Greg Schiano still trying to motivate Da’Quan Bowers


Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano has been trying to light a fire under defensive end Da’Quan Bowers all offseason.

But if challenging him for months hasn’t worked, it’s hard to imagine how his latest motivational ploy will work.

According to Ira Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune, the Bucs listed Daniel Te’o-Nesheim as the starter at defensive end on the team’s unoffical official depth chart.

Of course that will push me,’’ Bowers said. “My ultimate goal is not to be the second-team defensive end, it’s to be a starter. If that’s his way of pushing me, I acknowledge that and I’m trying to do something about it.’’

“Coach has invested a lot in me. He has believed in me. He’s given me shots and I appreciate that. I owe it to this organization to be the guy who can play on any down and play anywhere and be dominant. Me and Coach have had a lot of talks and he’s been leading me where I need to go.’’

The Bucs never replaced Michael Bennett in free agency, putting a huge burden on Bowers to perform this year. That should be enough, but Schiano continues to play mind games in hopes of getting something out of the second-round pick.

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  1. You know I actually really like what Te’o-Nesheim gave the Bucs last year. He’s not a superstar but he plays hard and made a lot of plays last year. Now Bowers at his full potential should unseat him, but I don’t think of Te’o as some scrub. Underrated player.

  2. Da’ Quan had the potential to go first overall when he entered the NFL draft. A damaged knee crushed that thought and since then he’s been playing less than what he’s capable of in my opinion.

    I hope he can get back on track because he has the potential of being a perennial pro bowler.

  3. Typical bucs, couple of years ago they had a guy with too big of a heart. Now they have a guy with no heart at all.

  4. Please fire schiano!!!

    He is a mediocre coach who is going to do just enough to get an extension but not much more. The best day of my life as Rutgers fan was my worst day as a Bucs fan!

  5. Cut him. If being employed and making millions of dollars isn’t enough to motivate him then he is a worthless turd who doesn’t deserve to have a job

  6. I cannot wrap my brain around the idea that a professional football player needs some wacky carrot on a stick game in order to play well.

    They get paid millions to play a game on national teevee and apparently some still need a Hallmark card in their locker sayin, “Please play good, we need you sweetie…….”


  7. I’m willing to give Bowers the benefit of the doubt. Some guys just flat out play better under game-time conditions and he could be no different. He certainly didn’t disappoint in the latter half of last season, when he came off of injury and put several opposing linemen on skates a few times. Time will tell and he obviously shows something if he’s still around.
    Very good point about Te’o-Nesheim. I feel that Bennett was good, not great while taking the most credit and Te’o-Nesheim was quietly being consistent during that time. Glad to see he’s getting playing time and it’s well-deserved.

  8. justintuckrule says: Sep 5, 2013 4:32 PM

    Put him on the offensive line in an obvious kneel down situation. That will motivate him.

    … It worked for Harry Swayne and he became a pro bowler even tho he played at Rutgers.

  9. What most of you outsiders don’t understand is that this was Bowers first ever training camp. And Schiano runs a tough camp. Year 1 the lockout, year 2 blown achilles. And the issue isn’t skill or talent, it’s conditioning. He has only been used as a pass rush specialist, and only been available for a handful of games a year. In that role he has looked promising. Becoming a 3 down DE is another story and seems to be taking a little longer then expected. So you roll with DTN on 1st and 2nd and bring in Bowers on passing down. Wouldn’t be the first time a DLine used rotation to keep legs fresh.

  10. Let me get this straight. A professional player making millions of dollars has to be motivated by being benched and delegated to 2nd string, yet that still doesn’t motivate him during the preseason and practice to give 100% effort? I’ll gladly switch places with him after being furloughed this past summer!!!

  11. captainstagger says: Sep 5, 2013 5:24 PM
    “What most of you outsiders don’t understand is that this was Bowers first ever training camp. And Schiano runs a tough camp. Year 1 the lockout, year 2 blown achilles. And the issue isn’t skill or talent, it’s conditioning.”

    Well said. I would add a couple things. First, Bowers spent the off season working on increasing his strength in the weight room. Unfortunately, though it will help in the long run it didn’t put him in football shape. He isn’t “out of shape” because he isn’t motivated. Hexworked very hard.

    Secondly, he is also being made to play the entirely new position of DT half the time. I think its a mistake to put him into such asituation before he masters DE.

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