PFT’s 2013 season predictions

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The season starts on Thursday.  Which means we’ve run out of time for making our playoff predictions for the coming campaign.

It’s becoming harder to do it.  The talent gap is getting tighter and tighter among the best and worst teams, and the reality of 50-percent playoff turnover (which was “only” 33 percent last year) makes it hard to predict which teams that made it last year won’t make it this year, and which teams will take their place.

But we still have to try.  We’re not sure why.  But we do.

Here they are, writer by writer.  And I’ll go last as usual so that I can change my mind as many times as possible.

Josh Alper


Seeds:  1. Patriots; 2. Broncos; 3. Colts; 4. Ravens; 5. Chiefs; 6. Bengals.

Wild card round: Ravens over Chiefs; Bengals over Colts.

Divisional round: Broncos over Ravens; Patriots over Bengals.

Conference championship: Broncos over Patriots.


Seeds:  1. Falcons; 2. Packers; 3. Seahawks; 4. Cowboys; 5. 49ers; 6. Saints.

Wild card round: Seahawks over Saints; 49ers over Cowboys.

Divisional round: Falcons over 49ers; Seahawks over Packers.

Conference championship: Seahawks over Falcons.

Super Bowl: Seahawks over Broncos.

Curtis Crabtree


Seeds: 1. Texans; 2. Bengals; 3. Patriots; 4. Broncos; 5. Ravens; 6. Chiefs.

Wild-card round: Broncos over Ravens, Patriots over Chiefs.

Divisional round: Texans over Broncos, Bengals over Patriots.

Conference Championship: Bengals over Texans.


Seeds: 1. Falcons; 2. Seahawks; 3. Packers; 4. Redskins; 5. 49ers; 6. Rams.

Wild-card round: Packers over Rams, 49ers over Redskins.

Divisional round: Seahawks over Packers, 49ers over Falcons.

Conference Championship: Seahawks over 49ers.

Super Bowl: Seahawks over Bengals.

Darin Gantt


Seeds:  1. Patriots; 2. Ravens; 3. Texans; 4. Broncos; 5. Bengals; 6. Colts.

Wild-card round: Texans over Colts, Broncos over Bengals.

Divisional round: Broncos over Patriots, Ravens over Texans.

Conference Championship: Broncos over Ravens.


Seeds: 1. Falcons; 2. Seahawks; 3. Packers; 4. Giants; 5. 49ers; 6. Redskins.

Wild-card round: Packers over Redskins, 49ers over Giants.

Divisional round:  Falcons over 49ers, Seahawks over Packers.

Conference championship:  Falcons over Seahawks.

Super Bowl:  Falcons over Broncos.

Mike Wilkening


Seeds: 1. Broncos; 2. Patriots; 3. Ravens; 4. Colts; 5. Texans; 6. Steelers.

Wild card round: Colts over Texans; Ravens over Steelers.

Divisional round: Broncos over Colts; Ravens over Patriots.

Conference championship:  Ravens over Broncos.


Seeds: 1. 49ers; 2. Packers; 3. Falcons; 4. Eagles; 5. Seahawks; 6. Saints.

Wild card round: Falcons over Saints; Seahawks over Eagles.

Divisional round: 49ers over Seahawks; Packers over Falcons.

Conference championship: 49ers over Packers.

Super Bowl: 49ers over Ravens.

Michael David Smith


Seeds: 1. Patriots; 2. Steelers; 3. Texans; 4. Broncos; 5. Bengals; 6. Ravens.

Wild card round: Broncos over Bengals; Texans over Ravens.

Divisional round: Broncos over Patriots; Steelers over Texans.

Conference Championship: Broncos over Steelers.


Seeds:  1. 49ers; 2. Packers; 3. Giants; 4. Saints; 5. Falcons; 6. Seahawks.

Wild card round: Saints over Falcons; Giants over Seahawks.

Divisional round: 49ers over Saints; Packers over Giants.

Conference Championship: 49ers over Packers.

Super Bowl: 49ers over Broncos.



Seeds:  1.  Broncos; 2. Patriots; 3.  Colts; 4. Ravens; 5.  Bengals; 6.  Texans.

Wild card round:  Colts over Texans, Bengals over Ravens.

Divisional round:  Patriots over Colts, Broncos over Bengals.

Conference Championship:  Broncos over Patriots.


Seeds:  1.  49ers; 2.  Packers; 3.  Redskins; 4. Falcons; 5.  Seahawks; 6.  Lions.

Wild card round:  Seahawks over Falcons, Lions over Redskins.

Divisional round:  Lions over 49ers, Packers over Seahawks.

Conference Championship:  Packers over Lions.

Super Bowl:  Broncos over Packers.

139 responses to “PFT’s 2013 season predictions

  1. If the Skins get into the playoffs as most suggest, they certainly aren’t going one and done again. If they’re in, it means Griffin is healthy. Healthy Griffin in the playoffs year two? No way they lose. Not saying bowl just yet but again, if healthy, they will see one or two playoff wins.

  2. What, no one picked the Vikings to make the playoffs??? How could this be??? According to all their fans on here, they’re practically locks for the Super Bowl!

  3. Really one of these guys picked the cowboys to be in the divisional round? Every year we hear the same thing about the cowboys. Oh they have so much talent. This is their year. And every year they come up short. They either fail to make the playoffs or fail to win a playoff game. No one should be picking them to do anything until they can prove it.

  4. So, even though the Skins were wrecking the “Super Bowl bound” Seahawks last year until Griffin went down, you’re going to knock them out of the first round with, what I can only assume, is a healthy RGIII this year? No way. A healthy RGIII in the playoffs could handle Green Bay or the Lions. I don’t see them getting past the Niners, but that’s just being realistic.

  5. +1 point for Curtis Crabtree gets props for going against the grain.

    Statistics show not every team that made the playoffs but yet almost everyone picks the same teams from last year and how you thought the match ups would have panned out then.

  6. If there is a Seahawks-Bengals Super Bowl I will never watch pro football again. And word to the wise, the Seahawks aren’t even going to make the playoffs. Book it.

  7. Doesn’t surprise me that not one of them predicted the Buccaneers to make the playoffs.

    The big question is whether they are willing to eat crow at the end of the season?

  8. Wow! Even as a Lion fan I can’t see Detroit going into DC AND SF and beating both teams. When have the Lions won in Washington besides never. Hell if they can do that then they should win in Lambeau too!

  9. Vikings are a joke. It took Adrian to have one of the greatest years a running back has ever had in NFL history for them to barely make the play-offs. They over achieved and did nothing with it. They will be back at the bottom od the division where they belong.

  10. Who knows what’s gonna happen. Injuries and turnovers are the most important thing to happen, and nobody can predict those. Still, the Broncos and the Pats have played 3 times the last 2 yrs, and the Pats have blown them out every time. Denver can’t stop them. Still people want to pick Manning and Fox(two playoff and big game losers), against Brady and Belichick. Good luck. I know where my money’s going.

  11. All the so called experts will be wrong, and yet still have their jobs, Damn I need a job where I can be wrong as much as you guys…

  12. I hope the Seahawks go 4-12 and Pete Carroll gets arrested for running a PED (adderall) clinic. They only made it to the playoffs because if the fail Mary and the only reason they beat the skins was because rg3 played with half of a leg. So over it.

  13. A bold (and reasonable) prediction would be to NOT include the Packers in this year’s playoffs. Whether Packers fans will acknowledge this fact or not, they are due for a bad season and this is the year it happens. Good luck to all the teams this year. It should be a blast!

  14. @bucsfan5000 This doesn’t show who has football knowledge whatsoever, football is such an unpredictable sport. You could ask any guy with NFL knoledge to make his predictions and chance are he will get most of it wrong.

  15. What, no one picked the Vikings to make the playoffs??? How could this be??? According to all their fans on here, they’re practically locks for the Super Bowl!
    Then so is every team in the NFL.
    But you can keep them and a few other teams under the radar. (Again)

  16. @harleybros Right, that O-line should really keep A-rod straight against the Seahawks. Not to mention that tremendous defense you guys have. Did I mention you also have a great running game? Truly Green Bay is a powerhouse /sarcasm

  17. This is the year Peyton turns it around in the playoffs!!!

    Where have I heard this one before? Oh, yea. EVERY YEAR AROUND THIS TIME. #yawn

  18. Lots of so-called experts riding hard on sf and seattle’s jock. You all realize that you’re picking 2 qbs with a grand total of about 20 games under their belts over, oh, say, 4 or 5 qbs on the fast track to the hall of fame…right????

    These teams are in for a rude awakening when de’s start annihilating these hot shot, arm kissing, one read qbs. Can’t wait.

  19. I’m a Texan’s homer, but the fact that one of you have the Colts winning the AFC South and one of you having the Texans missing the playoffs is laughable. Judging by points scored vs points against, the shouldn’t have even been a .500 team and had the benefit of playing a 4th place schedule. They’d be lucky to reach 8-8 and Houston will have at least 10 wins. Hope you guys repost these “expert predictions” at the end of the year.

  20. Lions are just plain wrong. I don’t know that my Vikes will make the playoffs, but they are still better than the Motor City Kitties. I’d put the Bears in the playoffs way before Detroit.

  21. natepalmer1 says: Sep 4, 2013 8:35 PM

    If the Seahawks get home field advantage through the playoffs, it’s over…

    Only if Lance Easley will be calling the games.

  22. That’s some nice Patriots love – especially since Brady is without any proven WRs – and the defense looks a bit shaky.

    Of course playing in a division with the Jets helps pad the record nicely.

    So it appears that the Jets drought continues. The last time they were in a Super Bowl, Man had yet to step foot on the moon.

  23. To all my Steeler friends who constantly come on our threads to talk about how your boys are so great and going to thrash Flucco and co….. Apparently n o b o d y thinks that……

  24. Florio’s pickin’ the Lions to go deep! I am now souring the internet to find a Florio wall poster to replace the David Hasselhoff poster I am about to take down from my bedroom wall. My new hero!

  25. Well done, Gantt. I like your style. To the rest of you? You could all learn something from this young man!

  26. Anyone picking the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl should be forced to sit through “One Direction: This is Us” for 12 hours straight while having Justin Bieber music playing in the background.

    Also, I think the Falcons are WAY overrated and the Saints, now with Sean Payton back and a chip on their shoulder, are going to surprise a lot of people. If they get home field advantage, I don’t see Atlanta (then as a WC) or Seattle going in their and winning.

    So out of the NFC, I’ve got either GB, SF or NO winning.

    In the AFC, woo boy. A little more wide open.

    Arguments can be made for Baltimore, Cincinnati, New England, Denver and Houston for the Super Bowl. That’s ultimately going to come down to who gets home field as well.

    I don’t know if a “repeat” SB has ever happend (I know the Cowboys/Steelers played twice but not in back to back years), so you can throw that out. Not happening.

    My best guess for the Super Bowl: GB vs. DEN, at this stage of the proceedings.

  27. No one even wanted to throw the Chargers in just as a joke?

    Seriously I would like to see a little more “out-on-a-limb” picks. You know there will be some turnover from the previous year. Kudos Florio for picking the Lions (LOL!).

    It’s real easy to pick the same teams that made the playoffs last year!

  28. I’d like to hear the reasoning for some of these picks, like the Lions going all the way to the NFC championship game.

  29. There’s no way the colts will best the Texans, there’s been a changing of the guard in the AFC South. Luck is just gonna have to wait his turn! Texans vs San Fran.

  30. Glad to see some of these guys counting out the Steelers. That’s when they do their best work. Its the usual pick the same teams last year until proven otherwise….

  31. lame.. pretty confident niners get back to SB and take it this time.. too much talent.. great coaching.. its either them or seahawks.. defense wins championships.. NFC west is where its at.. either niners or seahawks will win it all

  32. Seahawks have one good season and all off a sudden everyone’s picking them to win a championship lol these “experts” need to chill. Yeah Seattle is good but Russ is still young they have no WRs (Harvin is hurt) and they will be missing their pass rushers. The best teams in the NFC are still SF and Atlanta

  33. Every one of these idiots had the Packers going to the playoffs. ITS NOT HAPPENING!!
    1. the O-line is the worse in the NFL.
    2. They dont have a #1 WR on that team.
    3. expecting the packers to run the football is just plain stupid. McCarthy will go with what he knows and thats to pass the ball.
    4. the packers defense is Weaker than it was last season and fat Jolly will find out its NOT preseason against this schedule.
    5. The 49ers will expose green bay bad in the first game.

  34. Seriously! I’m a die hard Viking Fan, and only knuckleheads on here think the Vikings are a Playoff team!
    Our squad is improving but, we have some glaring holes! Our secondary is improving but young, our O-line has zero depth! They are a top unit unless injury happens! AD can run for 2500 yards , but if he does, Ponder is who we thought he is, the Worst QB in the league! My guess, we are a 5-11 or 6-10 team, I hope, we are a 2-14 team, and secure Teddy Bridgewater in the upcoming draft! If we have a franchise QB, we will be contenders for the next 5 years!!!

  35. Sorry, but Drew Brees is not through yet. It’s his turn to win another Superbowl. Sean Payton deserves another one too, after being falsely accused and harshly punished with no evidence to back it up. Even Tagliabue thought it wasn’t right.

  36. Florio, I’m shocked YOU have my Redskins ranked the highest of all guys that picked!! Shocked I tell you!! But of course, you had us losing the first game!! Just had to comment and say when you do good, cause us usually killing us!! But dag, most of the rest don’t even have us in!! And this just makes me pull for the HAWKS to lose more than I usually do!! HTTR

  37. The AFC is much more wide open than the NFC. Even with that said, there will always be a surprising team from either conference to make the playoffs. Last year it was Indy, Washington and to a degree Seattle. This year I will go with Patriots, Texans, Ravens, Broncos, Chiefs and Bengals in the AFC and Cowboys, Saints, Niners, Packers, Seahawks and Falcons in the NFC. Naturally, not all of these teams will make it.

  38. lol these guys are just afraid to be wrong with super predictable but probably wrong predictions because on average half the playoff teams from the year before dont make to the playoffs the next year (florio even mentions this fact at the top) but these guys have 9-11 playoff teams returning in their predictions.

    no one in their right mind would of picked the cardinals to play the steelers in the superbowl at the start of 08 so lets just relax and realize that atleast 20-25 teams have a decent chance to make a run in the playoffs and make it to the superbowl.

  39. I don’t know if a “repeat” SB has ever happend (I know the Cowboys/Steelers played twice but not in back to back years), so you can throw that out. Not happening.

    Cowboys beat the Bills 2 years in a row in the 1990s.

  40. Wow how can this be after all the chest beating and the self proclamation of the 3rd straight offseason championship the PFT crew is not buying in either viking fans? You continue to litter every Packer article on how dominant you will be this year lets see the intellect come out again and start the insults to these guys and their prognostications.

  41. Funny to watch everyone flame the predictors without posting their own, with the exception of the die hard rah rah my team only fans.

    Let’s face it, anyone worth their salt in predicting either sports or stocks or whatever isn’t doing it publicly, they’re hanging back making a bundle at home.

  42. I’m pretty sure florio picks the packers to go to the Super Bowl every year.

    The bengals one was pretty funny.

    I don’t understand this fascination with the Atlanta falcons. But I also said that about the ravens last year…

  43. It’s funny to me that a lot of these guys are so high on the Chiefs.

    Yes, they’re roster is improved, but it’s a new system, a new coach, and a new QB.

    All those picking the Chiefs are praying for a hail mary for their legitimacy.

    The same goes for the Eagles picks.


    You guys aren’t analyzing the NFL. You’re playing fantasy.

  44. AFC Picks:
    North: #Steelers
    South: #Colts
    East: #Patriots
    West: #Broncos
    WC1: #Texans
    WC2: #Browns

    AFC Champ: #Patriots, Denver sucks!!!

    Also, Mike Lombardi rules!!!

    A sub package player like Shaun Phillips can’t replace an every down player like Dumervil!!!

    NFC Picks:
    North: #Packers
    South: #Falcons
    East: #Redskins
    West: #49ers
    WC1: #Seahawks
    WC2: #Bears

    NFC Champ: #49ERS, sorry Russell Wilson.

  45. Wow, really? I understand no one picking the Dolphins to make the playoffs, but picking the Browns and/or the Chiefs to make it instead? Wow, I guess Ricky Williams wasn’t the only one smoking week before going to work!!

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