Hatcher on ’12 Cowboys: “I felt like God had just cursed us”


Cowboys defensive tackle Jason Hatcher has an explanation for last year, and it makes as much sense as anything else around there.

Talking about the series of problems from injuries to the death of teammate Jerry Brown, Hatcher said he wondered if the team had been cursed.

“I don’t want to go back to last year,” Hatcher said, via Rainer Sabin of the Dallas Morning News. “That was a long season. That was a long season. It was a roller-coaster ride. I felt like we had a curse on us.

“I was like, ‘What did somebody do to God?’ I felt like God had just cursed us and we just had to deal with it. That’s the way I felt. Every time we’d get a little bit of daylight, here comes the darkness. Please don’t bring up last year. We just roll in and start off with the Giants and continue to play great. I hope God just keeps everybody safe on this team. We can go and win some ballgames and do what we need to do.”

Of course, the Almighty has apparently decided that the Cowboys go thorugh some adversity, as Hatcher is surrounded by injured teammates up front.

But as long as the locusts don’t show up, having Jay Ratliff on the PUP list and Anthony Spencer iffy seems like something they can overcome.