Jets announce Geno Smith to start opener


The Jets did what they had to do this week, and what they probably needed to do all along.

The team announced that rookie quarterback Geno Smith would start this week, which was kind of obvious given the condition of Mark Sanchez’s shoulder — unless Brady Quinn was going to make a late run at the job.

The anticlimactic nature of the announcement doesn’t hide the fact this is a major shift for the team, as it seems going away from their former first-round pick was the intent of an awkward offseason.

But if Smith can play acceptably well against the Buccaneers, and in Week Two against the Patriots, he’ll probably have a long chance to make the job his own, and grow into it, regardless Sanchez’s condition.

Whether that’s a fair chance, given their scarcity of offensive playmakers, remains to be seen.

71 responses to “Jets announce Geno Smith to start opener

  1. The over/under for Geno’s first sideline temper tantrum is 12:42 remaining in the 3rd quarter. Go.

  2. Ok Geno, you’ve been saying for a year now how ready you are for this level, how you’re the class of this QB class.
    Time to put up or to slither back to the end of the bench amidst the screaming that NY media specializes in.

  3. I’ll take the Under. That team is awful. 73% of Geno’s college throws were 7 yards or less, with most of those at or near the line of scrimmage. The kid is mentally, and Football immature. Start Quinn, play to earn Jadeveon Clowney. With a last name
    Like that he belongs on the jets.

  4. PeterKingLovesCoqAVin says:
    Sep 4, 2013 9:53 AM
    The over/under for Geno’s first sideline temper tantrum is 12:42 remaining in the 3rd quarter. Go.


    Taking the under.

    And I’ll see this bet and raise you this one:

    The Jets’ bye is Week 10 on November 10. Odds that Rex Ryan remains the head coach prior to their bye week – 7:2.

  5. The Jets would have been so much better served drafting an offensive skill player (non QB) with the second round pick. A) Next years six rated QB is better than Smith and Manuel. B) The Jets never gave Sanchez any weapons either.

    I look for the Jets first pick next year to be Sammy Watkins, not the Clown.

  6. I’d like to thank Mr. Idzik for ending the pain and suffering us Jet fans have endured the past 2 years by De-Sanchizing the Jets!

    Nothing to lose here, Jets find out if Geno has what it takes, if not then eventually Matt Simms will step in this season see what he’s got. Perhaps one of them will succeed.

    And if the QB experiment fails, a new head coach and a high draft pick in 2014 are in order.

  7. Unless the Bucs show up for the regular season, which they didn’t for the preseason, there couldn’t be a better team for a rookie QB to start against than them. They showed no ability to pressure a QB and little ability to cover receivers. Obviously Revis should make a difference in coverage but he can’t do it by himself.

  8. If I had just read the first paragraph and not the headline I would’ve thought that the Jets had named Matt Simms the starter.

    He is the only Jets quarterback that showed anything in the preseason, albeit it mostly against scrubs.

  9. Simms was the right choice, so now we get another fragile ego completely unprepared to play in a game with on-coming traffic.

  10. Geno saw his stock rising leading up the the NFL draft. Interesting to see whether the wise old men who rate these players knew what the heck they were talking about.

    I certainly wish him well — but the NFL is an unforgiving league.

  11. Considering Geno Smith appears to be the Jets QB of the future, the only question seems to be why wait to start him? After all, no one is expecting the Jets to do anything this year.

  12. The Jets won their pre-season game against the Giants. That’s their Superbowl. The regular season doesn’t matter to them.

  13. What are they going to do with 4 QBs? Will two be inactive every week? I’m lost on what their need is for Quinn unless he’s just around until Sanchez recovers.

    The old line about really have no QBs when you have two is doubly true when you have four.

  14. reppster says:

    Geno has lead by Jets in Madden to a 3-0 start, 7 TD, 0 picks, let’s hope to see this kid do similar in the real thing!

    Lolercoaster now that’s grasping at straws.

    As if Madden has anything to do with reality.

    Jets fans are getting desperate for the slightest sign of something positive. On the bright side, maybe the Jets can use this Sanchez “injury” to bury him for good.

  15. Even traditionally delusional jets fans I have spoken to know that geno is garbage and that this will end laughingly bad

  16. Why is everybody obsessed with Matt Simms? he is NOT the best QB on the roster…the guy has never started a game or played against a real first team defense EVER in the preseason and has never even been dressed for a real game EVER….

    Geno has more talent then sanchez and simms…and dont give me the bloodline thing bc we saw how great his brother Chris was…

    Geno gets first crack and if he ends up sucking then you go to Sanchez before you go to Simms…

  17. geno can do it! he just needs to visualize how he’s going to win….

    *Announcer: just moments before they were set to enter the stadium, a congenital heart defect has felled the entire Tampa Bay defense*

  18. The Jets haven’t done this kid any favors. I get that he has to start with Sanchez injured. Maybe they had him ahead of Sanchez before the injury which isn’t unbelievable. But the kid doesn’t really have a run game to lean on and besides Holmes he really has no experienced targets. But who knows they are playing Tampa. So they could pull off a win… But I doubt it.

  19. It’s all a plan for Rex. He’ll put in Geno to get hurt then he’ll have to start Simms and all will be right in Jetland. Anyone who watches football knows Geno is not ready. Do they think they are going to catch lightning in a bottle twice by starting a rookie and getting to the AFC championship game? It is so absurd. I just do not undertstand this team and feel for their fans. They do everything they can to bring more pressure on themselves rather than just going about their business as a football team. Non-fans want them to fail. And the owner hasn’t a clue.

  20. Can’t wait to see what happens with Geno starting.
    He didn’t look ready last time around, and he got injured. This could be really embarassing.

  21. What are the chances of the lemmings on here believing everything they see/hear from the media? I would say fairly high. I think that those in the media derisively refer to you as “useful idiots”

  22. I hope he does well. I dont care for the jets too much but I want to see this guy succeed and prove not only to the teams that passed on him but also to all these haters that think he is no good. Hopefully he has learned from his mistakes and is improving as a QB right now as we speak.

  23. I wonder what Brady Quinn could have been if he hadn’t held out in his rookie season. The Cleveland QB job was his for the taking, but by holding out, and missing pretty much all of training camp, Derek Anderson got the nod and Quinn never caught up.

    Hey, Brady – how’s the decision to hold out looking now?

  24. @alewatcher

    Looks like a great decision in hindsight he negotiated a big pay day before the Browns had a chance to discover what the rest of the world knew. He was an underachieving overhyped QB who played at a ” big name” school in a ” pro style offense”.

  25. What I can’t understand is all the Fin fans who were clamoring for Brady Quinn instead of taking “the Ginn family”. Lesser of two evils come to mind now?

  26. Again mentioning the name of Sanchez.

    Why is he even being considered for the job injured or not?

    He’s horrible. How many years of his horrific play do we have to witness before he can be written off as anything more than a sub par back up?

    Seriously, Sanchez’s career as a starter should have ended two years ago. ENOUGH ALREADY!

  27. Bucs O line beat up, Jet D line one of the best in football. Freeman turns it over multiple times, Revis 80% at best. Jets win 21-17.

  28. thesteelskirt says:
    Sep 4, 2013 11:22 AM
    How do the Pats stay atop the AFC east, gifts every off season from the jets, bills, and fins. This is competitive balance?????????!


    I sure would like to see what the Patriots would be like in a division like the NFC East. Bet you they’d be a 9-win team if they were in any other division in the league.

  29. All one needs to know about the Jets is that knowing what they had at QB in Mark Sanchez, they drafted Geno Smith…

    Mark wasn’t and isn’t the answer and neither is Geno…

    And I caution making a mountain out of a mole hill. I mean let’s say Geno comes out of the gate and plays well, say for two yrs even and leads the Jets to the conference championship his first two yrs…

    Oh wait, that doesn’t guarantee anything does it?

    People criticized those putting the wonder boy Sanchez down back then and criticized old Pete for saying he should have remained at USC for another year…

    Well all those people have egg on their face now…

    I caution you not to anoint Geno as the savior and being so much better than Sanchez (who the Jets need to cut ties with yesterday by the way) if he plays well right out of the gate.

    This kid doesn’t have the mental make up to be a franchise quarterback…

    I mean he sulked off from the draft in NYC when he wasn’t selected in the first round. He said he wasn’t going to return to the draft the next day.

    That’s sure some intestinal fortitude right there folks… Yep, you sure want that leading your NFL team through adversity, through bad press, when other players go down etc…

    I mean because we see what he does when the chips are down…

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