Danny Amendola lands on Patriots injury report


It’s the first week of injury reports, which means that teams have to disclose more information about the various aches and pains afflicting their players heading into the first weekend of the regular season.

For the Patriots, that means finally putting a label on what’s bothering wide receiver Danny Amendola. Amendola missed a week of practice in August with an undisclosed ailment and he landed on the Patriots’ initial injury report Wednesday as limited in practice because of a groin injury.

As you’d expect, there was no further information from the Patriots about his injury so we can’t say whether this is something that could threaten Amendola’s availability for the Bills. The same is true of fellow receiver Aaron Dobson, who was also a limited participant on Wednesday because of a hamstring injury. Offensive lineman Will Svitek, who has a knee problem, was the only Patriot to miss practice.

Tight end Rob Gronkowski, who said his back was improving, was also listed as limited in Wednesday’s session.

30 responses to “Danny Amendola lands on Patriots injury report

  1. Not a Patriots fan in any way, but I’m rooting for this guy to finally stay healthy

  2. That’s Belichick back to his old tricks, no team puts more players on injury reports than the Pats. And then, on game days, they are all mysteriously cured of their ailments! Every week we have a Festivus Miracle in Foxborough! Go Pats!

  3. It’s going to be fun to see how the Patriots offense evolves with all of these new (and not so new) parts, this year. Amendola, Thompkins, Dobson, Vereen, Sudfeld…. Brady is going to make more than one of them a star.

  4. Of course he is injured he is always breaking down. Some athletes are just not durable and he can’t escape what he is, which is a very injury prone player. The Patriots two biggest receiving threats, Amendola and Gronkowski, are very injury prone and cannot be counted on to be available for 16-games plus playoffs.

  5. It would be nice for the Bills if Gronkowski and Amendola were out for the game, but I’d much rather see the look of disappointment on Belichick’s face knowing he lost to Buffalo with his stars in than out injured.

  6. Welker was obviously taken for granted…for him to catch as many passes as he did and stay healthy while in the slot is not something that can automatically be replaced…but the Pats obviously think it can…we shall see…

  7. Welker was offered $8M a year by the pats last year and he turned it down. Now he’s making 6M with Denver.

    Getting a deal done is a two way street, but of course pats haters will make up anything to make the pats look bad.

    Brady will still smoke these teams, just watch. KT and sudfeld won’t be the first guys he’s turned into stars… just look at Welker

  8. Welker is a better receiver with far more knowledge of how to get open …..stay open and say healthy….great choice Denver……..bad move Pats

  9. Every Rams fan could have told you this was going to happen. Love his work ethic, but his bones are too brittle for it. Best of luck, DA. Good luck, Patriots.

  10. McFadden, Sidney Rice, Jonathan Stewart… Amendola is one of many huge talents in this league whose body just doesn’t respond well to the strains of playing in it.

  11. Not only did he land there… He’s making it his home for the entirety of the season. I think he has almost as much talent as Welker, but Welker stays healthy… Your best ability is availability!

  12. Yet he’ll finish with 8 or so catches for 100+ yards and a touchdown or 2. Brady has had a shoulder injury his entire career according to the injury report. Bill’s up to his old tricks again.

  13. He has an injury prone label so the second he ends up on an injury report every one is ready to start hating on the guy. He plays football, these guys bodies take beatings. Until I hear this is serious and he’ll miss time, then whatever. I’m not expecting 16 games out of him, but I think people aren’t giving him enough credit. That being said, there’s no way his body is as tough as Welker’s, but he does have higher upside in the slot.

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