NFLPA develops app to help players get rides home

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With the NFL and the NFLPA trying to solve the problem of players driving drunk, the union has come up with a way to make it easier for players who have been drinking to get a ride home quickly and safety.

According to Ken Belson of the New York Times, the NFLPA has launched a partnership with Uber.  The company makes an app that allows smartphone users to easily arrange for a cab or a car service.

With the app tied to the phone’s internal GPS technology, the player doesn’t have to provide an address when calling for a ride.

“This generation is more tied to having a mobile device,” NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith told Belson.  “If we can move to a world where we are using the phenomenon to increase the safety of our players, then the partnership with Uber is a no-brainer.”

The partnership will officially be announced later today in a conference call featuring Smith and Uber CEO and co-founder Travis Kalanick.

Players will receive a $200 credit as an inducement to use the service, which as the grant of $200 in credits implies won’t be free.  But that shouldn’t matter; the players can afford to pay for a ride home.  No matter what it costs, it’ll have less total cost to the player than a DUI.

There’s still no guarantee players will use it, for a variety of reasons.  Most importantly, the impairment to brain function resulting from alcohol consumption tends to result in all sorts of bad decisions being made.

That’s why the better approach, for players and non-players, will be to drink more than one or two alcoholic beverages only under circumstances where firm plans for getting home already have been made — or when the player already is home, with no plans to leave.

20 responses to “NFLPA develops app to help players get rides home

  1. Wait until the general public finds this app. Put this ride on the NFLs tab sir. Does this car service work in Bismarck, ND?

  2. Also available soon is an app that will tuck the players in and read them a bedtime story. After all, they’re apparently convinced they’re dealing with children here.

  3. Nice. I’ll take credit for this since I commented that they should use Uber several times over the past year.

    A good enhancement would be a Uber/drive-my-car feature where the user can let the app know they drove to their destination so the cabbie can bring a chauffeur to drive their car home for them so it’s there in the morning.

  4. Poor NFLPA, stuck with trying to babysit a bunch of grown men. Pretty sad that the guys that we obsess over are so irresponsible and stupid that they need something like this.

  5. Take it a step further…anklets that can sense alcohol from the sweat of your skin notifies the NFL fun police who gps right to them to take them home or to the locker room for a tune-up.

  6. I suspect a lot of drunk driving occurs because people are selfish, and dont want to leave their cars at the bar. If that is in fact the case, its likely especially true with players and their high end vehicles.

    Enter companies like Drivers Inc: for a slightly higher price than a cab, they drive you and your car to your house. I can’t believe that companies like this haven’t approached the NFL. Unless its because ballers have a super model with them, and there are only two seats in the lambo.

  7. Maybe they should use an app that will call the limo after they fire three warning shot in the air from their Glock.

  8. Yeah, lets remove as much responsibility from these grown ass men making hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars a year as we can. Can you imagine if you went to your boss and said ‘Hey boss, I need you to pay for me for a cab home tonight after I go get hammered. You wouldn’t want me getting a DUI and making the company look bad, now would you?’

    The answer would be ‘Be my guest and get a DUI. Just don’t bother coming in to work tomorrow… or ever again.’

  9. I’m all for it, they have less chance of killing me or my loved ones when the road. Paging Leonard Little…

  10. They are calling for volunteers to test the app. All you need to do is get liquored up, install the app, and try to use it. Good luck.

  11. They should then amend they CBA so that any player coach or staff member who gets arrested for DUI is automatically suspended for a year.

  12. They are calling for volunteers to test the app. All you need to do is get liquored up, install the app, and try to use it. Good luck.

    I’ve already tested it like that. Works great. When you pull up the app it brings up a map that shows where you are and where the nearest Uber cars are located.

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