Louis Delmas: I feel like it’s my rookie year again


Lions safety Louis Delmas has spent a lot of time dealing with injuries to his knees in the last couple of years, leading Delmas to say that he has so much rehabilitation equipment that his house looks like a hospital.

It might be time for a yard sale. Delmas continues to brim with confidence about how he’s feeling, particularly about the left knee that has been a trouble spot since it was surgically repaired before the 2012 season. It continued to be a thorn in Delmas’ side into the summer, but the safety says that he’s feeling like Ponce de León after a dip in the fountain of youth as of a couple of weeks ago.

“To be honest with you, a couple weeks ago I didn’t expect it to be as good as it is now, but my knee is great right now,” Delmas said, via Josh Katzenstein of the Detroit News. “I’m feeling very confident about it. I feel like it’s my rookie year again. About two weeks ago I finally woke up with no pain — after icing it of course — but I finally woke up with no pain and it was very stable.”

It all sounds good coming from a player who was never shy about expressing his frustration with the slow recovery process, but the proof will come over the course of the season for a player who has practiced and played sparingly in the preseason. If he’s still feeling youthful come Week 14, it should mean good things for the Lions defense.

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  1. When healthy he is a top 3 safety, not because of what he does specifically but because of how much better he makes everyone else!

  2. He also said he sometimes sleeps in his hyperbaric chamber he just bought. Which is probably the reason his knee is actually doing better. He has had knee problems since college.

  3. When Delmas plays the defense is actually competent. He can tackle and play the pass which is something the Lions haven’t had out of a safety in years. Coupled with Quin, Houston, and either Slay/Bentley/Mathis and the defensive secondary no longer looks like a pushover.

  4. Translation: If your team has to play the Lions this year you’re in trouble.
    Delmas is a beast and all of you who ridiculed him for being injured all the time may just find yourself silenced and feeling kind of dumb this season.
    Look for the Lions to go 10-6 while playing the second hardest schedule in the league.

  5. I love Delmas, and the Lions defense is undeniably better with him on the field.

    That said, the recklessness that makes him so fun to watch is also likely going to prevent him from making it through the season. They would do well to draft his replacement in the first few rounds next year.

  6. @zeeman911

    Delmas, when healthy, is NOT a top 3 safety. Actually watch the games for once. What has he done since his rookie year? Nothing. He is good, but far from elite, and far from top 3.

    Sure, he has cool hair. Cool dances. Hes vocal. Tinted Visor…… big deal. Wheres the playmaking?

    And quit saying he makes everyone else better. So what if he does. You arent paid to make everyone else better, you are paid to produce and make plays, ESPECIALLY when you are a free safety and one as highly touted as he is.

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