Cowboys release Nate Livings from injured reserve


On of the reasons that the Cowboys signed guard Brian Waters on Wednesday was because Nate Livings needed knee surgery this summer that led the team to place him on injured reserve when cutting down the roster.

Livings signed a five-year deal with the Cowboys before last season, so the thought was that his future with the team would be decided after the end of the season. That’s not going to be the case, however.

The Cowboys announced that they have reached an injury settlement with Livings and released him from injured reserve. Livings is now free to sign with any team that might want to have him, although he’ll need to prove his knee is sound before he winds up resuming his career.

Whoever signs him will likely wind up getting a better deal than the Cowboys, who guaranteed Livings $6.2 million over the life of his deal and wound up getting 16 games from Livings in return. They’ll also have to hold some dead money from the deal on their cap next season.

Ron Leary is set at left guard with Waters expected to take over at right guard when he’s up to speed.

13 responses to “Cowboys release Nate Livings from injured reserve

  1. Another boneheaded signing and waste of cap room by “Football Guy Jones.”

    Livings was only one of the lowest-rated O-linemen the year before Dallas agreed to that asinine deal.


  2. On of the reason? Livings stunk. Should have taken the money he got and MacKenzie Phillips got and went after Waters two years ago.

  3. All u trolls n haters will hate but finally a sensible move he was weak in blocking I finally see some signings that looked good Durant, Allen and Waters

  4. @h2ftw

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone use the word “asinine” followed by “smh”. Thats like saying

    “I believe I’ve been forthcoming in my articulation of how I feel on the matter, but idk lol”

  5. Jerry would have been wise to draft Larry Warford and part ways with Livings before the season.

    Now he is scrambling to get a 36 year old guard (Waters) off the couch and up to speed who sat out last season. Jerry just doesn’t get it.

  6. “……Livings is now free to sign with any team that might want to have him, although he’ll need to prove his knee is sound before he winds up resuming his career”…..
    Forget about the knee, he needs to prove he can competently play guard in the NFL first. He didn’t earn the nickname ‘turnstile’ in Cincy for nothing……..

    ……..and no we do not want him back in Cincy either…..thanks……

    When I first read the Cowboys has signed him to a big chunky FA contract, I literally did drop my beer……..

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Nate……

  7. You know, I’m far from a Jerrah supporter, but it surprises me how much flack the guy gets considering it was him, not Parcells, who elected to take DeMarcus Ware with the 11th pick in 2005.

    Parcells wanted Marcus Spears, who they got with the 20th pick, or Shawn Merriman at 11. Jerrah overruled him to take Ware.

    So give the guy a tiny bit of credit.

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