Jacoby Jones leaves with possible knee injury after collision with another Raven


The last time Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones was in Denver, he made a game-tying catch late in the fourth quarter to set up a double-overtime way that helped push the Ravens to the Super Bowl.

He may not be around for the fourth quarter this time.

Jones signaled for a fair catch in the second quarter and was watching the kick come down when he was run into by teammate Brynden Trawick, who was tasked with blocking for Jones on the play. It was a rough looking collision and Jones appeared to grab his right knee, which was planted at the time of impact, immediately upon going to the turf.

Jones slowly walked to the locker room with the team’s medical staff a short time later, clearly favoring the knee as he made his way to the back. Michelle Tafoya of NBC reported from the game that he’ll be undergoing evaluation with no word about the chances he’ll retun.

In addition to his role as the team’s top kick returner, Jones was playing a regular on offense as a receiver this season. If he can’t return, the Ravens will have to look to rookie Marlon Brown for help if they want to go with three wide receivers.