Watkins: Philly was “a rough go from the get-go”


Upon releasing former first-rounder Danny Watkins, Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman suggested that the pressure of being a first-rounder might have been too much for Watkins.

In his first interview with reporters after being signed by the Dolphins, Watkins didn’t necessarily disagree.

“I got to Philadelphia and it was just a rough go from the get-go,” Watkins said, via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald. “I felt like it just got broken down to bones and never got built back. It was more a mental thing. I was very disappointing to myself that it never panned out the way it could. Because I know I can play physical and tough football but it just never, . . . I think it was more a mental aspect than anything.

“These last three years have been such a whirlwind. it was great opportunity to play in the NFL. My college career was great, I love Baylor and what they did for me there. Looking back, six years ago if you had told me I’d be in the position I am today, I would have laughed at you. I’m very fortunate and very blessed to be where I am today.”

Where he is now is on a Dolphins team that brought back both starting guards, but has been looking for someone to add some competition to the mix.

That’s not quite the same as being asked to be a cornerstone from the first day on the job, which might be best for all parties involved.

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  1. Baby wanna bah-bah?

    Good grief, the guy admits he’s soft and THREE years hasn’t helped?

    IDK who this reflects the worst on: Watkins or Miami.

  2. Watkins needed a change of scenery and he will get that in Miami. He doesn’t need to come in and be a starter, just add depth and continue to develop as a player.

    Philbin and Sherman are the perfect coaches to turn his career around.

  3. Your Cowboys sure do always seem to be glad to get out of Philly….

    Coming from a Cowboys fan..the shot at Philly is predictable. Win something this decade and then maybe we will care what you think. Dallas and Washington fans SOOO live in the past.

  4. As a diehard Eagles fan, a fan of all things Philly, I remember thinking that the selection of Danny Watkins in the 1st round of the NFL draft was such a headscratcher. There were a lot of good players left in the draft, including Torrey Smith, Randall Cobb, and Colin Kaepernick. Id like to see what state the Eagles franchise would be in right now had they been smart enough to draft Colin Kaepernick or even Russell Wilson. The Eagles drafted for need in 2011 instead of taking the best players available, and they followed Watkins up with Jaiquawn Jarret and Curtis Marsh…2 more complete bums who are no longer on an NFL roster.

  5. So in other words, he has a weak mind and can’t handle some pressure. He was never projected as anything but a blue collar hero in Philly for being a firefighter. The only criticism was directed at Andy Reid for drafting an older, relatively unknown guard so high.

  6. Most of the last half of round 1 and a good part of round 2 are busts from the 2011 draft.

    Unless Philly had a crystal ball, odds were stacked against everyone drafting…

  7. Classic case of a 6th rounder being picked in the 1st round. I don’t fault Watkins for not being a player, I blame Reid / Roseman. Great pic guys! Dolphins, this is NOT a diamond in the rough.

  8. I do not like to label players such as Danny Watkins as a bust. When an organization drafts a player to fit into a scheme that contrasts from what he is accustomed to and what he is best at, I blame those that drafted him.

    If it wasn’t clear what I tried to say in my previous statement, it would be like having Peyton Manning running the read-option and expecting success.

    The Philadelphia Eagles tried to fit a sphere into a square peg. The Eagles hired Howie Mudd which was finesse and that did not fit his style of play. Another one of Andy Reid’s misses.

  9. Great guy…….maybe a change of atmosphere will help.

    The question he needs to ask himself…….”Am I willing to pay the price to play at this level”….study film and work your tail off.

    Not so sure……

  10. I’m surprised he knows what “tough” is as he’s the total opposite. And by the way Danny, football is supposed to be tough! The NFL is no cakewalk. Another genius move by Andy Reid… let’s take a 26-yr old tackle with 3 years of football experience in the 1st rd and move him to guard. Eagles fans hated this pick then and looks even worse now, just like… Brandon Graham over Earl Thomas, Nate Allen, Daniel TeoNesheim, Jaiqwan Jarrett, Curtis Marsh, Trevor Laws, Bryan Smith, Kevin Kolb, Victor Abiamiri, and the list of wasted high picks goes on.

    Can’t wait for the national media to watch Andy Reid defy logic and leave Jamaal Charles on the bench 75% of the time, maybe they’ll finally stop the love affair. If they don’t see it then, maybe they’ll notice in 5 years after he wastes all their 2nd and 3rd rd picks on undersized players projected to go undrafted.

  11. Boo hoo. Philly doesn’t put up with those whose work ethic and on-the-field effort does not match their talent. On the other hand, if you bust hump and give all you got, you will be loved forever. Go ask any of the old Flyers’ players, Brian Dawkins, Brian Westbrook, etc.

  12. cobrala2 says:
    Sep 3, 2013 4:16 PM
    Baby wanna bah-bah?

    Good grief, the guy admits he’s soft and THREE years hasn’t helped?

    IDK who this reflects the worst on: Watkins or Miami.

    I think it reflects on you being a moron. Everybody handles situations differently, some can’t take the pressure differently. I can’t blame him going from a canadian city of 100,000, to Baylor, to Philadelphia as 1st round pick in a city that think being overly critical to the point of stupidity is a way to show the rest of the country how blue collar they are with a media that matches that. I know because I’m from there.

    Either ways it takes a man to own up and admit they weren’t mentally ready. I’ll take him over an arm chair warrior who isn’t in pro sports for a reason.

  13. Anytime you have a chance to add a former first round pick at a position of need for little to no cost , you do it. Anything Watkins can contribute will be a bonus ; he was drafted in the first round for a reason.

  14. craniator says:
    Sep 3, 2013 5:37 PM
    Anytime you have a chance to add a former first round pick at a position of need for little to no cost , you do it. Anything Watkins can contribute will be a bonus ; he was drafted in the first round for a reason.—————————————————————————————————————unfortunately the reason was he was overrated.

  15. One thing I love about Philbin is that he already has shown he can develop players and that is something Miami has been missing a very long time. I will point out players such as Egnew, Vernon and Tannehill. All these players has shown improvement from last year. So if Watkins was to improve I think he is headed to the right place. But with that said, sometimes the mental aspect of the game is the hardest thing to over come. As they say, it is not the size of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog.

  16. Dude was a firefighter before taking up football, so I’d say he’s pretty far from soft. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

  17. Watkins was definitely a bust but the you can’t look back and say well why didn’t the Eagles take Kaepernick, Randall Cobb or Torrey Smith. None of those picks would of made sense for the Eagles in the 1st rd. They drafted Maclin the year before and Vick was 2nd in the MVP Voting in 2010. Everyone was calling for the Eagles to draft Jimmy Smith the CB out of Colorado who last time I checked hasn’t done much for the Ravens and has had a hard time cracking the starting lineup. In fact the only player drafted in the 1st round after Watkins that hasn’t been a bust is Muhammad Wilkerson who is a 5 technique DE and at the time the Eagles were a 4-3 team. Now taking Jaiquwan Jarret over Justin Houston when the team clearly had a need for an OLB and taking Curtis Marsh instead of Richard Sherman is just bad scouting. This is also the team that drafted Brandon Graham over Earl Thomas.

  18. Watkins did a nice job in college because he was 26 and beating up on 19-22 year old kids. Half of them would never see the NFL. He got drafted with high expectations for whatever reason, and couldn’t outwork players his own age and older who were good enough to become professionals. He will never be a productive nfl player.

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