Ravens put Pitta on short-term IR, sign Bajema

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The Ravens knew they were going to be without Dennis Pitta for at least part of the season, and they found a familiar face to replace him on the roster.

The Ravens announced Pitta was placed on the injured reserve/designated for return list (somebody’s really got to come up with a snappier name for that), and was replaced on the roster by Billy Bajema.

Bajema was with the Ravens last season, but was part of final cuts last week.

The Ravens are holding out hope Pitta can return from his training camp hip injury, likely emboldened by the comeback of Terrell Suggs last offseason. It’s still a long shot, but it’s worth a shot if they can get him back late in the year.

16 responses to “Ravens put Pitta on short-term IR, sign Bajema

  1. This just means Ed Dickson has to do what he started doing prior to Pitta emerging as the #1. People tend to forget about what Ed Dickson did before Pitta. Hopefully he continues to do even better now. His first test starts tomorrow in Denver.

  2. It would be huge for the Ravens if he’s able to return late in the season amidst a tight playoff race. Just in the division alone should be a war down the stretch battling it out between Bmore, Pitt & Cincy.

  3. What did Ed Dickson do prior to Pitta emerging as the #1 TE?

    Drop balls and come up small in big moments. Dickson is taller and faster than Pitta, but he has been absolutely terrible until last year.

  4. @leksington

    He was actually coming into his own. He had better numbers than Pitta and he was a starter. I believe it was an injury to Dickson that gave Pitta an opportunity, which obviously worked out, but now the roles are reversed. And the Ravens famous slogan, “Next Man Up” will DEFINITELY apply. Looking forward to a great season.

  5. If its later determined that Pitta can’t return as expected in late November or in December the Ravens can simply place him on the “regular” IR.

    The fact that there was no ligament or cartilage damage or interruption of blood supply were the determining factors in making this an injury that Pitta can return from. It was a “clean” fracture and bones heal quite well when its a non-displaced fracture…and the bone is even “stronger” at the fracture site than before.

  6. I hope Dickson doesn’t do what he did before Pitta emerged; be hurt all the time. I will be surprised (pleasntly) if he makes it 4 games before having to sit with an injury. It always seems to be something with him. At least Bajema can block, a skill noticeably absent in Dickson.

  7. The division will come down to Cincy and the Ravens — Stillers won’t be a factor this year. Pitta coming back in late Nov/Dec? Edge to the Ravens!

  8. I can’t see my steelers being relevant this year. While the defense remains stout the important loses have come from teams picking on the secondary for big plays and those holes are still there. I see the Bengals winning the division in spite of having Dalton as QB.

  9. Steeler fans talking about the Ravens TE situation, that’s funny. Until Miller is back 100% you have nothing to talk about. Dickson has more catches and yards than all three on your depth chart combined.

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