Robert Kraft: I love Tim Tebow and I wanted him on the Patriots


Bill Belichick makes the personnel decisions in New England, and Patriots owner Robert Kraft has complete trust in his coach. But Kraft sure sounds like he wishes Belichick had found a spot on the 53-man roster for Tim Tebow.

Kraft said on CBS This Morning that he was really hoping Tebow would make the team.

I love Tim Tebow and I very much wanted him on the team,” Kraft said.

Still, Kraft understands that Tom Brady is the starter, Ryan Mallett is the backup and there just wasn’t room for Tebow on the Patriots’ 53-man roster.

“If you look at four of the last five years, we’ve only carried two quarterbacks,” Kraft said. “And when cut-down time comes, you need those last three or four positions for depth, and we happen to have, I think, the finest quarterback in the history of the game, and he’s not going off the field except by injury. We have a great second-string quarterback. When he came in, he came in as the third quarterback and we were all rooting for him. Life takes funny turns, so no one knows what’s going to happen in the future, but whatever he does I know he’s going to be a great success off the field and I’m rooting for him to get his opportunity on the field as well.”

It’s quite likely that Tebow won’t get another opportunity on the field. Playing for the Patriots may have been Tebow’s last shot, and although Kraft loved Tebow, Belichick decided that he wasn’t good enough.

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  1. Tebow should have worked to convert to a tight end. The Pats could have used the TE depth, and Tebow brought the emergency QB spare tire with him to that spot.

  2. First Mr. Kraft helps out college actresses that he adores and now this? Man is just so full of love!

  3. Nice to hear.

    I’m not a Patriots fan, but I like it when an NFL owner allows the football people he hired for 6 or 7 figures per year to make the football decisions.

    In the eyes of the coaches, Tebow failed to beat out Ryan Mallet in a QB competition, and Tebow therefore was cut. That’s the way it should be.

  4. Leave all the politics and fanaticism aside:

    Tebow isn’t good enough to be an NFL QB.

    Period. End of Story.

    He’ll move on to politics and be fine. The NFL won’t miss him and be fine. Happy endings all around.

  5. From all accounts Tebow is a fine young man and a credit to the community.

    He is not, however a NFL quality QB, and that is the only position he has played since I don’t know when.



  6. I bought into that “Tebow should play Tight End” idea for a while. But who says he can play Tight End? No special skills required? He didn’t play that position before as far as I know. I like the guy and wish him well.

  7. There are so many with the opinion that Tebow could just switch positions and play TE or FB. Tebow has played QB his entire life. I don’t know that those with that opinion realize how difficult it would be to switch positions and in one off season be able to compete at an NFL level. How many TE’s and FB’s who’ve played those positions their entire football careers were cut during this preseason?

  8. Tebow can’t catch and he can’t block at an NFL level. You don’t learn how to do that overnight. Stop with the tight end/fullback stuff already.

    If he could do either, he would’ve made the team. There’s a reason a guy like Hoomanawanui can make an NFL roster. He has pro-level skills that NFL teams need, even if he isn’t an all-pro player.

  9. Enough about what YOU want. How about doing what the FANS want for a change? Even if it’s the same thing.

  10. If you loved him and “owned” the team, then you could’ve easily given the kid a spot. Just used him to cover up Aaron Hernandez talk… Fools gold

  11. Tebow needs to get a clue and realize he is a horrible QB. Great football player but terrible QB. God awful in fact.

  12. Did Belichick decide he wasn’t good enough or that they don’t need him right now? I think the later of the two is more appropriate. Beleive me, if Brady or Mallett goes down, Tebow is coming back.

  13. @cardmagnet
    How does someone convert from a QB to a TE, especially as he has never played that position. And if he does try, how does he beat out the hundreds of TE’s around who have been practicing and playing the position for years and weren’t even drafted? No one even knows if he has the hands for a TE, or if he can block??. The people who think he should convert to TE, don’t know much about football !!

  14. Ok, can we stop talking about it now? I think ESPN drools enough over the Tebow story. With regular season 2 days away, you can’t blame it on the slow season any more.

  15. cardmagnet says: Sep 3, 2013 9:58 PM

    Tebow should have worked to convert to a tight end. The Pats could have used the TE depth, and Tebow brought the emergency QB spare tire with him to that spot.


    Are there still people who think changing positions is much like changing underwear?

    Tebow has played as a QB most of the time since he started playing. The TE’s who got cut from the Pats have probably played mostly TE since they started playing.

    To think that Tebow could spend a month or so learning the nuances of a new position, then legitimately beat out players who have spend their entire football lives at that same position? Well, let’s just say you’d have to also believe that snakes can talk.

  16. Also why do people just assume that he can develop into a good blocker, route runner, and pass catcher? We’ve seen that he’s a hard worker but still can’t throw…what make’s everyone think he can seamlessly develop into a tight end?

  17. Enough with the tight end nonsense.

    Tim Tebow cannot block, run routes, or catch the ball like a professional tight end.

  18. When an owner truly loves a player, that player should be on the team. Aint that right, Jerruh?! So stop with the BS about Tebow, Mr Kraft. I hope Tebow finds a way to make you regret your false platitudes.

  19. Yep^ pats should have used preseason as a legitimate opportunity to explore the TE/HB/FB/QBish/punt-protector weapon that is Tebow. The guy is the kid from the neighborhood that everybody wanted on his team. He’s all grown up and others have caught up to him in size and skill yet he still has the biggest heart and biggest will to win. His motor never stops. He never quits. I thank the pats for giving him a shot (sorta) I just wish they would have squeezed every possible way to utilize his skill set/mind set on a 53 man roster. Hell, practice squad seems to me a heck of a deal for an entire organization. What is it? $6,000 a week for a 17 week season (plus playoffs). Minimum $102,000 for a full season. You would get a role model employee with popularity out the wazoo worth millions to you. You keep him on roster in some capacity for as long as needed and smoother him in front office love and a true opportunity to play (something). All the while he’s a very affordable partial face to the team and great ambassador to the world wearing your logo. When his career is through, however long, you make room for him in the front office

  20. Im thinking Kraft is saving face on this one… Tebow is a great story for a bad team.. hes not a story on a good team… Although the pats are not looking that good so… hmm maybe they should have thought about keeping Tebow. haha

  21. Can we just get past this…there is no way Timmy could at this late stage in his career turn himself into a TE or FB there are 3rd and 4th stingers at these positions who have played them there whole football lives who would be better options. He was a great college athlete, it’s over…that’s all, but he will still make a fortune and good for him.

  22. there has got to be something they are not telling us .. how can “everyone” be that dense? obviously he is NOT a NFL calibre QB .. and even more obviously, he will never supplant brady as the starting QB. so what’s with all the time wasted?

    he obviously can play football .. i remember darell revis not wanting to tackle this d00d .. so make him a RB, or a fullback, or a TE .. he would be successful .. why is this not obvious to everyone?

  23. Good thing Mr. Kraft doesn’t subscribe to the Jerry Jones School of Ownership. Well, good thing for Pats fans, anyway. I hoped to see Tim over/under throwing receivers via that quirky knuckleball of his for years to come.

    I know plenty of nice guys who stink at football.

  24. I think if Robert Kraft offers Tebow the chance to transition to administration and head up public relations/community relations division and in particular outreach to the children and youth of the community, Kraft would have a good one in Tebow. Robert Kraft may well wait until Tebow makes a decision that his playing days are over.

  25. Once again Tebow is great at everything, just not awesome at QB…..

    Let’s see: Eric Crouch, Kordell Stewart, Ronald Curry, Josh Cribbs, Randel El, Brian Mitchell, and Tony Gonzales have all been asked to change there roll for the team. Some have found success, some have not, and some never changed.

    Tebow will pick his own path, however his career is already fading and he needs to make a decision soon.

  26. “and we happen to have, I think, the finest quarterback in the history of the game,”

    Bwahahahahah. Uhhhhhhhhhh, Sure you do.

  27. Tebow should have gone to JAX when he had the choice. Going to NYJ for the larger media footprint and greater exposure is what cost him his career. He would have put butts in seats in JAX which would have kept him starting as long as owners were making money.

    Just goes to show you that when choices are placed in front of you in life, sometimes you should make the choice that is best for everyone else and not yourself.

    Nice guy, but he made a huge error.

  28. Why does every internet genius think it’s a good idea or even a foregone conclusion that Tebow would make a good TE?

    You’re asking him to play an entirely new position he’s never played before, to run routes, to have good hands, learn to adjust to balls in the air, playing on the line etc.

    Given how hard it is to convert from seemingly “similar” positions like guard and tackle (which at least have some common skillsets), why do people think Tebow would make even a marginal TE let alone a great one?

  29. Olbermann is on the loose again. His rant tonight, Sept. 3, was ‘Tebow and Tulips’. Can’t help but think that Woody Paige and Jim Rome chuckled uncontrollably.

  30. I am so sick of hearing about Tebow. The guy stinks. I have never seen a QB who stinks as bad as this guy get so much publicity.
    He couldn’t even play for the Jets, who have one of the worst sets of QB’s in the NFL.
    I am 100% positive Tebow will wind up being hired by one of the sports networks as a commentator, which will also be a joke. Can you imagine him commentating with that pre-fab grin of his on another QB’s play?
    I laugh when I read Tebow should be converted to TE, too. He’s not big enough and he’s not fast enough and he’s never caught passes in the NFL. What makes anyone think he could play TE at a high level in the NFL?
    Please — everyone stop drinking the guy’s Kool Aid. He isn’t any good and he doesn’t deserve to take another player’s spot on any NFL roster.

  31. Bobby Kraft loved Wes Welker too. I do think the Pats will get plenty of mileage out of Amendola though. It wouldn’t have hurt if they both made the team. Whatever. Luckily, Kraft lets better skilled people make the personnel calls for the Patriots, unlike some teams from Dallas and Oakland, etc.

  32. When the guy who owns one of the most successful holding companies in the world speaks that highly of you.. you most likely won’t have an issue finding a paycheck; it just might not come from the “gridiron.”

  33. All the spotlight on Tebow was annoying, but … when he was a starter in Denver he won games. I thought winning was the bottom line?

    At some point he could pull a Kurt Warner and go from bagging groceries to playing on someone’s NFL team. You never know.

  34. hi, I can’t play qb in the NFL yet people want me to play FB or TE.

    hmmmm…… if only it was that easy. he will just switch and play a position he’s never played…… man you peeps are delusional.

  35. Most NFL teams carry three quarterbacks on their 53 man roster. The teams that carry only two will carry a third on the practice squad, as the Pats have done over the past few years. Right now the Pats have only Brady and Mallett. If Brady gives down, Mallett has no backup. We constantly hear that their offense is so complex that you can’t bring someone new in to learn it during the season. So who is #3? Is Tebow on speed dial? He has no practice squad eligibility. Is Mike Kafka coming back? Or is it that Belichick is going to walk a tightrope at QB for the sake of the #53 special teams player on the squad? Has anyone heard anything about what Belichick may do?

  36. Aside from the fact that Tebow has never played a position that required him to catch a pass, to block, and to make designed runs from the RB position, he would have been a great RB or TE.

  37. To those who say Tebow can’t be a tight end, I think you are wrong. While I am not a fan of his whatsoever, he has proven to be an excellent athlete. He is fast for his size, and I think it’s reasonable to assume that he was good hands (QB’s are required to have good hands in order to take the snap from center). In addition, other college QB’s have become receivers upon their entry into the NFL (Dennard Robinson, Antwan Randle-El, Brad Smith, to name a few) so there is a precedent there.

  38. 1historian says:
    Sep 3, 2013 10:08 PM
    From all accounts Tebow is a fine young man and a credit to the community.

    He is not, however a NFL quality QB, and that is the only position he has played since I don’t know when.



    The same guy devoid of being, as you say, a NFL quality QB, must make the Steelers feel awful since the same guy beat their #1 ranked defense in the playoffs. A NON NFL quality QB, per your suggestion.

  39. So many posts from so many folks whose NFL knowledge ends with memorizing the Direct TV NFL pkg. channels for their non-broadcast games and what to put on their pizza for game tine.

    What I don’t get is the point of owning a team if all it means is that you get shown on TV from your box and you get really good seats to each game.

  40. Tim handled his departure from the Pats with total class. He knew it was a long shot, but also knows that he will be fine whatever happens. Get off the guys back and let him live his own life. If he wants to keep trying to play QB, keep going. Don’t give up!

    Seems like this will be a tough road for him, but not sure its realistic to think he could play another position professionally as QB is all he has ever played.

    I will be pulling for him.

  41. I can’t believe Belichick won’t do what someone else thinks he should do with a roster whose on field performance will ultimately be used to judge his own personal performance as a coach. He does this all the time with the media too. What’s wrong with him? He’s so mean and churlish and uncooperative. Why doesn’t he just give us what we want when we want it? Why doesn’t Roger Goodell fine him for not doing what everyone else thinks he should do? C’mon!!!

    Meanwhile, down in Florham Park…..

  42. @ patbocam

    Tebow was not eligible for the practice squad. He either made the 53 or didn’t. He didn’t. I can’t believe a team like Jacksonville couldn’t use him to put people in the stands.

  43. To everyone saying that if Kraft REALLY wanted Tebow, then he would be on the team because he’s the OWNER, I say, yes, that is true, BUT he would be undermining/alienating his coach. If you had a choice between keeping Belichick and Tebow, who would you keep?

    ALSO, you forget that when Kraft was a young owner, he overruled Parcells and drafted Terry Glenn. This started the rift between Kraft and Parcells that led to Parcells’ departure from NE. You think Kraft wants to make the same mistake?

    THINK, people.

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