Mary” to save his own a$$. And he obviously didn’t consult Rivers who requires his receivers to be 6’4 or better. The Chargers are so dysfunctional it’s comical. Personally, I’d find it very amusing if Meach went off with 600+yds receiving and say 7 TDs with Brees.

  19. Anyone notice that he is closing his eyes while trying to catchthe football in the picture?

    I’m sure if he had kept his eyes open against the Browns last year, he would have scored the game winner.

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