Jairus Byrd: My focus is just on football


Bills safety Jairus Byrd has answered a lot of questions about his relationship with the Bills since reporting to camp after signing his franchise tender late in August.

There were more of them on Thursday in the wake of a report in the Buffalo News that Byrd wanted to be traded. Byrd didn’t flatly deny the report, though he wondered what sources were being quoted and said his only focus is on football.

“From what I understand, someone is saying ‘sources.’ I would like to know what sources they’re talking about before you can say sources,” Byrd said, via Joe Buscaglia of WGR550.com. “My focus is just on football now, honestly. For this team, my teammates mean the world to me. I don’t want to be any distraction to them. We have a big game coming up. We need to be 100 percent on New England, and that’s where our focus is at. That’s it. That’s that.”

If Byrd does want to be traded, it’s not going to be easy. Teams will have to have room for his $6.916 million salary this year, Ian Rapoport of NFL.com reports there are 11 teams in that position, without the chance to sign him to a long-term deal until after the season. In that case, Byrd’s best chance to get what he wants is to keep his head down and play as well as possible while not letting what seems to be a strained relationship with the organization get in the way.

“I don’t know. A working relationship? That’s what it is, what you just said. A working relationship, I guess,” Byrd said of his relationship with General Manager Doug Whaley. “I don’t want to get into all that. I mean, I’m an employee of the Buffalo Bills. He’s the general manager. There you have it. We’re here to win games.”

As pressing as any issue for Byrd and the Bills right now is the plantar fasciitis that’s left his ability to play in the opener against the Patriots in doubt. Byrd was limited in practice again on Thursday and any trade talk is an even bigger pipe dream as long as he’s less than 100 percent.

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  1. So, he said he’s had this problem since last year. He waits 8 1/2 freaking months from December when the team played their last game until the start of September and does nothing about it. Then he signs a $6.9M 1yr fully guaranteed contract, and now it’s a problem again? All while a report of him orchestrating a trade (when I hear orchestrating, that tells me he or his agent is contacting teams). If Parker has contacted teams without the Bills permission, the NFL needs to revoke his license, they need to punish the teams that entertained Parker, and they need to fine Byrd.

    At this point, screw Byrd. He doesn’t want to be here, then I don’t want him here. However, he is screwing the team and his teammates acting like a punk. If I was GM Doug Whaley, I’d put him on IR, then franchise tag him again, and put him on IR again next year. Let him walk 2 years removed from the last time he played, and let’s see if a team will give him near the $7-8M a year the Bills offered him, before he declined it demanding to be paid as the top safety in the NFL.

  2. I don’t get all this back and forth when there is nothing they can do regarding a new contract until after the season is over. No team can renegotiate it. Eugene Parker likes to talk about leverage, but neither side really has any at this point. The reality is that Jairus is getting paid as one of the top safeties in the NFL this year. Although Mr. Parker feels his client is underpaid, he’s making more than 58 other people (91%) working at the same job. So, is Parker’s problem with the NFL and it’s pay scale for safeties in general? If he is as much of a recluse as many NFL insiders claim, he should advise his client accordingly. This is quickly becoming a ridiculous situation.

  3. Here’s something else to ponder: the highest base salary for a safety in 2013 is (rightly) Troy Polamalu at $7.5 million. Had Parker and Byrd accepted the Bills’ offer by July 15th, Byrd would be at the top of that list, exceeding Troy’s base by at least $1 million! It would have been a bump of at least 15% more than the highest paid player in that position right now. In the real world, most people get a 3% raise, if they’re lucky.

    Looking at this information, I’m beginning to think that Byrd is a pawn in Parker’s wider agenda to significantly increase the pay for safeties. How many safeties does Parker represent?

  4. shayezzy u hit the nail on the head.these so called bills fans r so quick to turn on their own playes w/o even having a clue about what’s been said during negotiations. quick to say screw a certain player or bye bye then b4 they know it :london fletcher pat williams jason peters antoine Winfield ted washington nate clements and byrd are gone!

  5. Jairus Byrd isn’t focused on football, he’s focused on getting PAID! No OTA’s, no training camp, no preseason and all of a sudden Byrd’s ready to focus on football? He never missed a game but suddenly can’t play week 1 because of a bum foot, which he had last year and played through it. Not saying he isn’t one of the best safeties in the nfl and deserves his payday, but going about it this way will get him nowhere. Maybe Whaley should trade him for the best offer out there cause there’s no way Byrd is gonna sign long term. If not gadzod has a good plan for this quick becoming DIVA.

  6. could all these league wide foot injuries be caused by improper footwear? Are they forced by league deals to wear a certain brand of shoe? You would think that as important as the feet are in football, shoes would be specially made for players, like tires are for NASCAR. That is, after all, where the rubber meets the road.

  7. Jairus Byrd doesn’t care about the team or the fans that support him, so why can we not turn on him? There is absolutely NOTHING the Bills nor his agent can do regarding him getting a contract. Even if he’s traded, the new team cannot negotiate a new deal until the end of the year anyways. Quit being a bitch, and play football. You played last year with this injury, well play again this year and make the Bills have no choice but to sign you long term. We were losing games before, so paying you $9-11M per year will not help our chances. Safety is not a position that changes a franchise around. QB and LT does.

  8. Wait til the offseason…become a FA. The Redskins $36 million cap penalty spread over 2 years is over after this year and they REALLY need a safety.

  9. Hey uneducated Henryjones20, Have some 10 year old read and explain my post for you! Did I blame the player? Its the agent Parker that’s the problem. Unfortunately, Byrd is taking his advice and its going to hurt him. What Agent or Player leaks info about wanting a trade when they are 1) injured and not playing. 2) cannot negotiate a contract till after this season? 3) already turned down 7 Mil per? SMH at these fools and fools like you that make laughing stocks of athletes.

  10. henryjones20 says:

    shayezzy u hit the nail on the head.these so called bills fans r so quick to turn on their own playes w/o even having a clue about what’s been said

    C’mon now you have to give Bills fans a break. Their only SB appearances 4 losses in a row. And now over 10 years of Ralph Wilson running the team into the ground.

    Wilson has been totally incapable of running a modern franchise or understanding the league these days, no matter how great he was and how much he helped the league grown when he was younger.

    Even with him supposedly passing all control to the GM this year it will take years to rebuild the Bills to a team that is even vaguely competitive.

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