Bucs kick tires on six tight ends, four receivers

Getty Images

When the Bucs head to MetLife Stadium on Sunday, they won’t have to worry about dealing with cornerback Darrelle Revis, since he now, you know, plays for them.

But the Bucs still have concerns about the men who’ll be running routes and catching passes, as evidenced by the fact that they tried out 10 of them on Tuesday.

Per a league source, the Bucs looked at six tight ends (Kevin Brock, Derek Carrier, Kellen Davis (pictured), Dan Gronkowski, Richard Quinn, and Hayden Smith) and four receivers (Skye Dawson, Jared Green, Charles Hawkins, and Brandon Kaufman).

The Bucs also tried out quarterbacks Jordan Rodgers and Mike Hermann, who likely were there not to be evaluated but to throw the passes to the players who were.

Tampa has yet to sign any of the players, but there’s still several days to go before Sunday.