Darrell Green’s not sure RG3 would have lasted in his day


The man who has played in the most games for the Redskins isn’t sure the current quarterback has a chance to join him on that list.

Hall of Fame cornerback Darrell Green said he’s worried about the longevity of quarterback Robert Griffin III, saying he’s not sure the current quarterback would have lasted in his era.

“If I was playing in the era where we were really good under Richie Petitbon, we would be licking our chops for a guy like him,” Green told FOX Sports’ Alex Marvez and  and Gil Brandt on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

“When we played Randall Cunningham [with Philadelphia] I guarantee you we probably beat him 90 percent of the time,” Green said.

It should be pointed out here that Cunningham was actually 11-8 against the Redskins in his career, though he won just two of his first seven meetings. But the point Green was making was a larger one.

“Our philosophy was that when you have a [quarterback] who is so talented, now it comes down to his maturity,” Green said. “We believed — and we may be wrong — that sometimes he would call the play in the huddle and in the back of his mind he’s saying, ‘Man, I’m running this ball.’

“It’s like when we were in the streets playing. . . . We were waiting for that. You have to learn, even though [the Redskins] have a unique package that they’re running, you better drop back to throw that ball like the players of old.”

Adapting the playbook for the sake of self-preservation has been on the minds of the Redskins all offseason. And while taking the run threat completely out of Griffin’s game wouldn’t be wise, mitigating the risk is the challenge for both the team and player this year.

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  1. Ha. Green is just as delusional about how good they were as skins fans are about this version of the team. I guess Ignorance truly is bliss.

  2. No doubt, RG3 and the Redsksins are relieved that they’re playing the Eagles in Griffin’s first game back. The Eagles defense isn’t likely to inflict much damage on the star quarterback.

  3. Not to discount Green’s comments or to glorify RG3’s talents….you never heard a player of old say anything other than comments like this.

    Like you’ll never hear John Randle say “man, that Adrian Peterson would have run all day against us back in the day”….just as an example

    That said, he probably did but as you know, fans today talk pretty quickly without looking up the facts (thanks, social media).

  4. The Skins were beating the Eagles most of the time for a while, but the Cowboys were beating the Skins most of the time and the Eagles were beating the Cowboys most of the time, back in that Buddy Ryan era.

  5. Dont think that too many QB’s would last “back in the day” from this era, thats why era’s change, rules are put in too protect these players. Do you think that Earl Campbell would have been what he is in this era – NO because all the stuff he did as a runner is being banned by the NFL now.

  6. Why does it even matter if RGIII would have lasted in another era???

    Darrell Green was an amazing CB but there’s nothing like living in the past to become irrelevant.

    NFL 2013 here we come!

  7. Anyone who knows Mr. Green nowadays knows he is a bit of a pompous individual. Just go back and watch his HOF speech. Monk was all about being humble and Green was all chanting “i belong” over and over. He is very delusional. The more truthful comment here would be “a 5 ft something CB would not last in this era”..especially a one trick pony whose game was based almost solely on speed. Can you imagine him trying to check Calvin Johnson… almost LOL thinking about how that would go for #28.

  8. Darrell Green seems to be ignoring how much faster RGIII is than Cunningham. Heck, all of these dual threat QBs are faster than Cunningham. Didn’t he run a 4.76?

  9. ONLY negative about getting RG3 is that everyone is now running out from the wood work to find something negative to say about him.

    Kind of miss the days of just hearing about how we wasted money on big free agents because that was at least accurate.

    In the history of the NFL I don’t think a player getting injured has resulted in as much hate as RG3 has gotten for his injury.

  10. Even though it may just be another opinion by some former player, he does make some type of sense. Especially coming from someone who played on the other side of the ball and have seen almost every type of QB in his playing days.

    But, and again, with that being said, griffin will play however he wants to play as he firmly believes his style is what made him successful in college and, essentially, will make him successful in the NFL.

    And people can mention all the statistics they want comparing traditional, pocket passers versus mobile ones. But one thing’s for sure, the success rate of mobile, running QBs pale in comparison to those who play more traditionally.

  11. Can these pompous old timers give it up already! Schlereth says the same kinds of things on espn all the time too. So sick if hearing how tough everyone was and how much better their teams were, just let these guys do their thing. Besides RG3 would’ve ran circles (ala Barry Sanders Tecmo Bowl) around the defenses of the 80s-early 90s.

  12. The Redskins shouldn’t try and change RG3 too awful much. They drafted him because of what he could do. If you wanted a pocket passer, you don’t draft RG3. He’s going to get hurt, but he’s gonna be awfully exciting in the meantime.

  13. I wish I could ‘thumbs up’ and entire article.

    Just more evidence that the NFL is turning soft. The entire read-option offense is a product of the fact that the defense isn’t allowed to hit anyone anymore.

  14. I just don’t understand the perception of inferiority because a QB has speed. RG3 can throw the ball! If he could only run, he would not be in the NFL…..(see Tebow). RG3 had a 102 rating for the year and 20 TD/ 5 INT. People…..he can actually throw the ball. Chill.

  15. RGIII is good for the NFL. And he is good for NFL fans. I will enjoy watching him when my team isn’t playing. However, I’m glad I’m not a Redskins fan and have to worry about him on every play.

  16. I am a huge Redskins fan since 1969. I grew up watching this man play. Idolized him. Owned his jersey. Shed a tear when he retired. Huddled around the tv when he was inducted into the hall…Then he spoke. I have been over him ever sense.

  17. I didn’t realize some of you “NFL Experts” who are critical of Darrell Green’s comments had so much NFL experience @ a HOF level, or… just maybe you really don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Surely you understand that there was way fewer QB protections in place then, and it’s very likely RGIII would have been on a cart more frequently and the injuries would have either ended or cut short his career.

    I’m not sure of the exact figure for last year but weren’t the numbers higher last year, than any other for starting QB’s remaining upright throughout the year?

  18. Man, all I have to say is, former players really tickle me when they claim that a current player wouldn’t do good if they played in the former player’s era…Here’s my thoughts, I don’t think former great players would survive in todays game even if there was a drug that could restore them back to when they were considered to be in their prime…because I believe todays NFL is a much faster game. I know I’m about to stub some toes here but when you talk about the great running backs of yester-years, that was a different game back then, to me it was a much slower game compared to todays game…I wouldn’t bet many, if any of the great running backs of 25 years ago would be able to survive in todays game because, although there may have been 320 pound Offensive lineman back 25 years ago, they were used back then in the way they’re used now…or with today’s Defensive game, it’s nothing for a 300+ defensive Tackle running a 4.8-5.0 in the 40 yard dash, those same 300+ Def. Tackles dropping back into pass coverages, Def. Ends covering Running backs coming out of the backfield…those are commons defensive schemes today, I bet they wasn’t doing that 25 years ago. Now you take the scrambling Quarterbacks of todays NFL…surviving in todays much faster version of defenses and teleport them back through time to The NFL of 25 years ago to a slower NFL…Laughing…That just wouldn’t be fair for the teams of that era….Laughing.

  19. I agree that NFL stars from the 1970’s or 80’s wouldn’t fare as well in today’s NFL. The level of skill that the players have now (generally speaking) is vastly superior to what it was back then. Conversely, the stars of today would be at a disadvantage if they would be teleported back in time, since the game was more brutal 30 years ago and prior. They didn’t have all of the rules protecting players (especially quarterbacks) from ticky tack fouls. Skill position players from today would be lucky to last a whole season without getting beat up to the point where they’d have to go on IR.

  20. Now you take the scrambling Quarterbacks of todays NFL…surviving in todays much faster version of defenses and teleport them back through time to The NFL of 25 years ago to a slower NFL…Laughing…That just wouldn’t be fair for the teams of that era….Laughing.
    Until Lawrence Taylor came off the edge and launched little Griffin into the 3rd row. Laughing. Laughing.

  21. Yea…Lawrence Taylor did his damage against opposing teams…Just as The scrambling Quarterbacks, like The Randall Cunningham’s, The Vince Evans, The Steve Young’s and The Bobby Hebert’s did theirs….

  22. Folks, the ones who are putting down the “back in our day” thing don’t get what Green is trying to say.

    Long ago in the NFL, receivers could get creamed, today they can’t be touched (before the ball arrives).

    Also, back in the day, the QB’s weren’t protected like they are today…

    Even further back in the day, DL could hit and slap lineman in the head with their hands…

    His point is that playing with his current style, today’s style, with the older rules where QB’s weren’t as protected wouldn’t work out to well for him.

    Context people, context…

  23. In response to:

    floriorealitychkr says: Sep 5, 2013 11:35 AM

    The more truthful comment here would be “a 5 ft something CB would not last in this era”..especially a one trick pony whose game was based almost solely on speed. Can you imagine him trying to check Calvin Johnson… almost LOL thinking about how that would go for #28.

    Of all of the comments in this thread, this one is the silliest. Randy Moss came into the League in (I think) 1998. Darrell Green was 38 at the time. Randy outran and outjumped all of the other CBs he faced, all season long.

    But in the Vikings-Redskins game Darrell Green was matched 1-on-1 against Randy the entire game …. and climbed into his pocket and stayed with him all game long, running up and down the field with him (and once into a wall) and limited him to something like 50 yards …. in spite of the facts that Green was 16 years older than Moss and 8 or 9 inches shorter than him.

    “one trick pony” indeed. LOL is right, but at the poster who said it.


  24. RGIII’S will be just fine in his season opener. No rust expected. He has recovered to 100% ( self-decided ) But Dr. Andrews agrees also. I expect to see him pass 320 yards and 3 scores, rush 50 or so with 1 more score,, just to hush the critics LOL. But seriously, he will play much smarter this year,,,,completely blowing away tha ROY stats from last. I’m Quite optimistic

  25. Griffin is approaching that plateau previously occupied only by Tim Tebow, A Rod, and Tiger Woods, i.e. athletes who I’m really sick of hearing about. And yes, I know I don’t have to read about him and I don’t. But you can’t escape the incessant headlines and I don’t want to turn off a TV sports program just because they start talking about Griffin.

  26. Guys, everyone has an opinion but know something… Darrell Green was part of the Possi and if you know the skins as long as I have you can name them. Darrell also was the fastest in his error, he broke numerous records… I think Darrell is some0ne to look up to and is an asset to anyone in the sport.

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