PFT’s 2013 season predictions

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The season starts on Thursday.  Which means we’ve run out of time for making our playoff predictions for the coming campaign.

It’s becoming harder to do it.  The talent gap is getting tighter and tighter among the best and worst teams, and the reality of 50-percent playoff turnover (which was “only” 33 percent last year) makes it hard to predict which teams that made it last year won’t make it this year, and which teams will take their place.

But we still have to try.  We’re not sure why.  But we do.

Here they are, writer by writer.  And I’ll go last as usual so that I can change my mind as many times as possible.

Josh Alper


Seeds:  1. Patriots; 2. Broncos; 3. Colts; 4. Ravens; 5. Chiefs; 6. Bengals.

Wild card round: Ravens over Chiefs; Bengals over Colts.

Divisional round: Broncos over Ravens; Patriots over Bengals.

Conference championship: Broncos over Patriots.


Seeds:  1. Falcons; 2. Packers; 3. Seahawks; 4. Cowboys; 5. 49ers; 6. Saints.

Wild card round: Seahawks over Saints; 49ers over Cowboys.

Divisional round: Falcons over 49ers; Seahawks over Packers.

Conference championship: Seahawks over Falcons.

Super Bowl: Seahawks over Broncos.

Curtis Crabtree


Seeds: 1. Texans; 2. Bengals; 3. Patriots; 4. Broncos; 5. Ravens; 6. Chiefs.

Wild-card round: Broncos over Ravens, Patriots over Chiefs.

Divisional round: Texans over Broncos, Bengals over Patriots.

Conference Championship: Bengals over Texans.


Seeds: 1. Falcons; 2. Seahawks; 3. Packers; 4. Redskins; 5. 49ers; 6. Rams.

Wild-card round: Packers over Rams, 49ers over Redskins.

Divisional round: Seahawks over Packers, 49ers over Falcons.

Conference Championship: Seahawks over 49ers.

Super Bowl: Seahawks over Bengals.

Darin Gantt


Seeds:  1. Patriots; 2. Ravens; 3. Texans; 4. Broncos; 5. Bengals; 6. Colts.

Wild-card round: Texans over Colts, Broncos over Bengals.

Divisional round: Broncos over Patriots, Ravens over Texans.

Conference Championship: Broncos over Ravens.


Seeds: 1. Falcons; 2. Seahawks; 3. Packers; 4. Giants; 5. 49ers; 6. Redskins.

Wild-card round: Packers over Redskins, 49ers over Giants.

Divisional round:  Falcons over 49ers, Seahawks over Packers.

Conference championship:  Falcons over Seahawks.

Super Bowl:  Falcons over Broncos.

Mike Wilkening


Seeds: 1. Broncos; 2. Patriots; 3. Ravens; 4. Colts; 5. Texans; 6. Steelers.

Wild card round: Colts over Texans; Ravens over Steelers.

Divisional round: Broncos over Colts; Ravens over Patriots.

Conference championship:  Ravens over Broncos.


Seeds: 1. 49ers; 2. Packers; 3. Falcons; 4. Eagles; 5. Seahawks; 6. Saints.

Wild card round: Falcons over Saints; Seahawks over Eagles.

Divisional round: 49ers over Seahawks; Packers over Falcons.

Conference championship: 49ers over Packers.

Super Bowl: 49ers over Ravens.

Michael David Smith


Seeds: 1. Patriots; 2. Steelers; 3. Texans; 4. Broncos; 5. Bengals; 6. Ravens.

Wild card round: Broncos over Bengals; Texans over Ravens.

Divisional round: Broncos over Patriots; Steelers over Texans.

Conference Championship: Broncos over Steelers.


Seeds:  1. 49ers; 2. Packers; 3. Giants; 4. Saints; 5. Falcons; 6. Seahawks.

Wild card round: Saints over Falcons; Giants over Seahawks.

Divisional round: 49ers over Saints; Packers over Giants.

Conference Championship: 49ers over Packers.

Super Bowl: 49ers over Broncos.



Seeds:  1.  Broncos; 2. Patriots; 3.  Colts; 4. Ravens; 5.  Bengals; 6.  Texans.

Wild card round:  Colts over Texans, Bengals over Ravens.

Divisional round:  Patriots over Colts, Broncos over Bengals.

Conference Championship:  Broncos over Patriots.


Seeds:  1.  49ers; 2.  Packers; 3.  Redskins; 4. Falcons; 5.  Seahawks; 6.  Lions.

Wild card round:  Seahawks over Falcons, Lions over Redskins.

Divisional round:  Lions over 49ers, Packers over Seahawks.

Conference Championship:  Packers over Lions.

Super Bowl:  Broncos over Packers.